WarDevil to boast ‘Hollywood-grade’ visuals at 60FPS

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Edge magazine recently released some new tidbits of information from the guys over at Digi-Guys, developers behind the PlayStation 3 title, WarDevil. While some may have thought this title was headed to vaporware, there is reason to believe that this game was shown behind closed doors in Tokyo and left the media very impressed.

Digi-Guys are boasting WarDevil as a title that will deliver 1080p visuals running at a smooth 60FPS. Below is an excerpt from the magazine article.

“WarDevil’s stake in the ground is its commitment to deliver ‘Hollywood-grade’ visuals: 1080p at 60 frames a second, with no compromise on the fidelity of its high-resolution textures and a suite of filtering effects. Remarkably, it looks as if it might just achieve it – with a version of the software having already been running smoothly on an original Xbox since 2006. It’s now leading on PS3 and being shown in closed-door sessions at TGS, the demo we saw seeming to prove that though the game itself is currently out of focus, the tech behind it already appears to be sharply defined.”

From the sounds of it, WarDevil is shaping up to be quite the incredible title. The question remains, how long until the public gets their first look at the behind closed doors offering.


Readers Comments (16)

  1. Wow. I’m starting to get hyped again for this. I kind of lost faith after the whole employee blast on that forum, but if Edge has seen it and said it so far if living up to the hype, then I’m back on board.

  2. Is this confirmed multiplatform, now?

  3. The only reason why Edge is adding to the hype is to be able to add WarDevil to their list of Broken Promises of Teh PS3. They’re notorious for being anti-PS3 for reasons that are becoming more stupid every day, and they no damn well that WarDevil is not in production, DigiGuys are jokers and the whole thing is nothing but vaporware. Nobody is funding DigiGuys, and they do not sell anything to fund it by themselves. 2010 will pass and the news will be the same as nowadays as it was in 2006: absolutely nothing to show for, besides the biggest hoax in gaming history. All contributors are pathetic, Edge being one of them.

    If you want to play a game BEYOND Hollywood standards, go pick up the very real Uncarted 2 in two weeks. Now that’s a game worth hyping, playing, loving etc.

  4. Lol What?

    WarDevil was shown at TGS behind closed doors. How is it vaporware? They’re preparing to release full details on it later this month.

  5. i have seen all the trailers and Screenshots of this game man i must say that the game looks HORRIBLE !!!! the poorly designed lead character is a joke !!

    please Digi-Gays stop the development of the game if you dont wanna lose your mo-ney because simply the game WILL flop !
    no matter what they say !!!!!!!!!

  6. The main purpose of this game is to advertise their engine, so selling lots of games don’t matter to them if other’ companies are going to use their engine but if that fails too then I think we might see another studio closes.

  7. WarDevil has been ‘shown behind closed doors’ numerous time the past few years, and each and every time the ‘news’ was the same, and always reported by unreliable sources: 1080p, 60fps, same as CGI, Hollywood BS and so on, all vague and never anything on gameplay. Think of something we all want to be true, name it “Real! Time! Engine! 1080!” and you’re sure the hope of the masses will get you your beloved attention for at least a couple of years. WarDevil is nothing but a digital crop circle, and a few DigiGuys are laughin’ their @ss of while planning their next visit to the internetjungle in their digital Yeti suits. TBC I guess…

  8. Duke Nuke-em Forever October 3, 2009 @ 06:51

    “there is reason to believe that this game was shown behind closed doors…”

    “the demo we saw seeming to prove that though the game itself is currently out of focus, the tech behind it already appears to…”

    So now we have to look for REASONS to believe something was shown behind closed doors, and what exactly was seen behind those doors, seeming to prove what exactly?


  9. I’ll say, show us some visuals and some gameplay already.

  10. I dont get this PS3 is so powerfull talk from this multiplatform devs, i mean the game comes out on xbox360 and it looks better in some ares, why dont they talk about how 360 is so powerfull lol Its really bullshit PR. I can take it from Naughty Dog devs or Polyphony Digital…but all others can just STFU

  11. just fukin cancel the game already that ugly game in development for 897565 years for god’s sake ALL TALKING NOTHING TO SHOW

    STFU Digi-Guys

  12. yeeeeeeey wardevil. xelios will be sooo happy.

  13. Type your message here…

  14. The screens and demo you guys saw have all been scrapped. That why they showed the one at TGS 09 behind closed doors. DigiGuys expertise lies in CGI, they are now trying to convert what they do with CGI into actual gameplay. We’ll see what happens but it’s fair to note that everything you’ve seen on the game so far has all been scrapped.

  15. Isnt this game also coming out on the 360? Oh well, from what we know so far there is no reason to get excited. Until we see how fun the gameplay is it doesnt matter how great the graphics are.

  16. I heard Andy Whitehurst got fired. I think he was the director or something like that. Maybe after this things will change. Google the dude, he has no CV/demo-reel, but somehow out of the blue he is a “veteran”? I think that is the more shady stuff of all.

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