White Knight Chronicles 2 Announced

As expected, Famitsu magazine is giving their early info out on what to expect this year at the Tokyo Game Show 2009. While we’re still waiting for White Knight Chronicles to release here in North America, there has already been discussion in the works for a sequel earlier this year. Famitsu has confirmed that White Knight Chronicles 2: The Awaken of the Light and Darkness is in fact a reality and will probably be shown off in Tokyo later this week.

This is exciting news because this means the PlayStation 3 exclusive has sold enough to warrant a sequel. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t had the chance to check out the first one yet, though it’s on my radar. Hopefully there is a little more information released as I’m definitely anticipating both the original and the sequel.

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  1. Dear god, we don’t even have the first! Come out sooner!

  2. Awesome! but the first one isnt even out yet XD

  3. Still waiting for the English release of the first game and I can’t wait !!

  4. wtf?! I wanna play the first one! We ask for jrpg from sony, and here they come!

  5. I cant wait until we get our hands on the first one in 2010. I’ve been waiting for an rpg like this.

  6. Coming to USA and EU in 2012

  7. Bring on the exclusive RPGs! Sooooony! I’ve had to go over to my friend’s to play SO4 and Lost Odyssey so far … Hopefully they make SO4 a little … faster in the International release.

    This game looks fly. I’m not so keen on the White Knight, as it looks like a mech, and it seems like I’ll have to play as it every boss battle, which is annoying, but hell … It’s an RPG, right? xD

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