Zipper: M.A.G. shines with a headset

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With 127 people on your team in a M.A.G. Domination match, how the monkeys are you going to organise the troops? Communication is key and Seth Luisi, director of development at Sony Computer Entertainment America and working on M.A.G., told PlayStation University that the team worked hard to make the game’s vocal communication as intuitive and deep as possible:

“We did a lot with MAG to utlise the headset. We have proximity chat, team chat, we also have leadership chat; so platoon leaders and squad leaders can talk with one another. We even have the ability for the OIC to talk to all 127 people on his team, so we’re doing some really interesting things with voice chat, and we hope people utilise it.”

The question is then, why wasn’t a headset bundled in with every copy of M.A.G.? Luisi explains that Zipper Interactive also did a bunch to make sure the game was easy to play without voice communication:

“But at the same time we did add a lot into the game to make it easy for people to play without a headset; a lot of indicators if your team mate is down, where he is and how you can revive him and making it easy for squad leaders to designate objectives with them coming up in the HUD. So we still want to make it so people can play it without a headset, but we highly encourage people to play with a headset.”

You hear that? Highly encourage. So although it’s regrettable that the game didn’t come with a mic, please go and get one. S.V.E.R. needs your ear and your voice.

Readers Comments (17)

  1. How the F*** do I change my image?

  2. 128* soldiers prof. ; )

  3. No its actually 127 people your playing with on your team, 1 person is you, making a total of 128 people, jaz350z

  4. haha, good point, I didn’t think of that 😉

  5. BeRnardo Man (like a super hero) February 6, 2010 @ 03:21

    VALORRRRRRRRRRRRR BABY!!!!! iITTzTicKLeTiMe ITT motherfuckersssss

  6. fuck sver. Raven FTW!

  7. Yes Jaz, there are 127 others on your team =)

  8. a god damn mic should have been undle withj this game!!! no f***ing excuses!!!

  9. F*** Raven. S.V.E.R FTW!

  10. fuck valor and s.v.e.r raven ftw

  11. This should have been bundled with a headset, the game is MUCH better when most people have a headset. And S.V.E.R. and Valor both suck, Raven FTW!!!!!!

  12. Sons-of-Helghan February 11, 2010 @ 09:40

    Shadow Raven Industries FTW!!!!!!

  13. well of course….mics make just about EVERYTHING better (unless its just a couple of fags (no offense to gays) bickering)

    but yeah, id stick with Raven if i had MAG 🙁

    what is so great about SVER?

  14. BUNDE THIS GAME WITH A HEADSET!……….. that is all

  15. yeah, after this game get Greatest hits and lower it to 30 USD they should bundle it with the GH thingy

    i mean, they already passed 500k

  16. Playing a 256-player battle using a headset would be awesome. Your team could communicate with each other and do raids while communicating to each other.

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