10 Most Badass Weapons in Gaming

Badasses are only as cool as the weapons they wield. In the past 30 years characters have wielded everything from wrenches to dildos, only some of these however can be considered the most badass of the bunch. Here at PSUni we have brought together the cream of the munitions crop for your killing, dispatching, and beat down pleasure.


10. Red Turtle Shells-Mario Kart

The source of elation and despair for many a Mario Kart-er the red turtle shell can either let you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat or take you from 1st to 4th in seconds flat. Whether by itself or in a set of three, this bad boy is best saved for last second passes but is most fun when just wantonly thrown( especially when playing with friends). It may not as flashy as the Starman( ba dum tss) or as precise as the Blue Shell, this heat seeking favorite is one of the most sought after power-ups in gaming.

9. BFG 9000-Doom

The “Big Effin’ Gun 9000” is so powerful it is virtually a genre changer. Doom is supposed to be a horror shooter, in which terrifying creatures try there best to destroy you with every passing second. Once the player snags the BGF 9000, the game takes a much different turn; turning into a God Sim. This gun kills EVERYTHING, if something is in your path it becomes slag as soon as the trigger is pulled. To not put this gun on the list would invite hell.


8. Buster Sword- FF7


Walk into any convention where people are cosplaying and you will see this sword in spades even though years have pasted since FF7 graced its polygons to our TV screens. Impossibly huge and wielded as though it weighs only ounces, this sword epitomizes the cliche Japanese anime/gaming take on how weapons should be. This sword was also made even cooler in the movie Advent Rising where it was shown to break into 9 pieces, each of which looked cooler than the last.  If you can get your hands on one then do the right thing, put it on display, abstain from the cosplay:  you are not Cloud, you are not Zack, but you do own a badass weapon.

7. Fat Man – Fallout 3

In a game about a wasteland ravaged by nuclear weapons, to include even more nukes seem absurd. Then again when the wasteland is full of crabpeople, mutated gaints, butler robots and cyborgs who are we at PSUni to judge. Unlike some games that are content with adding rocket launchers Fallout went a step above and adds the power of nuclear armageddon at your finger tips. If you pick this bad boy up then prepare to become death incarnate….also you might want to aim it as far away as you can, nuclear blasts tend to be bad for the skin.


6. Soul Edge – Soul Calibur Series

When the entire basis of a game series is fighting over the power of a sword it is safe to say it must be pretty kickass. It is enormous and insanely powerful but also fast and EVIL. The last part of that is what makes this sword so cool. When ever there is an evil spirit trapped inside something that corrupts all who dare use its power only one word can be uttered: BADASS. If that is not enough this sword has been wielded by Nightmare and Siegfried, some of the toughest, most powerful fighters in the genre.

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  1. The Red Shell, BFG, Blades of Chaos, and Master Sword arent even the most badass weapons in their respective games.

  2. Colten Timmons January 21, 2013 @ 02:14

    oohhh someone has a bad case of opinion. A very wrong opinion. I mean have you even play 1 of these games?? lol

  3. the most fun weapon i’ve ever came across is the V-7 Splicer

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