70 Million Strong The PS3 Brings Heat to Console Wars

PS 3 fans can let out a big cheer as their prized console moves to tie 360 in units shipped, despite lagging a year behind in release! As of  early this week  “Sony’s PlayStation 3 has shipped 70 million units worldwide, the platform holder has revealed, putting it close to the 360’s figure of 70 million sold to customers, which was announced earlier this year.”¹

This spells good things for Sony’s future, and leaves speculation to dictate that by next year the PS3 will pull ahead of its bitter rival. The deadlock is not just limited to the consoles themselves but extends to their motion systems as well, with a total of 15 million PS Moves compared to the 19 million Kinects. ²

These numbers now are especially important with the release of the Wii U looming like a cosmic storm off port side,  as the sell of these consoles will no doubt drain customers from both these heavy weights.  As the year draws to a close and the holidays hit PSU will makes sure to keep up to date on the momentum of PS3 sales and how the Wii U will effect the console.


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