Activision only wants an arm and a leg in exchange for maps

Activision has finally announced the details surrounding its upcoming map packs that will be released a month earlier on the XBL Marketplace. Oddly enough, you may need that extra month of time to save up for them to begin with, so the wait isn’t really all that bad.

Dubbed the “Stimulus Package” (terrible name), the pack will contain five maps – two of which were a part of Call of Duty 4 – and retail for 1200 Microsoft Points. This translates roughly to $14.99 on the PlayStation Store.

For those of you wondering; no, that isn’t a typo. Activision really is charging you $15 for 3 new maps and 2 old ones. It’s fine though, it’s not as though the company was paid a large sum of cash by Microsoft for timed exclusivity and it isn’t as though Activision didn’t gross over one BILLION dollars selling the game or anything.

So, open up those wallets and help the poor – they’re obviously hurting for cash with the recent layoffs of the top Infinity Ward executives.

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  1. I traded in my MW2 copy about 3 week after released. I only play MW1 sometimes, but now I’m playing MAG and BFBC2. MW2 is crap compared to the first one, stupid killstreaks, laughable nuke, campers and dual shotty and every corner, oh don’t forget the Hbs, plus noob-friendly perks. I would admit I did camped with a hbs and scavenger pro and my kdr was over 2.00, but the fun only lasted for a while, because it was too easy and there was no skill involved.

  2. Screw Asctishition. Didn’t bother to get this game, and won’t bother to give these assholes a dime.

  3. Moocows111111 March 15, 2010 @ 10:17

    “MW2 is crap compared to the first one, stupid killstreaks, laughable nuke, campers and dual shotty and every corner, oh don’t forget the Hbs, plus noob-friendly perks.”

    I agree with this, Mw2 is a broken, broken game….. However unlike the 360, the playstation 3 is able to share DLC I’m sharing this Map Pack with 3 other people so 14.99/4 is roughly 3.75 dollars, It really sucks that we have to pay for 2 old maps, when I could go back to Cod 4 and play them FOR FREE.

  4. I’m not surprised. it’s Activision people.

  5. Hopefully this gives my friends more incentive to leave this trash game and play Bad Company 2.

  6. Wow, that’s WAY overpriced. Leave it to Acitivision. Oh, well, I won’t be getting this either way as I don’t play MW2 anymore.

  7. This is pretty shitty. I doubt that IW set the price for the DLC, so I’m pinning the blame on either Microsoft or Activision. This reminds me of when Valve wanted to release free DLC for 360 when they did the same over Steam, only Microsoft made them charge people for it so that they could make money off of it.

  8. to bad 4 me i just broke a piece off of my MW2 yesterday. BTW i will NEVER pay 4 15$ for 3 new maps and 2 old ones FUCK OFF ACTIVISION

  9. 0_0

    well that isnt too great of a price….Activision, stop trying to take as much as you can from us…..youve already taken our dignity and innocence!!!


  10. Well I 15 is a lot, But thisis not all that much, I have spent more then that on the PSN easy on other stuff, and not that it is not a problem, but I think you guys are only hating on it because it is not coming to the ps3 first, it is coming to the 360, and most people who own the ps3 say the game sucks? the game is awesome, however ( NOT FANBOY COMMENT), I have it on both, and the ps3 is not ment for MW2 MW2 sucks on the ps3’s controller, not that that is a prob, but I am saying, That is why i will NEVER get a shooter on the ps3, other then killzone. on the psn this map pack is worth $5 maybe, on XBL it is just about worth $15, because it is more fun ( no fanboy, just saying some DLC’s are better on a consoles, while some is better on the other. I mean i like the ps3 as much as the next guy, but before activation tries to pull this, they need to wait till the ps3 gets a better controller. All 360 owners love MW2 but most ps3 owner don’t, i’m just sayin.

  11. @aaaaa Opinions are not facts, I think most people here speak for themselves when they say that’s to much for what it is AND that it doesn’t matter since they no longer play the game or traded it off, I am sure there are people out there that are crying big wet tears about XB getting them first. It’s true people will bitch about anything, but that’s pretty bold saying that all these people are jealous of xbox and complain about it even through the legit reasons that Activision is digging deep into peoples pockets for every little thing they release.

    This isn’t 1985, people these days usually have more than 1 system on the market so hold off on the accusations.

  12. im bored of cod6 now, so they wont be making me spend $15 on 3 new maps and 2 old ( lazy gits!). They think they can just rake the money in as which they will what is the saddest part about this.

  13. i was actually going to buy BC2 but i didnt cause im getting GOW instead and then i said i was going to buy the map pack for COD but i guess after all these comments why even bother….

  14. That is just horrible so 15 dollars for 3 new maps, wow, its not a large sum of money but way too expensive for what it’s worth. But its Activision after all.

  15. I never bought MW2 because there were no dedicated servers in MW1 so I figured the game company was cheap as hell and I figured stuff like this would leave me with a bad taste if I bought it. I’m happy that I saved the money for MAG and I plan to get GOW3 and FFXIII soon.

  16. Ps3 gets the dlc maps in North America on May 4th, rest of world 5th May

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