Wells: Resources prevent us from doing everything we’d like

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Money is a funny commodity, apparently you need a lot of it if you plan on doing everything you’d like to do. That’s the current problem hitting the Naughty Dog team and preventing them from diving head first into all of the projects they’d like to.

While many of us are excited for them to start working on Uncharted 3, there are also those of us who’d like a new IP or to see the Jak & Daxter series brought to the PlayStation 3. Naughty Dog feels the exact same way, but they just don’t have the resources to dive into all of those projects at the current time.

In a recent interview with Joystiq.com, Evan Wells discusses how the team would love to bring J&D to PS3, however the limited resources is preventing them from doing such.

Maybe we could go to Jak and Daxter as the next project. Maybe we stick with Uncharted [laughs]. Maybe we come up with a new IP. It’s tricky to be able to tackle all of those at once. Right?

We don’t have the resources. So, we’re gonna have to choose our battles. I’m not sure whether Jak and Daxter will win that battle. Like you were saying, though, with trying to find a partner to work with us on the PSP version of Uncharted, I think it would be a shame if there weren’t a Jak and Daxter for the PS3 generation. So, if we can’t find a partner for one of those, then maybe we’re going to have to find a budget ourselves. [laughs]
Naughty Dog obviously needs to learn to utilize a better business model and thankfully, we’re here to help. With the success of Uncharted 2, we have this radical idea and think that Naughty Dog should release a map pack of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune locations at a price of roughly $999 per download. We’d imagine that in no time, they’d have the resources to develop whatever game they’d like, plus nobody would mind paying that — they could just call it the “Stimulus Pack” (or is that name taken?).

Readers Comments (13)

  1. Lol “stimulous pack”

    But yea, this is a downside of being an exclusive developer.

  2. Take your time Naughty Dog, as I would buy any game that you shall release to us.

  3. I hear their words. However, given the success that Uncharted has had in both games, I think they should go for a 3rd if they want to increase their “resources” and finish a trilogy.

  4. Moocows111111 March 15, 2010 @ 10:14

    As long as they release Uncharted 3 then I’m happy, But however I wished they were still doing Jak and Daxter =( But I’m pretty confident Naughtydog will pull something out of their sleeve, they did that with Uncharted 2 XD

  5. I Want Crash Team Racing 2…I loved that game. It was my very first PS ONE game and I still remember the fun I had…

    But honestly, they should stick with Uncharted 3. It will be worth it.

  6. They should end Drakes adventure, move onto Jak on the PS3, then if that does well, keep going with that, if it fails, then move back to Uncharted with a come back of Drake to save someone after he retires from Fortune hunting or whatever. I know they can think of something.

  7. Doesn’t Sony own Naughty Dog? Why wouldn’t Sony fund the most successful PS3 developer?

  8. @TRF, yea they own them, and I don’t know why they would not fund what they are making. Must be something more to it. Maybe he means all at once/

  9. Money’s the only factor that could set back a team as talented as Naughty Dog. That, or the bubonic plague. That second one’s probably less likely, though.

  10. @SonyJunkie: I know they meant all at once. If it were up to me, they’d have all the funding they needed. But if we’re only going to pick one game to get in the next year or so, I’d choose Jak. Imagine a Jak game running on the Uncharted engine.

  11. damn i waz really lookin forward 2 some of these games

  12. hmmmm, 999 doesnt sound as bad as the MW2 map pack’s price

  13. I want them to focus on uncharted but they could surely be able to have a small team work on other projects. Uncharted sold well so i cant see how money can be so tight.

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