Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review

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I’ll start this review of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations by admitting right off I’m not a huge follower of the series. It’s definitely on the top of my “To Play List” but Revelations is the first game from the series it that I’ve sat down and played at great length. I mean no disrespect to the series — it’s done a great job of taking the art of shanking someone from behind and running away from the cops, and making it into a very interesting series. So how does Assassin’s Creed: Revelations measure up?

Revelations continues to follow the story of Ezio as he travels to Constantinople (now Istanbul) to find the keys to open Altair’s library. As he finds each key, it opens up a memory of Altair (protagonist of the original game), thus allowing you to finish up not only Ezio’s story, but Altair’s as well. I give the story a lot of credit here, as it’s very well told. Ubisoft has gotten slowly but surely better when it comes to stories. The characters have become more memorable, and the story is a lot more engaging as well. You follow Ezio as he not only searches for the keys, but also ends up getting involved in a pretty intense political situation in the process. You have Altair and Desmond with missions of their own to deal with, so the story and plot build up to a nice crescendo.

I find myself really torn on the character of Ezio. On the one hand, I love how they developed this character. I love it anytime they have a story that allows you to see a character grow and mature. We started with Ezio when he was a teenager, just donning the hood, and finished with him as a battle weary veteran now leading in the war against the Templars. And it’s a memorable story too, as I still remember feeling for the guy when they murdered his family right in front of him. It was a very “Batman” type of origin.

That being said, I’m sick to death of Ezio. Let me explain my point: if Assassin’s Creed began and continued with Ezio as the central character, I’d be fine. This however is not the case. The series protagonist is Desmond, and each entry was supposed to be Desmond going into a different ancestor’s memories. We began with Altair and then continued with Ezio. We then stayed with Ezio for a total of three games. Why? AC is a series that has the ability to be really interesting if Ubisoft wishes it to be. We could get a story set during World War II, the Revolutionary War, during the reign of Genghis Khan, and so forth. Then there’s the elephant in the room : when will Desmond put on the suit to give us a modern-day AC? Instead, we get Ezio three times in a row. It’s as if Ubisoft couldn’t think of any other ideas, and decided to play it safe. Well, I have to say that safe is getting boring.