Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review

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The graphics in Assassin’s Creed get better and better with each sequel. I remember the first AC looking very grainy and of low quality, but not now. While it may not match Uncharted in look, it’s definitely getting there. The game looks beautiful, and the cinema scenes are definitely movie quality. Constantinople really comes alive, and you get a definitely feel that you’re there. That’s another tip of the hat that I have to give the Assassin’s Creed series, is they do an amazing job of making the citizens of a city look alive and unique, and not say just copying 4 models a million times.

While they take some getting used to, I love the controls in this game, especially when scaling buildings. Nowadays with video game characters, it’s a given that they have to have some form of parkour training. A lot of times, this ability is as much of a pain as it is cool, such as trying to jump to the floor from a high ledge in inFAMOUS. This can be problematic in narrow spaces, as Cole will grab onto every ledge along the way. Not so in AC, and it’s all very painless.

In Revelations, you get some new weapons to play with, including a new hidden blade called the Hook Blade. This blade not only kills, it also helps Ezio scale buildings, grab onto ledges, and zip line across the city. It’s a very welcome addition to the game, and is a lot of fun. Also new to the game are many, many new bombs to use, although you need to collect the parts to make them. You really don’t have too much gameplay involving Altair, though it’s nice to step in his shoes again.

You do play as Desmond in a very strage minigame where you try to “navigate through his memories,” so to speak. While a bit on the weird side, they’re thankfully completely optional. Also new is another mini-game called “Den Defense,” which is essentially a tower defense game. Waves of Templars go to attack your base while you set up Assassins on the rooftops to take them out. You get use of archers, riflemen, barricades, and even canons to wipe out each wave. I actually enjoyed these games and thought it was a nice pause from the main meat of the game.

I mostly liked the multiplayer, especially the presentation of it. Instead of just leaving it as simply a straight up multiplayer, they gave it it own backstory and plot. Thats a great move, and it makes the multiplayer a part of the story. Through playing the multiplayer, you end up learning more about the Templars and the universe of AC. The big reason I prefer single player to multiplayer is I love a story, and AC:R‘s gives that. I also like the variety of games you can play. Artifact Assault is fun, and I enjoyed how different Deathmatch is. Instead of just running around killing random people, you stalk and kill a particular enemy. The more stealthy you are in killing him, the more points you receive. It’s very different from the norm, and Ubisoft should be commended.

I will admit, the one game I didn’t enjoy was the Wanted games. In these games, you’re a part of two teams. One side is the Hunters, and the other side is the Prey. You each take a turn being one or the other, although being the prey can be very frustrating. It’s just a lot of running and hoping that no one kills you. You can tell me that I should use stealth, but so many players now have bonuses allowing them to see you regardless of where you’re hiding that it’s barely worth it — a lot of time is spent dying (at least I did). While I very much disliked this mode, I found the multiplayer mode to be very good overall.

If I could critique one thing about this game it’s that it feels the same as every AC game I’ve tried. Yes they throw in a new move or weapon here and there, or use a different setting, but in the end you’re just doing the same thing. I can go through the sequels with Uncharted, inFAMOUS, and Resident Evil and tell you how each one is different, but with AC they all feel the same.  I’m still a guy in a mostly white hooded outfit, scaling a city, and killing people. The fact that it’s been the same character for three games now isn’t helping. If this is the end of Altair and Ezio, I really hope Ubisoft goes nuts with part 5 (or would it be AC3?) because I’m ready for something to stand out.

For fans of the franchise, I have to say that Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is the best out of all of them. My complaints not withstanding, I can’t say I didn’t have any fun playing this game. The story is interesting, traveling around the city was fun, and the combat is very impressive. However, I can’t help but feel that this game was more of a filler episode than anything else. Fans of the franchise will definitely have fun with this one, but noobs are better off starting from the beginning, as they will be a little lost.