Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Code Giveaway

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Do you own a PlayStation 3? Are you looking forward to playing Battlefield Bad Company 2? Do you not want to wait until 2010 to do so? Great — neither do we! Thankfully, we have 230 Beta Codes for the upcoming Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta which starts on November 19 and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. We’re giving these codes away to 230 of our readers.

Sadly, not all of our readers will win, but a good chunk should, right? In order to enter, simply leave a comment below expressing your interest in receiving a code. On Friday, we’ll start sending out 230 emails to 230 of the comments below. Please make sure to use a legitimate email when leaving your comment and you may not get your code!


Readers Comments (50)

  1. I didnt play the 1st game, but i really want to play this one, pleasseee give me the code >_<

  2. I played the first game plenty of times but im pretty sure this one will be comepletely different and i think i should recieve this BETA key

  3. Sounds like a threat please send me 1 beta code please. thanks op front PS. Love your site!!

  4. thx very much …. all the comunity of playstation university are the best …keep up guyz

  5. I would love to win a chance in the beta, I have always found that I myself never get in them, =( anyway, BFBC1 was my first game on PS3 and I am determined to get into the beta for BFBC2 on PS3, so thank you in advance for the code, if you would be so kind to give.

  6. hope it as good as the last battlefield bad company . oh don’t forget the beta code

  7. Would love to give this a try thank you for your time

  8. oh my bad

  9. beta please

  10. Bad company 2looks amazin can u please sent me a code

  11. Hey, this is great of you guys. This looks like a great site. Just found it from clearcutreviews, youtube videos.

  12. Please send me a beta.

  13. I’ve got no games to play this month and have been a BF fan since 1942. I think i deserve a beta key!

  14. GOD_OF_WAR_PWNS November 13, 2009 @ 22:20

    I need 1 this game looks much more interesting than MW2 to me

  15. GOD_OF_WAR_PWNS November 13, 2009 @ 22:21

    Type your message here…

  16. hey really want one of those beta keys, tried it on the 360 for the 1st and I have a ps3 so want to try the 2nd

  17. I love battlefield more than EVERYONE. Please please please hook me up with that beta code. Gamestop jacked me on that deal but hopefully you guys can help me out.

  18. I would love to play BFBC2 early! Getting tired of BC1 and cant stand COD so help me! I need a beta code!

  19. Ive been playing battlefield since 1942 came out years and years ago. I would love a beta code. Thnks

  20. Please send me a beta key. girls like to have fun too.

  21. HOOK IT UP!!!! I need a beta key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. I’d love a beta key! I only have one game right now I need something to keep me busy.

  23. i would love a beta key please please please give me one please.

  24. i would die 2 get a beta. it wouuld be extreme 2 play it, i hope i get sent one send it 2
    hope i get in.

  25. please guys, u dont know how many sites ive been on 2 get my hands on one.

  26. Hey guys =) Love the site, can i haz beta?

  27. My son would love it, as would my brother. But of course I want a beta code for myself. Yes, I know, bad Daddy, bad Daddy . . .

  28. Would love a beta code for bad company 2! Everyone else is busy with modern warfare 2. Please send me a code! I’ll walk your dogs!!

  29. HI ! And thanks if you choose me for a betacode, because battlefield bad company 2 is the best wargame for me ^_^

  30. You are my slaves at the battlefield.

    PSN: Anssi23 / Finland

  31. iv always loved battlefield games and BF-BC2 looks sick … please send me a beta code …!thanks

  32. Just give me one, you know you want to.

  33. Oi guys! plz send me a key, need it badly. thx mates! cheers!

  34. please can i have a code

  35. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is shaping up to be a great game, hopefully I’ll be in the beta. Thanks for giving the chance to me to get into it 🙂

  36. I would like a code key please guy’s

  37. Hi ive never gotten invited to a beta before and would love to be involved with this one so if you could please send me a beta code that would be great thank you!

  38. Please send me a code!

  39. Yes please, i would like one of these codes. thx guy’s

  40. I would Like one thanks!

  41. Code plz thanks!

  42. hi can anyone give me one beta key fileplanet has no more=((((((

  43. Could i please have one?

  44. Please choose me

  45. please give me one. pleaseeee

  46. Please let me have one!

  47. Hey
    yah hopefully i win the code
    i recently bough battlefield 1943 and im obsessed with it.

  48. I would love to win that beta code cause BF is awesome participating in betas and reporting things is awesome and giving me a code would be awesome 😀

  49. PLease give me one! I love Battlefield 😀

  50. I just loved the first one.. and would love a chance to play the next one!
    I would play it all hours of the day. Go Battlefield! Please Playstation University.

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