Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Code Giveaway

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Do you own a PlayStation 3? Are you looking forward to playing Battlefield Bad Company 2? Do you not want to wait until 2010 to do so? Great — neither do we! Thankfully, we have 230 Beta Codes for the upcoming Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta which starts on November 19 and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. We’re giving these codes away to 230 of our readers.

Sadly, not all of our readers will win, but a good chunk should, right? In order to enter, simply leave a comment below expressing your interest in receiving a code. On Friday, we’ll start sending out 230 emails to 230 of the comments below. Please make sure to use a legitimate email when leaving your comment and you may not get your code!


Readers Comments (50)

  1. hello i’m not a fan of war games ( racing is more my style ) but when i 1st played bad company 1 i was sold straight away and i’m a huge fan now of the game ( don’t play anything els anymore and i would realy realy realy like a beta key for bad compay 2 so please can i have one ???

  2. OMG i’m a big fan of bfbc and waiting for the second to come out! I would be very happy to get to try the beta! 🙂

  3. PLEEASSSE give me the beta, I LOVE BATTLEFIELD GAMES I’VE PLAYED ALMOST ALL OF THEM, please give me the beta, i’ve never been part of a beta ever,
    so if i got it, i would be over the moon with joy, 🙂 if i didnt, well. i’d be a very sad man.

  4. oh, and P.S my PSN is : Skullskater 🙂 🙂 cheers! hopefully i’ll get one

  5. Please give me the code, iam veery big fan of bf series, big thanks.
    my psn is Tsukuyomi92
    thanks and please 😉

  6. i think its great you guys are giving them away for free. other sites ar echarging for them!
    I hope im chosen to recive a code

  7. I’ve been trying 4 weeks to get into this beta almost all of my friends managed 2 get in but me and they keep telling me how awesome it is, and since Bad Company 1 was so good I know there right. Battlefield 1943 was awesome too especially for a PSN title which makes me want to play Bad Company 2 that much more. Please help me get into this beta. Please? My PSN=Broman29

  8. My PSN is Buckfan08. If you have any more Battlefield 2 beta codes, please send me one. Thank you very much and happy holidays!

  9. Omg! I’ve been waiting for this day to come! Bfbc2 beta, I would love to have a code please. Would make my day :), I’ve already got my clan together ready for the big day lol my PSN is xPsYcHoTiCz-IIx Thats 2 capital i’s at the end not L’s. Oh and wishing everybody have a merry Christmas 🙂

  10. Same here i still hope you have some keys left for us ^^ i played BC for so long cant wait tp see the new multi player.

    Otherwise Grz to all the winners ! go go go Frag!

  11. I would like to recieve a code, to play battle field bad company 2. I love the series, hopefully you guys, can spare some more codes.

  12. getting a ps3 this week and would really love to play this beta,so if you got any more spare codes it would be great 🙂

  13. Please, I love this game, give me te beta, I can’t wait more!!

  14. OMG I love this game , i buy BF2142 and i come to buy this too .

    BF RULES ! thx all team of BF for make this game for real players 😀

  15. Give me a beta please!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game

  16. I would love to play the beta, please give me a beta-key. xD

  17. Beta Code Please….. I can give you Tiger Woods’ phone number

  18. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz serious fan
    PSN: asharab -lvl16 trophies

  19. can’t wait for bf2 loved bf1 need to try it so badly!!!

  20. love the bf serie. hopefully i get the beta.cya on the batllefields!

  21. Im sure I may be too late but I would really appreciate a code for my son. He has aspergers syndrome and is home bound and lives for his PS3 and plays 16hrs a day. He has been talking none stop about this game and I was unaware of a Beta for this. If you or anyone have a spare one it would be fantastic. Thanks Myles

  22. i want one please

  23. Me wants one too

  24. Hello hello,

    I love those games, i hope i can receive a code. You will make me a happy guy.

    Thanks in advanced,

  25. beta me please

  26. i dont live in usa and i dont usualy get games but i have a usa account, i cant buy ps store stuff cause of my country arent psn cards and credit cards dont work games r xpensive i just want the beta plz

  27. please I’m not a big fan of this saga but I will if I leave the trailer beta that I liked a lot and I think if you are good I get a beta only want it because I like a lot and here among us I have no money to buy games full board 🙁

  28. give me the code too plz. my psn: FeverN email:

  29. Pls please please give me a code i want 1 i love this game please give me 1

  30. i would really like the codes i own all of the battlefield games i was one of the first people to become level 25 in the first bad company i am so pumped for the next one i think it will be better then modern warfare 2 the badcompany story line is so much betterrr.

  31. blackhawk122ss December 5, 2009 @ 14:00

    Hi! how r u doing? Please Give me 2 Beta Keys i really need them, i promised my Uncle that i’ll give him 1 so plz plz plz I love Battlfield Bad Company its the greatest game man its da BOMB! plz dude, MUCH THANKS!

  32. I am so close to getting my Beans Bullets Bandages trophy! It would be nice to get a sneak peak into my next Battlefield (BF:BC2).

  33. please

  34. Please can i have a code, I’ve never been on a PS3 beta and it’ll be good to have the experience 😉

  35. I would also like to receive a Beta Code for Bad Company 2 if this is still possible. I’ll be putting HD-footage on YouTube, making everyone a little bit happier 🙂

    PSN: Absolom89
    may i have a beta CODE

  37. Battlefield bad company is the best game!!! I would absolutely love if I got a beta key. It would seriously just make my day. Recently have had some family troubles as well as person health problems. This would really brighten my life.

  38. please give me battle field bad company 2 im a huge fan than any one please please please see ya thanks

  39. please please give me battle field bad company 2 im a huge fan please thanks see ya

  40. please give me battle field bad company 2 im a huge fan please thanks and see ya

  41. i love bad company and ive never been in a beta thanks

  42. I Lovee bad company nd soo does my gf she’ll sleepover at my place if i get the beta keysplzz help a brother gamer outt .. Thank you

  43. Plz can i have a beta key,the game is coming out exactly on the day of my birthday march2 and i cant get it probably because my parens wont let me buy anymore games.I have to get good grades witch i do but still they wont let me buy games.Plz can i hav e a key.

  44. Hello,
    I have never been part of any Beta’s so now it would be perfect time to do it by playing most intresting game in 2010. I hope i get Key : )

  45. I have never played a beta in my whole life so I would be really happy if you gave me a code 🙂

  46. Hey im a BIG Battlefield fan, love the whole series, I would love to take part in the Beta, Would be very grateful!

    Thanks guys

  47. Hey guys, im a big fan of the battlefield series and i would love a beta code. anyways thanks alot guys and keep up the good work!!

  48. I would like to get the beta key! Really! This site rocks =D!!!!

  49. A beta Code would be awesome thank-you. 🙂

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