[UPDATED] Borderlands Swag Giveaway

Hello students of PlayStation University! Though we don’t have a review copy of Borderlands to give away, we do have some very sweet Borderlands swag to send your way for being loyal readers of the website. We spent a couple of hours last night with the developers, Gearbox Software, and having them sign various items for us. That’s right, so this is developer-signed swag! Nothing better, right? Well, except maybe the game itself!

Entry into this giveaway is going to be simple. Just let us know which of the four character classes in Borderlands you’re looking to play with most and you’ll officially be entered to win.

First Prize will receive a developer-signed poster for Borderlands while second place will receive a Borderlands mouse pad which is definitely badass (thought about keeping this for myself).

Leave your comments below and enjoy!


1st Prize: MedPac

2nd Prize: PandoraCitizen
I’ll send an email to the winners in order to get your details to send the prizes. If your email doesn’t work that you left your comment with, then I’ll be forced to choose new winners — Thanks.

An entrant did not use valid email addresses. I’ll be picking a NEW winner shortly. Sorry. I’m receiving:

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    host mtain-mmc.gmtain-mmc.mx.aol.com []:
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Readers Comments (18)

  1. roland

  2. Lilith.

  3. Lilith!

  4. Roland, turret FTW!

  5. Mordecai!

  6. roland

  7. I entered already. But if the 2nd place prize is still up for grabs, I’d like to say, “Pick meeee!”

  8. Lilith for sure !!

  9. ShurikenSpammer October 22, 2009 @ 15:23

    I was thinking about Lilith at first because of the Phasewalk but now I’m going with Brick. He reminds me of the sandvich guy from Team Fortress 2 xP

  10. Lilith sounds awesome

  11. Mordacai-pistol only build

  12. I’m going Mordacai with heavy on the pistols. I’m also getting the bird skills up high too.

  13. X-Men_Wolverine October 25, 2009 @ 04:36

    Deffo Mordacai, it sound so badass with the pistols!

  14. the sounds good now

  15. Lilith for sure

  16. I’m looking to play Roland the most.

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