Top 8 Guns of Ratchet and Clank

With Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time scheduled for release this upcoming Tuesday, we figured we’d get the anticipation going by creating a Top 8 list of one of the brighter spots of the franchise — weaponry. Any gamer who has ever played a Ratchet & Clank game knows that Insomniac has done a fantastic job creating unique weapons that keeps fans laughing and enjoying the title. For those of you who are on the fence about picking A Crack In Time up this week, perhaps a look into the type of weaponry usually made available will help sway you.

8. Scorpion Flail

First introduced during the PS2 game, Ratchet: Deadlocked, fans saw a weapon that was similar to the somewhat disappointing Plasma Whip. A group of enemies are approaching you? Don’t know what to do? Whip out the Scorpion Flail and watch the enemies introduce their faces, to the pavement. Beautiful.

7. N60 Storm

One of your first high-fire, high-powered weapons you receive in Up Your Arsenal, and what a beauty. You thought the Scorpion Flail was the best thing for crowd control? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. Whether its foot soldiers, small crowds, small armies or even some bosses, the N60 Storm put them down like the beast that it is.

6. Agents of Dread

These little agents of doom, were your own little army of suicidal drones that upon impact on your enemies — blew up! We’re sure that a lot of enemies weren’t too pleased to see these things coming at ’em. Just imagine being blown to bits by a handful of these little things. It wouldn’t be pretty.

5. The Pyrocitor

Now, I’m not sure about some of you, but I do know that one of the more enjoyable features of Up Your Arsenal is the ability to light annoying enemies on fire! I may sound like a pyromaniac but who doesn’t enjoy seeing an annoying enemy going up in flames? I know that we sure do. It’s surprising how efficient this scalding hot weapon is against your foes. You’d think when they saw this thing coming, they’d just turn around and dart the hell away!

4. The Harbinger

I remember when I first saw and then acquired the Harbinger in Deadlocked. The one word that went straight into my mind was OBLIVION. If you liked explosions, you loved The Harbinger. This death bringer was one of a kind and definitely helped change the pace of the game entirely. This weapon got us out of quite a few jams back in the day, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle fist-to-fist as well — right?

3. Plasma Beast/Stalker

This is one of my favorites. A big, bad, bodyguard. The Plasma Beast/Stalker is that bodyguard. You got a problem with crowd control or you just don’t feel like doing it? Bust out the Plasma Beast and watch havoc happen before your eyes. This thing will take down anything, anywhere, any time. Trust me.

2. Mini-Turret Launcher (MTL)

Oh Ratchet, how we envy you. Why is it that you get to have all the cool gadgets? And The MTL was the standalone gun that every warrior wants. Its able to shoot, kill, pulverize and decimate anything that even THOUGHT of standing in your way. Not to mention, this was a better sidekick than Clank most of the time. Be honest, you’ve often thought of grinding that little piece of metal into nothingness.


Talk about Overkill. If there was one weapon that made me feel guilty using it against NPCs, it would be our number 1 weapon, RYNOCIRATOR. I don’t even think words could describe the obliteration that my foes encountered with a weapon like this one. The Rynocirator left death in its wake and destruction ahead. It is by far and large the greatest weapon of this long running franchise.

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