Confirmed: All Brink footage from PC build, not 360 or PS3

Brink, an incredibly impressive looking first-person shooter from the British developer who brought Enemy Territory to id Software, recently unveiled its first gameplay footage.

We’d seen the screenshots, and we’d heard the banter from the developers, but the gameplay footage solidified the fact that Brink would be one of the most impressive games of 2010.

With some of the best PS3 talent from Ninja Theory, PlayStation gamers needn’t worry about their version of the game. However, we were always going to doubt the developer’s ability to pull off a game that rivals Killzone 2 and Rage across multiple platforms.

Now we can confirm that all the footage we’ve seen is from the PC version of the game, despite many believing that it’s from the Xbox 360 version. Splash Damage’s creative director writes on their official forums:

Yeah, that’s footage from the PC, played with a 360 controller (exactly like E3, PAX, etc.) It’s literally the exact same demo, running on the same PC.

But don’t threat, the company is still confident that the game will look just as good across all three platforms, with the creative director adding:

I should add we’ve got the same levels running right now on console, looking just as good… 🙂

You can watch some of the game’s latest footage below and enjoy our Brink screenshot gallery after this link.

The fact that the game’s framerate currently struggles on PC may explain why the developer has decided to push the game’s release into late-2010.

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  1. HolyOrangeCows December 7, 2009 @ 18:50

    So much for the Killzone 2 Killer on the 360.

  2. This actually looks like a pretty decent multiplat gotta check it out.

  3. wow and the 360 fans thought killzone 2 killer lol

  4. Super looking forward to this game!

  5. killzone or gayzone kiler was Himself

  6. HolyOrangeCows December 7, 2009 @ 23:42

    It’s pretty sad that the best you could come up with was “gayzone”
    Go be butthurt elsewhere.

  7. Yeah guys…the game is still coming to the Xbox 360.

  8. As stated the game looks as good on all platforms so all the fanboys shut up!

  9. even on PC the game looked like a ps2 game vs KZ2
    haha suck box 360 and KZ2 killer. gaylo odst looks like a ps1 game vs KZ2 and so do every other suck box 360 game

  10. Why does everybody think that a game needs to kill another game? Killzone and Halo weren’t even that great anyway, they don’t need to be killed just to prove that this game is better.

  11. brink is coming out for the ps3 if u guys did not know. Check

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