Exclusive Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer footage

Even though Australia won’t be able to enjoy the horrific joys of Rebellion’s latest Aliens vs. Predator game, the rest of us will be in for a hell of a ride in the game’s single-player and multiplayer.

Like Rebellion’s first AvP game in 1994, they will be putting players in the guise of not only humans but also the game’s two title characters. This line up will also penetrate the game’s multiplayer, where a simple deathmatch will be turned on its head as Aliens, Predators and Humans fight it out on one map.

I got my hands on the PS3 game’s multiplayer with SEGA earlier in the year, and though the graphics weren’t terribly impressive at this stage in development, the gameplay certainly looked like it’ll have an addictive and unique hook.

At times during our deathmatch sessions it looked like the invisibility sporting Predator was overpowered, but once the Alien was put in the hands of someone who knew what they’re doing, the stealth kills racked up. Without weapons, the player has to implement the Alien’s ability to scale walls and sneak up on his foes for one-stab kills. In the end, it was the traditional weapon wielding humans who actually started to look underpowered by the end of the deathmatch session.

Enjoy the off-screen footage I captured from our deathmatch sessions and look forward to Aliens vs. Predator’s release in February 2010 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC (except in Australia).

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  1. Looks fun but out dated.

  2. do the claws melt when you use them on a alien?

  3. lol at “(except in australia)”

  4. Any one who has played the old one knows this game will be addicting. I lost much sleep playing this game online with my pc years back. Cant wait for this one!

  5. the demo was terrible

  6. lol this game is a fail…i dont even know why people are giving this game so much publicity…all of the AvP were bad

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