Dragon’s Dogma Ur-Dragon mode revealed

Determined to bring out the dragonslayer in its players, Dragon’s Dogma will have a special challenge awaiting all players upon its release date. This special event is known as the Ur-Dragon, a larger than life, and just as powerful, dragon awaiting players to come and challenge it.

Capcom has stated that players, along with their pawns from around the world, will be able to compete online against one another in fighting the powerful creature. Capcom says that due to the power and ferocity of the Ur-Dragon, it will most likely take several encounters to deal the deadly blow. Those who defeat it will have their names and playtime recorded as a goal for others to shoot for.

Defeating the Ur-Dragon gains the players involved both common and rare items, though the rarest prizes will go to the one who deals the fatal blow. Offline players may challenge the dragon as well and earn prizes, though they will be different from those won online.

The Ur-Dragon challenge can be attempting upon the games release date of May 22. When the times comes, will you slay the Ur-Dragon?

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  1. Reneid Klein May 10, 2012 @ 00:24

    Sucks they are seeming to do this on launch day only as I will have to drive 20 minutes to my gamestop after work due to rush hour traffic. Then another 15-20 back home, eat, install the game, etc. It could be fairly late before I can even boot it up and then create a character if I don’t want to use the one from the demo. All that equals little to no time to fight said dragon. Having it only on launch day is super gay. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

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