Firmware 3.42 beefs up security

Late last night while most of you were tucked away sleeping, Sony rolled out Firmware 3.42 like a ninja without any comment or word on what it was for. Fortunately, confirmation came soon after that this update was indeed and update to beef up the security of your PlayStation 3 console.

On the Official PlayStation Blog, John Koller (Director of Hardware Marketing) confirmed that the update was security based, which probably was obviously implemented to shut down and destroy users of the PS Jailbreak device.

Hi everyone! A minor update to your PS3 system is now available via system software update v3.42 that includes additional security features. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 system, please visit the PS3 System Updates page.

It’s good to see Sony stay on top of these things and not allow them to run rampant across its consoles. You can’t say the same thing for other console manufacturers this generation. Please let us know if this bricks your system!

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  1. SONY ALWAYS WINS!!!!!!!!!!

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