Upcoming Titles that could steal Game of the Year

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It’s Labor Day here in the US, which means everyone gets the day off to, you know, not labor. But it’s also one of the more enjoyable holidays because everyone barbeques their asses off knowing that the summer is quickly coming to a close. Of course, the end of summer means one thing in the games industry — an onslaught of games between now and the week before Christmas in a unified attempt to drive gamers everywhere that much closer to bankruptcy.

Like so many years before it, this year’s holiday window of games promises to offer awesomeness that you’ll be talking about into next year. In a bit of a twist, though, we’ve already had some legitimate Game of the Year contenders in the first half of 2010 alone. The year came to a roaring start when Mass Effect 2 released in January, the dark second chapter that made every possible gameplay improvement over the already-stellar original. God of War III took no prisoners when it released in March, with its tried-and-true action gameplay and jaw-dropping sense of scale. And in May, Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption, an Old West tale on par with some of the best spaghetti westerns … and hunting bears and cougars didn’t hurt, either.

So the bar is set pretty high. In the next few months, here are ten (Ten!) games, in chronological order, that show the potential to take those front runners out and steal Game of the Year honors.

Halo: Reach

Halo. You may or may not have heard of it. Hype for this game is high, with the game coming out next week. You know what? It seems that it may be justified.

We’ve already told you one major reason we think it has the potential to be a key release in this entire generation of games: the beefed-up Forge mode. In Halo 3 players were able to modify not only maps, but create entirely new ways to play. Think of something you’d love to do with your friends in a Halo game, then jump into Forge and get it done. This time around Bungie have made it easier than ever, so expect even more, even better modes and maps a few weeks (or even days) after Reach ships.


Oh, and Bungie. It’s no secret that Reach will be their last Halo game before they move onto whatever mystery game they’re making for Activision. While ODST was a little disappointing (minus the excellent Firefight mode), you’d better believe that they’ve put everything they’ve got to make this game sparkle. After all, even though Microsoft owns the Halo IP, we all know this is Bungie’s baby. It’s the game that not only solidified console FPSs as a viable genre, but also ushered in an era of online gameplay.

You’re damn right we’re excited for this.

Medal of Honor

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Now this is some modern warfare we can get behind. While people can say EA is jumping on the bandwagon, they’re definitely not half-assing it.

The biggest reason to get excited for this is that the multiplayer side of things is being done by none other than the super-talented Swedes over at DICE. If you’re on our forums any amount of time, you’ll know that they’re responsible for some good times via Battlefield: Bad Company 2. And if you spent any amount of time playing the beta after E3, you already know that the groundwork is there for a damn fine time.


Of course, we can’t get through this entry without going into a little detail about the series’ first foray into the present day. We already know that this game will be taking place in Afghanistan, where you’ll be playing the part of some elite special forces. Of course, this setting makes for some interesting multiplayer matchups — the kind that get all of that fun “videogames are teh devil lolz” attention that we all know and love. The controversy surrounding the ability to play as the Taliban have created all sorts of buzz around the game, and while it’s not an aspect the developers were hoping would get the most attention, it’s definitely attention they can turn around to get people to actually PLAY the game.

How impressed will we be when it ships? We’ll see when this ships in October.

Fallout: New Vegas

With Fallout 3, Bethesda squashed the anxiety that Fallout fans felt with giving their beloved RPG franchise a new developer, but also an entirely new gameplay direction. Gone was the isometric, top-down view and turn-based combat. In its place was a first- and third-person, free-roaming, real-time wasteland. Not only was it a worthy entry into a storied franchise, it won several Game of the Year awards.

Fast-forward two years later and we’re on the same boat. While the gameplay is similar to Fallout 3, fans are again nervous about New Vegas being handed off to a different developer, in this case Obsidian Entertainment. We’re not sure this is totally fair. While we’ll admit Alpha Protocol didn’t reach the potential it had, they’re still responsible for fine RPGs as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and Neverwinter Nights 2.


Readers Comments (15)

  1. Very good list. My favorite game so far is Heavy Rain, but I can’t wait for New Vegas and Fable III.

  2. Are people still kidding themselves that God of War III is Game of the Year material? If something like that piece of cack can win Game of the Year then Transformers 2 should have won Best Picture.

  3. victorgodamnsullivan September 6, 2010 @ 17:41

    Sorry But I think Super Mario Galaxy 2 should be considered.

  4. seriously disagree!
    MOH, with it’s MW multiplayer style?why should it be GOTY also how long is the campaign?

    Halo Reach is considered
    Fallout Vegas? a DLC considered GOTY?:/

    Castlvenia is a contender


  6. If Black Ops or Halo Reach wins GOTY it will be very disappointing, this generation of games have been nothing more than FPS, GOTY should go to games with TRUE potential, games like Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet 2, Gran Turismo 5, and Super Mario Galaxy 2


  8. Is it too hard for some people to spell correctly? I usually don’t complain about this but reading some of the comments makes my eyes hurt. Like seriously, xino, i cant even understand 1/4 of what you wrote. Anyways, back on topic. I think God of War 3 is GOTY material, at least to some extent, but I’m really looking forward to Fable 2 and Halo Reach, as well as LBP2.

  9. GTFO you 360 troll. God of War 3 was amazing.

    LBP2 will steal GOTY from all!

  10. I just can’t tell anymore… hell, maybe GT5 will be a surprise pick. Who knows?

  11. Last year when uncharted 2 won GOTY over MW2 i actually thought that gamers where more than COD and FPS noobs so this year i am expecting another great game to get GOTY. I dont expect games like heavy rain or god of war 3 to win because they dont have enough replay value (but they are amazing first playthroughs) Fallout new vegas, medal of honor and mass effect 2 are mabye. Halo reach will be good but it doesnt have anything innovative and will only get nominated because of hordes of halo fans. But i think the most likely are little big planet 2, black ops (if it has zombie mode) and GT5


  13. Unless Fallout 3.5 sucks I won’t have time to play any of the others. Maybe a quick singleplayer run through of the FPS games.

  14. I really hope Halo Reach ends up being good, I hated Halo 3 & thats why in the end I ended up buying a PS3… I still belive to be a bettter choice. But if Halo Reach is to win simply off of forge, then out of this list Little Big PLanet 2 wins in that catogory hands down…..& I know its next yr but Im really crossong my fingers that Killzone is good.

  15. halo reach is snot out yet so as much as i would like 2 put it high on the candidate list, i cant
    so its either gona be gow3 or gowIII

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