GIVEAWAY: Gotham City Impostors T-Shirts!

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UPDATE: That’s all the time you’ve got, folks! The contest is closed and the winners have all been contacted — thanks for entering!

Gotham City Impostors has drummed up a lot of positive publicity since its release in February, and for good reason — it has a goofy style all its own within an otherwise moody franchise, and it’s a ton of fun to play as well. The next update will also bring some great content — a new map and a new play mode — for the price of zero dollars. Neat!

With that giving spirit in mind, we got our hands on ten (10) Gotham City Impostors shirts to give away — five Large shirts, two XL shirts, and three 2XL shirts — and they’re more stylish than your typical gaming threads:

Above: The shirt on the right shows of the front, and the left is the rear.

Fancy! All you have to do to possibly get your hands on one is sound off in the comments below and tell us what your favorite Batman memory or moment is, along with your shirt size. The moment can be from the comics, TV shows, movies, or even a particularly rousing round of Gotham City Impostors…doesn’t matter! All that matters is that these reach Batfans that’ll appreciate ’em, and that you tell us by 10AM on Tuesday, May 1st, at which point random winners will be selected. You might get a shirt in time to troll a screening of The Avengers!

If you don’t have an account, creating one is free and easy. I advise you to use a valid email address should I need to contact you. I’m unfortunately not swimming in money, though, so for the sake of not having to declare bankruptcy by this time next week I’m going to have to limit this to U.S.-only; sorry, international folks.

Dish out your comments, and be sure to check out the new content that will be hitting GCI super-soon:

Readers Comments (59)

  1. Robert Grescp April 25, 2012 @ 22:15

    My favorite Bat moment would be Keaton’s Batman strapping the bomb to the big penguin goon, knocking him down and letting him blow up in Batman Returns. Batman isn’t a fan of killing we know but that scene was cold blooded!

  2. Waking up early every Saturday morning to watch Batman Beyond! Although lately, I’ve had ridiculous amounts of fun playing Gotham City Impostors into the wee hours of the night. Loving this game like crazy!

  3. My favourite Batman experience has to be with Batman: Arkham Asylum. Not only was it an extremely compelling story, it finally brought the Dark Knight to video games in a respectful manner. With all of the trivia and the comic references, it’s truly a great milestone for the brand.

  4. My favorite Batman scene has always been and will always be Joker pulling his long barrel revolver out of his pants to shoot down the Batwing.

  5. Loving GC I! The only game i play almost have my gold boarding party lol loving it. And a Large Shirt if i win thanks guys.

  6. Best Batman memory was seeing the 1989 Batman movie with my dad. As 1 of 3 children getting a moment with dad alone was a pretty big deal and the movie was phenomenal. Shirt size is 2XL. I’m a BIG fan!

  7. My favorite batman experience would have to be coming home from middle school to watch a new episode of Batman: The Animated Series. I remember sitting down watching the marathons each time they were aired. Good times…

  8. My best Batman memory is when Nightwing was announced as a playable character on Batman: Arkham City. He has to be one of the best decisions DC has ever made. Come on, the guy throws Wing-Dings. I’m a Large.

  9. I think my favourite thing about Batman is in fact Joker! Particularly Mark Hamill, who’s performances are just incredible. XL please 🙂

  10. I remember seeing batman in theaters as a kid with my father and having the biggest crush on Poison Ivy. I have always had a thing for redheads. 😛 2XL for size.

  11. Not too long ago, it was late at night and I couldnt sleep. Flipping through channels I came upon the original Adam West Batman series. I was so captured in the moment that I stayed up to watch the second part of the show. I could just connect with what my dad must have gone through back when it was first run show and can picture him sitting in front of the tv as a little boy watching the same show.

    Large please and thank you.

  12. My favorite Batman memory is actually from my childhood. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my parents took me to the mall and said they had a surprise for me. When we walked inside the mall we saw this long line of people that looked like they were waiting for someone. Not knowing much at that age I though maybe Santa decided to visit the mall again. We fell in line and waited like everyone else, then all of the sudden this magician comes out. He performs some tricks and we were all amused. For his finale he made his lovely assistant disappear. When he made her reappear it wasn’t her, but Batman. I was like BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!! I was so wide eyed and stars truck when I saw him. I was so happy to not only meet him, but to come away with his autograph and a Batman frisbee lol. To me this isn’t just a Batman memory, but one of my most favorite memories as a child.

    2xl please

  13. My fav Batman moment was seeing the bat boat in Batman returns. large shirt please

  14. Hmm, my favorite moment? That’s a hard thing to condense between BM:TAS, Batman Beyond, The original NES Batman game, Batman Forever on SNES, Batman the Movie, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I would say my favorite moment probably involves something from TAS since so much of my childhood revolves around that. Or perhaps Batman Beyond as a series, as it’s my favorite thing that is Batman related…but I guess I’ll go with the most bad-arse Batman moment I can remember. It’s a quote from the New Frontier movie

    Batman: [to John Jones] “And one other thing, I’m not sure what you are or where you come from. But my instincts tell me you’re to be trusted. Make no mistake, I have a $70,000 sliver of a radioactive meteor to stop the one from Metropolis. All I need for you is a penny for a book of matches.”

    If I happen to win, I’ll take a 2x.

    • Wtf am I talking about? 2x? I meant XL. Man, I was determined not to screw it up like everyone else did and forced to reply to my own comment.

  15. My favorite bat moment was in Gotham City Imposters when I got a 20 kill streak with the jackhammer and falcon blade class! My heart was beating fast! Large shirt

  16. I love when Batman is on top of a high building in the midst of the night and says “I’m Vengeance… I’m the Night… I am Batman!”

    Large Shirt

  17. Honestly, my favorite memory is Arnold as Mr. Freeze. I know it’s not the best, but I can’t help but look back on those days / movies (seeing them in the now closed drive-in movies) and laugh histarically. As a kid those movies were great, now they’re terrible acting and great childhood memories.

    (Large prefered, would accept an XL)

  18. My favorite Batman moment is the ending in Batman Arkham City where Talia al Ghul “kills” the joker so she can give batman the cure to the disease, afterwards she is killed by the real joker who says the one Talia killed is clayface impersonating him after joker told him to so it would seem he was all better.Joker then screws himself after you beat clayface in an epic boss fight by stabbing batman in the arm causing him to drop and destroy the cure leaving the joker to die even though batman would have saved him.Now thats some irony

    Size 2XL

  19. There are many great batman moments. For me it would be the entire 4-issue run of The Dark Knight Returns. If you haven’t given it a read, you are missing out, big time. (Shirt Size XXL)

  20. I remember being about 5, looking at a rack of comic books at a gas station while my Dad waited in line to pay. I asked if I could have one and he spun it around, scanning the titles, then handed me a Batman comic. Batman’s pupilless glare and grimmace made it hard for me to understand that he was a good guy. Dad explained he was fighting the bad guys and mad at them for hurting people.
    Also the scene in “Arkham Asylum” (spoiler warning) when the hallway slowly turns into the alley and the “origin moment” occurs- Freakin’ Awesome!
    I’m XL. Thanks guys!

  21. My favorite moment s from Knightfall. After Bruce’s fall from grace, he receives training from Lady Shiva. Most ridiculously cool moment to finally see him fall, yet bring himself back up again and better than before.

  22. I’d have to say my favourite movie of all time is the dark knight. And my favourite moment is when Batman jumps in on jokers party right when he says your feisty I like that. Than he says “Then you’re gonna love me”. Favourite part for sure 🙂
    I am a large shirt size!

  23. My favorite Batman memory would be when I was a kid and I would watch the animated series on Sunday morning while holding my 1/35 scale Batmobile. The Batmobile also served as a recurring show and tell toy when the rest simply would not do.
    Shirt size: XL

  24. I still remember the day I walked into the store and said.. hmmm what is this book with the joker taking a picture. Let me peruse… ah.. interesting.. I should say this is good.. OMG!! WHAT DID HE JUST DO TO BARBARA!!!! NOOOOOO WHAT??
    Needless to say the Killing Joke 1st edition has a place on my permanent bookshelf next to other great works.


  25. My favorite batman moment would have to be from Adam West’s Batman movie. Batman is trying to get rid of the bomb and comes into the tavern and yell’s “Everyone flee for your lives!” then proceeds to run out into the street carrying the bomb over his head trying to get rid of it but cant because of nuns, marching band, baby strollers, etc. and finally ducks in the water and then states, “Some days you just cant get rid of a bomb!” That’s classic Batman and classic West, the perfect combo. I’m Large. Tks!

  26. Evrin Williams April 27, 2012 @ 22:39

    The best moment that i know some batman fans might remember was the first episode of batman forever, when u found out the batman was no longer bruce wayne but some teen who u have no idea is, but then later fins out bruce wayne is old and cant be batman anymore and is mentoring this teen into becoming the next big thing.

  27. Woot.

  28. My favorite moment is when those impostors try to apprehend Scarecrow in the Dark Knight and then Batman tears them AND scarecrow’s goons down.

  29. The best Batman moment was when Batman and Robin were scaling the side of a building with a grappling hook, and they totally just filmed them walking with the camera tilted on its side.

    Adam West and Burt Ward FTW.

    And I am a Burly, XXL.

  30. Id have to say that being a gamer came out in me when i started playing Gotham City Impostors. I loved Halo Reach,gears,borderlands but when i first saw the commercial for it i was sooo excited. Being able to personally get my character the way i want it pretending to save the city is the most fun i have. Connecting with different people and playing is also amazing,best moment. When you guys brought the ninja bat outta me,playing with 3 of my friends totally wooping butt,brought out the motivator and the sword and we were on it for 4 games straight. Just being able to be batGIRL haha or joker is awesome. To make them who you think about being when your a little kid watching the movies. haha Catwoman was always a fav along with posin ivy so being able to make a girl character and have her do lots of head shottttt tator tottttt is just awesome! 😀 size: XL

  31. Logan Blade Smith April 27, 2012 @ 23:58

    My favorite batman moment was in Batman forever where he riding on the statue of liberty that magically appeared in gotham.


  32. My favorite game that shows batman is arkham city.

  33. My favorite baman moment is in The Caped Crusader’s first appearance in Christopher Nolan’s long-overdue franchise reboot. Because the guy’s a freakin’ ghost for about the first five shots we actually see him in. And, when we properly do, it’s in classic bat-dangle pose. Size: Medium

  34. My favorite batman moment is in The Caped Crusader’s first appearance in Christopher Nolan’s long-overdue franchise reboot. Because the guy’s a freaking ghost for about the first five shots we actually see him in. And, when we properly do, it’s in classic bat-dangle pose. Size: Medium

  35. My favorite Batman moment is seeing the batmobile for the first time in the 1989 movie. As a young kid that was such and amazing moment. Shirt size-2xl

  36. My favorite moment was The Dark Knight’s Joker(I know it’s not a moment but it the first time i actually got drawn into the batman universe). He actually seemed realistically insane compared to any other character I’ve seen in any movie. I would truly be horrifed to meet him in person. Size: Large

  37. How has nobody mentioned Batman asking Robin for his Shark Repellent? This was clearly the best moment in the history of the Batman universe.

  38. Best batman moment is from the show and episode where batman is hanging from a damn ladder from a helicopter with a shark on his freakin leg! OR the time Batman and Robin met Scooby Doo, freakin ridiculous man. (oh yeah size large)

  39. Joker’ss disappearing pen trick in Dark Knight.

  40. Audrius Civilis April 28, 2012 @ 09:28

    My Favorite Part is iN THE DARK KNIGHT when Batman goes to the skyscraper building at the end of the film and fights The Joker, I love the fact that the hostages in the building were actually Joker’s Henchman and that the clowns were the hostages, plus how he takes out Gordon’s SWAT team is a nice touch and the “Sonar Wave” Gadget is a must for the moive

  41. I love this game and im a big bats fan I dont get bored playing Gotham city impostors I love that they put up more things every once and a wile

  42. I remember the time where Batman carried the Joker in Batman: Arkham City.

  43. trevor laronde April 28, 2012 @ 14:38

    Well i wont try and compete against all the well writin entries here since i am not good at writing but i can say this is my favourite game and can’t stop playing guys at gotham are great and funny too badda bing boooyeah lol. ps. i would love a shirt…thanks

  44. trevor laronde April 28, 2012 @ 14:42

    sorry didnt realize it was for us only i live in canada so my appologies for my previous post:(

  45. Alex Hildebrand April 28, 2012 @ 16:30

    My favorite Batman-moment has to be in The Dark Knight, when Batman interrogates the Joker 🙂 shirt size- Large

  46. i dont really like batman, so my favorite batman moment is this awsome game

  47. Kendal Spencer April 28, 2012 @ 17:11

    When Batman says, “Im not wearing hockey pads.” XL

  48. lucifermoloch April 28, 2012 @ 17:34

    Dark Knight was on awesome movie, and the best part is when he breaks the legs of the Marconi crime boss by dropping him off a building. Because he’s Batman. XXL

  49. I love the no neck movement of batman’s older costumes.May i please have a shirt. size xxl ps. This game is epic!!!!!

  50. My favorite Batman moment would be the campy TV shows from the 60’s. The franchise has only gotten better and better since then, especially with the new movies which, in my opinion, really capture the true spirit of the Batman comics and legend. What I love about the game is killing COD players and hearing them complain about my tactics but I just say “This isn’t Call of Duty. This is Gotham City, b@#$h!”

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