GIVEAWAY: Gotham City Impostors T-Shirts!

UPDATE: That’s all the time you’ve got, folks! The contest is closed and the winners have all been contacted — thanks for entering!

Gotham City Impostors has drummed up a lot of positive publicity since its release in February, and for good reason — it has a goofy style all its own within an otherwise moody franchise, and it’s a ton of fun to play as well. The next update will also bring some great content — a new map and a new play mode — for the price of zero dollars. Neat!

With that giving spirit in mind, we got our hands on ten (10) Gotham City Impostors shirts to give away — five Large shirts, two XL shirts, and three 2XL shirts — and they’re more stylish than your typical gaming threads:

Above: The shirt on the right shows of the front, and the left is the rear.

Fancy! All you have to do to possibly get your hands on one is sound off in the comments below and tell us what your favorite Batman memory or moment is, along with your shirt size. The moment can be from the comics, TV shows, movies, or even a particularly rousing round of Gotham City Impostors…doesn’t matter! All that matters is that these reach Batfans that’ll appreciate ’em, and that you tell us by 10AM on Tuesday, May 1st, at which point random winners will be selected.¬†You might get a shirt in time to troll a screening of The Avengers!

If you don’t have an account, creating one is free and easy. I advise you to use a valid email address should I need to contact you. I’m unfortunately not swimming in money, though, so for the sake of not having to declare bankruptcy by this time next week I’m going to have to limit this to U.S.-only; sorry, international folks.

Dish out your comments, and be sure to check out the new content that will be hitting GCI super-soon:

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  1. i would love to have one of these shirts

  2. I remember when the batsuits got nipples….lol. Thats my favorite Batman memory.

  3. Well i personally liked the batman when he was in the show justice league unlimited, that show was great!

  4. Every time he says “I’m Batman”

  5. i fragen love this fun game it is my fav game ever it kicks black opps ass if i get this shirt i will where it evrey day i mean it i love all batman moments so i cant choos 2xl thank you sooooooooo much

  6. This game is the best FPS i have ever plyaed and i hate how people compare to COD because it so much better. Batman:best hero ever!

    • played*

    • my favourite batman memory? hmmm toughy i love most of the batman series id have to say the original batman. nothing beats the original ;D. im a large mens

  7. My favorite Batman moment is from one of the tv shows. Batman is going through somebody’s house and a body guard comes into the room. They stare at each other for a full 15 seconds and the body guard just backs out. His partner asks if anything is wrong and the gut says “Nope.”
    my size is XL

  8. my favorite batman moment.. in batman arkham asylum when in the end when he gave the speech to joker then broke his arm by knocking him out. then when gordon said harvy dent was causing some trouble batman leaves withought a word but he is all torn up, broken hand and bones, and beat up by toxin monsters including bane for a whole night and still manges to fight.

  9. My favorite Batman moment- Is most of them when Batman is with plastic man always making fun of him or something always good for a laugh

    Shirt size-Medium

    I would rock one of those shirts every time its clean hot damn what I would do for one of those.

  10. hi i want something

  11. hi i want something else

  12. Hi Large pleas.

  13. Sup GCI staff love the game. Large would be nice though

  14. I like T-shirts!

  15. My favorite Batman moment is Arkham City. I loved the game. Every moment of it. But my favorite moment is the ending (SPOILERS), when Joker is about to die, and he needs the cure. He stabs Batman and Batman drops the cure. When Batman said that he was going to save him, it kind of surprised me. Then I realized Batman is a real hero. He was going to save his arch nemesis, after all he’s done. Then, when Batman carried his lifeless corpse out of Arkham City, I started to cry. I cried even more when I found the place where Martha and Thomas Wayne were killed and I payed my respects… This is why Batman is my favorite superhero of all time. Superman isn’t a tragic character. In the end, Batman is just a child seeking revenge.

  16. My favorite Batman memories have to be from both of the Arkham games, they’ve really nailed how to make comic book games. GCI on the other hand is a great FPS with Batman and fun ideas thrown into it, can’t really go wrong there, plus the fact they give so much to the community for free.

  17. i want shirt

  18. My favorite Batman moment was the Batman movie back in 1966, with Adam West and most of the tv shows characters. This is where the whole shark repellent item came from. T shirt size is 2XL.

  19. Favorite Batman moment? Exploding shark scene from the Adam West movie. That and how every time he hit someone in that film the action-sound effect bubble popped up in the middle of the screen. Large.

  20. My favorite Batman moment is when I first found out there was going to be a batman FPS. Knew right then I would have to try it. Large please

  21. My favorite batman moment was when batman tells joker he would of gave him the cure in arkham city large please

  22. I want that dope shirt!!!

  23. Hi everyone! I love gci!!!

  24. My favorite batman moment is from The movie Batman begins when little Bruce falls in down in the cave and is afraid of all those Bats flying into his face. I love batman in all!

  25. I would say my favorite batman is when the joker(Jack Nicholson)from batman(1989) is when the joker said WOOO!I GOT LIVE ONE HERE! HA HAHAHAHAHA! You could here the laugh echo in theatre,and we can’t forget one of most unfogetable line ever (WAIT TILL THEY GET A LOAD OF ME!)Then one more would be have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon lightI always ask that of all my prey iI just like the sound of it HAhahaaha!

  26. I’ve been a Batman fan ever since I was a kid. From watching the Tim Burton films, Adam West episodes with my dad and playing with the toys. One of my best Batman memories was walking out of BATMAN BEGINS thinking, “Wow, that was incredible.” Seeing that movie for the first time just blew me away. I loved the dark and realist approach Nolan brought to life for this franchise. That of course lead to another phenomenal film, THE DARK KNIGHT and inspired great games like Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

    On the flip side, Gotham City Impostors is pure fun, very comical and addicting. I remember playing it at E3 2011 and couldn’t wait for it to come out. Great stuff.

    Shirt size – Large. (wish you had a small or medium though) Thanks!

  27. One of my favorite Batmemory is when my sister and I would come home from school and get to watch Batman the Animeted Series. We would race to the TV and get excited when the Epic music would start. We were both huge fans of the show. We still ttoday will plop in a DVD of it and instantly get transported back to those days.
    Large please.

  28. i love the pic of, dont be a parrot…..SHOOT ONE and the video that goes along with it.

  29. oh Xtra large would be nice (this goes with my thingy up above this

  30. My favorite Batman moment is when Bruce catches Alfred eating all his chicken wings. Alfred tries to play it off, but he has ranch dressing all over his face.

  31. oops, XL on the size.

  32. i always like the part when the joker beat the living snot out of robin and killed him with DYNOMITE in that factory/warehouse thing and batman came and was like OOOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOES

  33. My favorite Batman moment is probably from the movie “Batman and Robin” where Mr. Freeze crashed the party at the hotel. I’ve always thought that his hockey goons looked pretty cool.

    For the shirt size, I’d like it to be a large please.

    And thank you guys at Playstation University for giving everyone an opportunity to snag some awesome gear!

  34. My favorite batman memory has gotta be the first time I learned Bruce Wayne’s full story of batman in a comic. For the shirt I would need a small. Thanks for this awesome chance for a sweet shirt.Impostors is great!

  35. My favorite comment would have to be my team of Jokerz getting brainwashed in GCI. As all of you know, when you’re brainwashed, you run for cover because you’re a sitting duck at that point.

    This one time, I was running for cover as some of my teammates were getting slaughtered. It was the Amusement Park map, by the way. So I ran into the basement-like area and hid between a couple of gates without minding my surroundings. Then I turned around and noticed two other teammates hiding in the exact same spot. I just started laughing and jumping up and down and slapping the air. My teammates did the same.

    I dunno why but I found that slap/jump/hiding moment very entertaining.

  36. L!!! I need this shirt!!

  37. The Batman animated series episode “The laughing bat” where The joker and Batman switch roles great stuff in that episode.

    shirt size 2xl.

  38. My favorite memory of the bat is when batman killed superman in the comics. it was such a different perspective on batman that showed that the “super friend” idea with those two characters was against both of their natures, and also it was the first really dark image of batman I can remember. Another favorite is batman vs lobo for one of the more random cross overs no one cares about, expect for me I guess.

    Large shirt if I win thanks

  39. huh did i win?

  40. i love gotham city impostors it is the best game i played in a long time

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