Giveaway: inFamous Official Soundtrack x3 (Winners Below)

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Game soundtracks are something that have been around for an awfully long time, yet have never reached the level of appreciation that they should from the gaming community. Lately, more and more games have been releasing a soundtrack of sorts due to the extravagant amount of detail and effort that has gone into the sound of games through composition and delivery.

One of the coolest guys to work with in the industry is undoubtedly Amon Tobin. Tobin is one of the key contributors on the inFamous soundtrack alongside Jim Dooley, JD Mayer and Martin Tillman. These three extraordinary gentlemen helped compose and create the subconscious, emotion driving music that was featured in the background of the game.

While many of you may be unaware of it and have totally missed that these strong elements existed in the game, the sound of music has always had a strong ability to push things like your emotions and your adrenaline while gaming.

Thankfully, those of you who did happen to miss the presence the music had in a game like inFamous, you’ll now have the chance to redeem yourself and be one of the cooler geeks while doing so. In cooperation with TopDollarPR (the company that represents many of the soundtracks you love and do take note of), PlayStation University is able to give away THREE copies of the Official inFamous Soundtrack.

This giveaway is open to all of our readers and we are willing to ship internationally. However, we accept no liability or responsibility if your customs department loses a package (we all know how crappy the postal system treats the mail). This will run until Friday at 10 PM CST, which should be enough time for everyone to enter.

Simply answer these two questions in the comment section below (while using a valid email address when you leave your comment) and we’ll be sure to email you for your mailing info if you’re chosen as a winner.

1. When playing inFamous, did you play as a hero or as a villain of the people?

2. What was your favorite moment while playing inFamous?

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Everyone will be limited to ONE entry. Anyone creating more than one entry will be disqualified. Soundtracks will be mailed out following the contest dependent on when they arrive from TopDollarPR to us.

Good luck!

Winners Are:

1. CDJ

2. ScottSpeed

3. Celeste

I’ll be sending out emails either tonight or tomorrow morning to get your mailing addresses. I just sent the emails out.

Thanks for participating guys and be sure to look out for our next giveaway.

Readers Comments (50)

  1. 1. I played as the hero first and villain second.

    2. The end, did not see it coming at all !!


  2. 1.-Hero
    2.- The explosion at the begining. Talk about ways to start with a bang, lol.

  3. 1. first played through as a hero, 2nd as a villian.

    2. probably when zeke betrays cole and goes in the helicopter with kessler. you knew all along something was up with zeke. i do like that zeke came to coles aid later in the game as well. look forward to seeing what they’ll do with the zeke-cole relationship in part 2.

    p.s. amon tobin rules, love permutation and the foley room.

  4. This is awesome Dean! I love inFamous and the soundtrack, so I would love to win.

    1. When playing inFamous, did you play as a hero or as a villain of the people?
    -I played as a Hero first, then I tried villain in my 2nd playthrough and loved both aproaches.

    2. What was your favorite moment while playing inFamous?
    -[SPOILER] When Trish dies and Cole receives the thunderstorm skill to revenge her. My jaw hit the floor the very first time I saw the power, baking 10 enemies in a single power unload.

  5. 1. Played as a Hero first but made some villain choices. πŸ™‚

    2. Tough one, either the end, cause it gave me goosebumps or (SPOILER) when you have the choice to save the doctors or Trish and it doesn’t matter, she dies anyway.

  6. 1) I played as a villain first because its easier then being a hero just shoot at anything
    2) what i liked most about inFamous is that you can do what ever you want you can kill enemies but go any where else like a sandbox game, and the way the story is told.

  7. on my first play through i played as a hero

    my favorite part was probly just climbing around the city and killing reapers/duskmen lol

  8. 1. I played as a hero first, villain second
    2. Favourite moment? That would have to be when i was facing off against two groups of 3 enemies. A guy from each respective group ran up to me, and i proceeded to throw a sticky grenade in each of their faces. They ran back to their original groups just before the explosion, killing themselves, as well as the 4 other enemies. That was SO rad! πŸ˜€ Less good was when my console YLOD’d when i was an hour from the end. Couldn’t get a new system for 6 weeks! Managed to avoid spoliers on the ending though, and it was definitely worth the wait. Adore this game.

  9. 1. Played as the hero first, then villain on my second playthrough.
    2. Favorite moment… well the end, but I’d rather not say much otherwise I’d spoil it. A very shocking moment (lol, get it? :p)

    I don’t imagine I have to leave my email address if I’m using a registered account, right? Thanks for this contest!

  10. 1) Hero first, Villain second.
    2) Knowing Kessler’s truth.

  11. 1 – Hero first
    2 – The twist at the end was pretty epic.

  12. Hmm, first time I played as a hero, although I was undecided about it… my favourite moments had to be when you teamed up with the reapers when doing Sasha’s missions, they were awesome. πŸ™‚ Although the music was good too, it made a very good impact on the game too, Working for a Nuclear Free City had a good song on there too I believe.

  13. 1. Played as a hero
    2. The best part for me was probaly the end as it was completely unexpected and getting to use all the powers you have unclocked on kessler was pretty sweet

  14. 1. When playing inFamous, did you play as a hero or as a villain of the people?

    — First time: Hero; Second time: Villain

    2. What was your favorite moment while playing inFamous?

    — The ending. The story was just average up until that point.

  15. I first played as the hero and my favorite moment was when you got the thunderstorm power. Definetly made me feel powerful.

  16. 1. Played as hero… villain in the second play-through.
    2. When Trish dies

  17. 1. I played villain first then hero.
    2. When you choose to “absorb” the Raysphere and you become ultra evil with black and red lightning and when John gets split into molecules then. When I saw that I said, “Oooooh! Now he is a part of the Force from Star Wars!”

  18. 1) Hero 1st, Villain 2nd
    2) The ending was great

  19. Man, inFAMOUS is one of my favorite games in recent years and THE best PS3 exclusive IMO. So, um, yea, onto the questions:

    1. I played as a hero first because I was told that the evil side ruined the story. But I plan on doing villain once I finish hero (I’m taking my time with side missions).

    2. My favorite part was when I first fought the trash golem. I was so overwhelmed because I didn’t know how to kill it, so I just unloaded onto it, and it died. I was relieved and I was thinking, “Wow, that’s it?”

    Email address:

    P.S. I cannot stress enough how much I love this game.

  20. 1 – I played as a Hero first, then as a Villain.

    2 – The prison sequence. Everything about that part was mind-blowing.

  21. 1) I played a hero, and never finished my villain playthrough.

    2) My favorite moment playing the game was unlocking the ability to grind on power lines and train rails, it made getting around enjoyable.

  22. Played as Hero, then villain in the second playthrough
    My favourite part in the whole game is when your in the prison defending it from the golem things and all the other minions, it was 30-40 guys against a couple prison guards and Cole

  23. 1) Hero first playthrough (normal difficulty). Villain second playthrough (normal). Hero third playthrough (Hard).

    2) Hard to choose just one, but the part that stood out the most (other than the ending) was when I had the evil mission where I led a pack of Reaper Conduits across the city to fight off everyone at ground zero. Static Thrusters across the rooftops with Conduits teleporting all around me made me feel like the biggest, baddest man alive.

  24. 1) Hero then Villan
    2) Early on, unlocking my first power; I thought “this is cool” as I explored new neighborhoods and took out the Reapers more easily!

  25. 1. Villain πŸ™‚

    2. Going through the sewers and finding new powers

  26. 1. Villian (most games only allow you to be a hero, this was a pleasant change which i think more games could maybe offer in the future)

    2.Absorbing the ray sphere. No man should have that much power.

  27. 1. hero, nobody wants to be a bad guy.

    2. i had most fun on my 2nd play through trying all the ‘other’ options and choices available. from this, my fav moment was not saving the hanging hostages and going after trish, only to find out she was not there and her dying anyway.

    after this i continued my evil rampage upon the city

  28. 1- Villain
    2- The ending which was mind-blowing

  29. 1. Hero.
    2. Zeke betraying you, that was really a let down cause I felt he was still a good guy until that moment.

  30. 1. hero…ive just never been to much of an evil fellow
    2. when trish dies…..ohh hhow many moons i cried after that…..(not really but meh)

  31. 1. I played as a hero…i kinda felt bad for the people….lol…

    2. when trish dies and when zeke betrays you and when out ur that dude from the future….

  32. 1. Hero. I can’t play as Evil.
    2. Probably when destroying the sphere, that felt so badass.

  33. 1. Hero then Villain because it’s usually harder to be good.
    2. Right after getting the storm power where you have unlimited energy and just pummel your way through enemies.

  34. 1. Hero. I’ve never liked playing as a douchebag.
    2. When the credits rolled and that epic ending music kicked in. It felt just like an awesome and gritty superhero movie!

    They should really make an inFamous movie, but I guess that would be hard since you have moral choices…

  35. 1. Always hero!
    2. My favorite part was the first time I was able to rail-ride on the train tracks.

  36. 1. I played as Hero on the first run, then as Evil

    2. Once I unlocked the Static Thrusters, because I really felt like a superhero. Also, as some people also said the story (not only the unexpected ending, but the twists you see on the the 2ns run (i.e. when deciding to save Trish, but she dies anyway and she hates you as well).

  37. 1. First i played as a hero, then as a villain.
    2. The Ending was completely UNEXPECTED! I mean…i never thought kessler was you! And the ending meant that there would be some kind of i got really exited!

  38. 1. Evil
    2. When I chose to absorb the ray sphere to attain ULTIMATE BADASSERY! a.k.a. red and black lightning πŸ˜‰

  39. 1. Played as a Hero.
    2. Not one particular moment, but each cutscene was great IMO. I love the visuals used and the storytelling method. As each piece of the puzzle was unveiled, I became more entrenched with the game.

  40. Hey guys — I’ll have winners posted tomorrow when I wake up (about to go back to bed, haha).

  41. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 February 27, 2010 @ 13:57

    1. Played as hero… villain in the second play-through.
    2. When Trish dies

  42. 1. Hero first, thats how I roll.

    2. SPOILER

    When you find out YOU ARE KESSLER. I did NOT see that coming and it changed my whole perspective on the gameworld. Just wow

  43. Looks like the contest is already over. Whoever won got a nice free Infamous soundtrack.

  44. Awwwwww . . . I wanted to win. I might just defect to the Xbox Republic now.

  45. many congrats to CDJ, Scottspeed and Celeste

  46. Good jobs to the winners.

  47. Its very rare I win anything and would like to say thankyou to the dean for running this competition πŸ™‚

  48. Thanks, guys! Looking forward to it!

  49. Sent the sound track out about 30 minutes ago or so.

  50. Moocows111111 March 1, 2010 @ 15:13

    Congrats to the winners CDJ, ScottSpeed, and Celeste XD

    Hope you guys enjoy your Infamous Soundtrack XD

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