Giveaway: inFamous Official Soundtrack x3 (Winners Below)

Game soundtracks are something that have been around for an awfully long time, yet have never reached the level of appreciation that they should from the gaming community. Lately, more and more games have been releasing a soundtrack of sorts due to the extravagant amount of detail and effort that has gone into the sound of games through composition and delivery.

One of the coolest guys to work with in the industry is undoubtedly Amon Tobin. Tobin is one of the key contributors on the inFamous soundtrack alongside Jim Dooley, JD Mayer and Martin Tillman. These three extraordinary gentlemen helped compose and create the subconscious, emotion driving music that was featured in the background of the game.

While many of you may be unaware of it and have totally missed that these strong elements existed in the game, the sound of music has always had a strong ability to push things like your emotions and your adrenaline while gaming.

Thankfully, those of you who did happen to miss the presence the music had in a game like inFamous, you’ll now have the chance to redeem yourself and be one of the cooler geeks while doing so. In cooperation with TopDollarPR (the company that represents many of the soundtracks you love and do take note of), PlayStation University is able to give away THREE copies of the Official inFamous Soundtrack.

This giveaway is open to all of our readers and we are willing to ship internationally. However, we accept no liability or responsibility if your customs department loses a package (we all know how crappy the postal system treats the mail). This will run until Friday at 10 PM CST, which should be enough time for everyone to enter.

Simply answer these two questions in the comment section below (while using a valid email address when you leave your comment) and we’ll be sure to email you for your mailing info if you’re chosen as a winner.

1. When playing inFamous, did you play as a hero or as a villain of the people?

2. What was your favorite moment while playing inFamous?

Everyone will be limited to ONE entry. Anyone creating more than one entry will be disqualified. Soundtracks will be mailed out following the contest dependent on when they arrive from TopDollarPR to us.

Good luck!

Winners Are:

1. CDJ

2. ScottSpeed

3. Celeste

I’ll be sending out emails either tonight or tomorrow morning to get your mailing addresses. I just sent the emails out.

Thanks for participating guys and be sure to look out for our next giveaway.

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  1. Patrick Steen March 1, 2010 @ 16:55

    Congratulations to the winners =)

  2. Shit, I really wanted a copy…too bad. Congrats.

  3. congratz to the winners!

  4. Dave-The-Rave March 2, 2010 @ 05:47


  5. Just saying its arrived through the post thanks a lot and going to enjoy listening to it 🙂

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