Gran Turismo 5’s Menus, UI, Driver Names & Gameplay

A Gran Turismo 5 release date will be making its way to our screens this E3. That’s a fact. Whether it’ll stick is be another question, but we sure hope so. What we really want to know about the game is its ins-and-outs. How many tracks actually are there? Will all cars have a damage model? The Polyphony Digital and Sony press team hasn’t done the best job at making these metrics clear. We can’t promise any of these details in this little article, but with the latest footage, we can give you more than just gameplay.

We’ve waxed lyrical over the detail in Gran Turismo 5 and the sense of speed the game is finally achieving, but how has the game’s UI and Menu system changed since GT5: Prologue? You can have a look at the game’s menus and car selection process in the following lengthy footage. It’s not the sexiest of UIs, but it’s certainly slick, functional and fast. That’s all you really want out of a racing sim anyway.

Another little ditty from the following gameplay video from Mimaximax is that AI drivers all now have names. We presume this is to highlight Polyphony’s greater concentration on AI and perhaps is a further aim to give each driver a different AI personality (like in Need for Speed Shift) though this is not confirmed. Here’s a list of some of the GT5 AI drivers: Titus, Grant, Shawn, Keagan, Jasper, Giovanni, Rodrigo, Keith, Haiden, Phoenix, Yahir, Humberto, Jimmy, Jason, Kai, Jayson, Russell, Jared, Milton, Carlos, Omari, Harper, and Zachary.

The following gameplay video shows the 2009 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG with standard physics and no aids on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Gran Turismo 5 should be out later this year.

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  1. I actually like that menu. It is simple and slick and gets you where you need to go quick. And the game looks fucking incredible, I know it is meant to look good, but my god.

  2. Game looks like PD put so much detail into the game. This will be the definitive driving experience on the PS3 and I can’t wait to try it.

  3. Wow! All looks great accept for the shadows on the dash look really jagged.

    I so can’t wait!!

  4. Awesome now that is a driving simulator all women must play to learn some skill lol I kid I kid .

  5. Doominator99 June 9, 2010 @ 08:27


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