GT5’s attention to detail is unbelievable

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Man Furismo Jive. It’s Kevin Butler’s next advertisement project and boy, are we pleased? That gives us hope that not only will we see plenty of Gran Turismo 5 at E3, but also that the game will finally come out this year. To celebrate we thought we’d highlight the reason why the game is taking Polyphony Digital so long — the studio’s attention to detail.

Check out the following screenshot. As pointed out by Jay of GTPlanet, it shows a zoomed-in picture of a wing mirror, sporting the detailed reflection of the track ahead. When you compare this to the image it originated from, you’ll suddenly understand the true attention to detail that the development team has been working for. Rendering an effect that’s almost invisible to the naked eye is just about as detailed as a video game engine can get.



We’ve also included a new gameplay trailer of the game’s Nürburgring track, which was on show at the real 24-hour endurance race, which starred Polyphony’s own Kazunori Yamauchi. Driving a Toyota #72 Lexus IS F with his team, they finished 4th in their class and 60th overall. Not bad. Enjoy our Gran Turismo 5 screenshot gallery here.

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Readers Comments (30)

  1. Just amazing, this game is going to push PS3 to it’s limit.

  2. VofEscaflowne May 18, 2010 @ 16:45

    If you zoom in on the racer’s head and look past his helmet, you can actually see his facial features which indicate that he’s currently in a depressed state of mind, slowly rotting from the inside and about to give up on life because he can’t even win the race.

    Wait… what? Why is such detail so important? 😛

  3. This is the reason why PS3 exclusives with custom game engine blows the competition out of the planet.

  4. Moocows111111 May 18, 2010 @ 17:17

    Wow detail so fine that people cant really notice. I don’t think its all that important but its nice to know that there is some type of deep detail within the game.

  5. it would be nice if they could a little more effort into adding detail to the 4 polygon plants

  6. I am thoroughly impressed.

  7. Ok, im a ps3 fan and im also anticipating this game. However, this is nothing special, this is called enviroment mapping and its been applied in games long ago. There are many other features in GT5 that people should be impressed by, like eye light adaptation simulation, HDR, depth of field.

  8. Is that real? That’s crazy!

  9. why are people impressed by this? most other racings games have had this for years….. Forza 2 had it. Forza 3 has it. Burnout has it. Project Gotham has it.

    also, BBQ, Forza 3 has the eye adaptation (as do nearly all other games worth their salt these days), HDR and depth of field. those 3 ‘features’ are nothing special in this day and age. nearly every GOOD game has them.

  10. Patrick Steen May 19, 2010 @ 00:20

    Joe, it’s common for the games to have reflections on the bonnet, but not so much on the wing mirrors – and usually the effect is removed/filtered out when it’s too far away from the screen. Often, the polygon count of the reflection is also reduced.

    BTW surprised noone saw the little message….

  11. Patrick Steen,

    thats all well and good, but like i said, many games including Forza 2 and Forza 3 do this exact same thing.

  12. Doominator99 May 19, 2010 @ 03:04

    if ps3 games can look this realistic then ps4 games should look more realistic than real life lol

  13. PS4 will have cinema quality (cinematography) not real life as PS3 is already on the brink of reality.

  14. @Joe

    How could forza provide this much detail when it is only on xbox 360 and ps3 has better graphics (please dont have a fanboy rant over this comment i prefer pc over both ps3 and 360 and im not a fanboy) honestly gt5 has been in development for so long you expect this sort of thing forza on the other hand wasnt

  15. hahaha i just noticed in the pitcure that if you zoom in you can read a message on the mirror im pretty sure it says “if you are looking for a release date you wont find one” im not sure its that exactly but its there on the enlarged image of the mirror

  16. BUT it could be, that these great pics are just from a new Photo Mode and that the game itself doesn’t look so wonderful detailed. But what really counts is the handling of the cars and that part of the game WILL be great! 🙂

  17. yeah i also want the driving to be near perfect, if not perfect

  18. Moocows111111 May 19, 2010 @ 16:31

    Little message.: “Looking for a release date, you want one”

    Thats all I can make out

  19. Moocows111111 May 19, 2010 @ 16:34

    Opps nevermind, it’s: “If you’re looking for a release date, you wont find one. =)”

  20. Patrick Steen May 19, 2010 @ 17:01

    Well spotted arsenal and Moocows =) Sorry.

  21. @arsenal,


    the PS3 doesnt ‘have better graphics’ than the 360. i dont care if you think Forza 3 doesnt have this effect – all you have to do is play the game ONCE and you can see that it clearly does lol.


    these pictures are clearly from photo mode. how else can you take a screenshot from those views? lol. also theres the fact that EVERY single screenshot of GT5 released to date has been taken in photo mode at like 5000×4000 resolution then downsized to 1280×720 to make them look 10x better than they will in-game. essentially, theyre bullshots.

  22. Patrick Steen May 20, 2010 @ 02:22

    Actually they’re supersampled shots – which as you said, increases the resolution and downscales to improve just one thing – anti-aliasing. Ie. no jaggies. The term bullshot originated from CG images of games that have yet to be released (such as original Killzone 2 trailer).

    There is no photo mode in GT5 – these shots though are from the replay mode – which ups motion blur and AA while dropping the framerate to 30fps. That doesn’t detract from the detail I have highlighted in the article.

    I do not believe that Forza has this attention to detail with cars’ wing mirrors featuring detailed reflections. Bonnets maybe. Happy to be proved wrong though.

  23. have you played forza 3? play it to prove yourself wrong 😉

    heres one screenshot from a quick google search that clearly shows the surroundings being reflected on the outside of the side mirror:

    like i said, if you had simply played the game you would have known that it has this. every part of the cars paint jobs in forza 3 reflects not only the environment, but the other cars on the track just like they should. Forza 3 is every bit the graphical masterpiece that GT5 looks to be, only less ‘sterile’.

    oh and the car models seen in these ‘screenshots’ are also higher detail models than you see in-game. GT1-4 have done this, and GT5 most certainly does it too. Forza 3 does this too.

    i use the term ‘bullshot’ because these days ‘bullshot’ is used to describe any screenshot that is not actually indicative of in-game graphics. if its got extra anti-aliasing its a bullshot. if its got higher LOD models its a bullshot. if its supersampled its a bullshot.

  24. Patrick Steen May 21, 2010 @ 01:23

    Thanks for the image Joe – but the terms Super-sampled shot and bullshot should remain distinct – it’s the conclusion we’ve come to on the Beyond 3D technical forums.

  25. LOL at fail man saying ps3 does not have better graphics than xbox -_-

  26. Well, actually you won’t need to wait for PS4, with the new Holographic versatile discs being readable on blu-ray so far, we’ll have discs with starting out 600 gb capacity, and no that’s not a typo. And in the future 10 TB! So, they can stay with PS3, Microsoft will just have to go and copy the blu-ray idea…

  27. the PS3 has been confirmed by Sony to not even be able to read the new 100gb Blu-Ray disc. if it cant play them, it wont be able to play 600gb/10tb discs. firmware updates cant make the laser-eye suddenly focus better than it physically can.

    Patrick Steen, to me, any shot that is NOT indicative of 100% in-game graphics is a bullshot. super-sampled screenshots are NOT 100% in-game graphics, so theyre bullshots in every true meaning of the word.

  28. “Forza 3 is every bit the graphical masterpiece that GT5 looks to be, only less ’sterile’.”

    if you are gonna troll, try to have the facts on your side and be more discreet. looking at videos of both shows otherwise, then we can name all the technical features such as 50% increase in pixel count over forza along with 2xAA, 16 cars on track instead of 12, higher poly count, better lighting and textures, etc etc.

    every good game does not contain all these features, i can name plenty that look worse and lack many of the graphical features/ IQ gt5 has

  29. cna training June 21, 2010 @ 01:58

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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