Insomniac to announce new game at PAX?

Insomniac is now a multiplatform developer, but that’s not to say they aren’t working on exclusive PS3 titles. We’ve all been waiting for the next Resistance game – and September’s PAX may be the time we see it. Or it could be the studio’s first Xbox 360 game…

Late last week Insomniac Games tweeted that they had “very exciting plans for PAX”. Well it looks like we’ll hear about this first in Friday’s Insomniac newsletter, with the studio revealing today that:

“The Friday newsletter will […] be exciting for those of you going to PAX, and who might want to see us.”

Oh, and the developer has also tweeted that the newsletter will reveal when they’re announcing their new game:

“Want to know when we’re announcing our next game? Find out in our new newsletter this Friday!”

Game announcement date and PAX in the same newsletter? Coincidence, I think not.

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  1. GOD I HOPE ITS RESISTANCE 3!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for a very long time, they left us on a cliffhanger!!! I JUST HOPE THAT THEY KEEP THE RESISTANCE FRANCHISE EXCLUSIVE!

  2. I hope they announce something soon, whether it be a PS3 exclusive or their multiplatform game.

  3. It’s most likely EA’s mult-plat.

  4. ratchet on!!! July 28, 2010 @ 01:26

    im hopeing it’ll be another RATCHET!!! fk N4G guys you bastards cant block me from here sicko’s. we need another RATCHET AN CLANK ON PS3

  5. ratchet on!!! July 28, 2010 @ 01:30

    N4G guys Are sooo fucking dumb with gears of war,killzone, mass effect, call of duty, god of war bullshit when are u guys going to grow up?? same shit over an over?? you cant take my bubbles from speaking the truth on here sorry bastards

  6. ratchet on!!! July 28, 2010 @ 01:44

    i have a ps3 but dieing becuz noooo variety!!! same shit over and over!! i hate socom, mass effect, killzone, grand theft auto,call of duty, uncharted,infamous all those bullshit games… were is the fking variety that ps2 had?? give us Contra,R-type,Need for speed Hot Pursuit 3,Battle Arena Toshisen, Tekken,G-garius,SILPHEED,SILENT BOMBER,JAK & DAXTER. its not hard to make those games on ps3 without being on psn…SHIT IM SICK OF THOSE 5 YEAR GAMES….N4G.COM YOU GUYS SUCK MY BALLS…. blocking me off becuz i have freedom of speach (morkendo) yeah its me morkendo

  7. ratchet on!!! July 28, 2010 @ 01:50

    I RATHER BUY A WII than a fking ps3 lame ass game on ps3 nothing there for crying out loud…wasted 600.00 for NOTHING!! dont even turn my ps3 on unless playing RATCHET AN CLANK QUEST FOR BOOTY OR TOOLS OF DESTRUCTION OR CRACK IN TIME OR BLAZBLUE.

  8. I tweeted Insomniac Games about 5 days ago asking if they would be at PAX and this is the reply I got back “@Tien__Nguyen yes – we have very exciting plans for PAX we are going to announce soon!”

    Ever since then, I’ve been speculating on a new game announcement and now with their latest tweets, I am getting even more pumped up for a new game announcement from PAX!

  9. well i fink its to soon to be anouncing a multiplat game that they just got a contract for with ea a few monghts ago
    resistance 3 is far more plausible, since its probably been in dewelopment for a litle less than 2 years now

  10. @ratchet on!!!!, chill out lol. The variety on PS3 is great, you just have to think outside the box you are creating yourself.

  11. Patrick Steen, could you please delete “ratchet on!!!”s comments? It really pisses me off how much bullshit one person can write.

  12. I’m still praying on Insomniac buying back the Spyro rights – Activision have ruined it :'(

  13. Patrick Steen July 28, 2010 @ 15:05

    Good to see you on here Tien 🙂 The original reference to a tweet was about yours =)

  14. Yeah, haha, I was a little slow on that. 😛

    I’m really hoping that it’s Resistance 3, but at the same time, I’m dying to know what their multiplat game is!

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