Uncharted 3 ‘reveal’ is a fake

The arrival of Uncharted 3 on Facebook had excited some. A new logo pimped the Uncharted 2 fan page, but Naughty Dog has come out to say that it’s not official.

Quite predictably the ‘Uncharted 3 coming soon…’ logo is fan made, as tweeted to me by Naughty Dog:

“It’s just fan-created, not an official Naughty Dog/SCEA page + we haven’t made any announcements.”

You best make your way to Naughty Dog’s official Facebook page if you want to hear about what they’re working on next. Or instead, wait for PlayStation University’s exclusive interview with the Dog’s. Now that’s something that’s really coming soon.

Naughty Dog has answered many of your questions for us – talking about 3D gaming, PlayStation Move, Jak & Daxter and predictably…Uncharted. Stay tuned!

Readers Comments (3)

  1. I thought it was obvious. Lol

  2. Never even heard about this, that picture made me go O.O before clicking to see what it said lmao.

  3. I hadn’t heard about this, but the thumbnail got me excited. Boo, reality.

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