Jack Tretton: Nintendo prints money!

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Over the course of September, Sony has enjoyed the luxury of consoles sales that a $100 price drop can bring. Selling roughly 1.3 million consoles in the month of September alone is something that not many analysts saw coming. Realistically, those are holiday numbers in a non-holiday month — something any company would be happy with. However, Sony and its board members know that this is an uphill battle and their console needs to continue to sell like bottled water in the desert in order to keep up with its competitors.

In a recent interview with Forbes Online, SCEA boss Jack Tretton, discussed his afternoon delight with the recent rocket in sales.

“Skyrocketing sales, couldn’t be happier with the numbers that we’re seeing, and I think proof that there was tremendous consumer demand, they were just waiting for the price-point to come down,” Tretton told Forbes.

When questioned about how Microsoft is doing in the industry, Tretton was more than happy to give his thoughts on the process. However, with his answer, make no mistake, this is all about the money — not always the consumer or the gamer, “I love their money. I think they can afford to be more patient, we’re very profit driven, we’re interested in return on investment in a fairly short period of time. I think Microsoft is prepared to go at it from a very steep curve in terms of profitability.”

With Microsoft out of the way, Tretton turned his attention to the elephant sitting in the corner of the room, Nintendo. Surprisingly, he responded accordingly and, in honesty, pretty much like the rest of us have been responding when talking about the Nintendo DS(i) and the Wii.

“Nintendo is almost the polar opposite. They know what they do well and they stick to it. They deliver a casual, youth-oriented entertainment experience that’s very enjoyable after 20 years. And they make money, they print money. Their profitability is their key focus and features are nice but profitability is king and I think that is enviable,” he said.

That’s right, Jack, it DOES print money. It’s good to see a Sony representative give props to the other companies considering the past war of words between the three (well, not really from Nintendo).


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  1. Sony likes Nintendo eh? -(^.^)b


  2. That very last paragraph is complete ASS, you can almost HEAR the mocking laugh of this “journalist” it’s so embarrassing.

  3. Lol What? The entire last paragraph is just humor to go along with the thumbnail picture, lol. Lighten up.

  4. ahahahahhahahahahahahah yo dean wat u think of this

  5. WHAAAAAT?!? *realizes it was The Dean and turns a bright shade of red while shrinking down to the size of David the Gnome*

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