Top 8 Games That Should Go Hollywood

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We’re kicking this week off with another edition of our daily Top 8. Today, we’re covering the Top 8 Games that deserve to go to Hollywood. While the list includes obvious favorites, Killzone 2, I’m hoping a couple of others are surprises to say the least. We’d love to hear what your favorite games you’d like to see turn into movies, but for now, we’ll settle knowing just our own.

The list is included below.

1.Killzone 2:
We wanted to start our list off with the most obvious PlayStation 3 title deserves of the Hollywood treatment. Without a doubt, the story behind Killzone 2 would not only make for a great mindless summer blockbuster, but the setting and shear brute of the title is something that is sure to rake in millions. People love a great invasion story, but it’s not too often you see Earth invading another planet determined to fight back. We’re pretty sure that the guys casted for this movie would be some no-name beefcakes, but it’s expected. We’re just hoping they don’t line up Gerard Butler for this one – we all saw how “Gamer” turned out.

2.Valkyria Chronicles:
This is without a doubt my favorite Sony exclusive of this generation. Though Final Fantasy fanboys may not like it, I also feel this is without a doubt, the greatest RPG experience I’ve ever had. Regardless of the fanboy love I have for this title, I think the actual story behind it is one worth telling in a live action environment. Roleplaying Games are, after all, often portrayed with the same dull ‘boy saves girl’ storyline, so it was a breath of fresh air to get a break away from that stereotype. I’m unsure of who would play Alicia, but it would definitely need to be someone who can act. A trout like Megan Fox just isn’t going to cut it. While Alicia should look good, she needs to be able to act too.

3.Ratchet & Clank:

I’m actually surprised this franchise doesn’t get more hype for a movie series than any other. I rarely hear anything or anyone discuss the possibilities of a R&C movie. If we’re being honest, this seems like a no brainer. Disney/Pixar in association with Sony Entertainment could make a pretty mint off of this. Kids would love it, it’s adult-suitable and the storylines are pretty simple to follow. I think out of this entire list, this one would have the potential to make the most money at the box office. What do you guys think?

4.Resistance Franchise:
I felt compelled to include Resistance in this list despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of the game itself. I’m sure a lot of people will feel that that is blasphemy for a PS3 owner to have that opinion, but it always felt like an average FPS to me. Now, in a movie setting, I think Resistance has the potential to be heart-pounding, unique, and something a lot of people would pay to see. The plot that Insomniac has come up with isn’t too juvenile and if done “dark” enough by a director like Christopher Nolan, I could see this type of movie having a real lasting effect on the industry.

5.Heavy Rain:

It’s obviously we don’t know much about this title yet, but it only makes sense to add. Heavy Rain is pretty much already built as a movie, so why not just make it one? It seems as though this would be way too easy to achieve, despite the fact that the main characters can die and the story still progresses. If done properly, I could see this type of game developing into a Crash-like movie, where all the stories and people are intertwined into one reality. It would make for good TV, but this would definitely end up being a rent first for me.

I understand this movie is “supposedly” already in the works, but the game released nearly three years ago. It’s time to get this bad boy out and onto the big screen. The story is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and I think I’d like to see Rob Zombie direct it. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous and what not, but I bet a Rob Zombie “splicer” would be one bad ass mofo. Zombie has the ability to turn any movie into a demented affair and BioShock has demented reality written all over it, wouldn’t you say?

7.Marvel Ultimate Alliance:
This one may catch some off guard, but I’m serious. Think about it a little. Superheroes Vs Villains of an entirely new breed. We always have our boring, dull world where Wolverine will always fight the same bad guys over and over or we end up with the Fantastic Four going after the same villain every movie, so why not mix it up a bit and just have a battle royal. Seriously – just one gigantic Royal Rumble. Imagine the possibilities. Screw storylines. Screw an actual plot synopsis. Let’s just let these hardcore heroes and villains kick one another’s asses and see who comes out on top. I can’t be alone on this, right?

8.Heavenly Sword:
One of my favorite characters this generation is most certainly, Kai. Any chick that is sadistic enough to dance over the corpses she just laid out in her wake is ok with me. I’d love to see a “future” Heavenly Sword title where Kai is all grown up. I think Helena Bonham Carter could pull off the look well, though she may be a little too old for the part, even with Kai as a grownup. Regardless, to see what the future holds for this demented little girl is one worth seeing. I know I’m not the only one who was a huge fan of Kai’s.

Readers Comments (13)

  1. Lol…pretty good.

  2. What about MGS4 *Cry*

  3. A better title would have been Top 8 Playstation only games….
    With your title I thought I’d see Halo, Gears of War, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden, Zelda and such…

  4. man god of war franchise, Uncharted

  5. uncharted, MGS series (a must), tenchu, NG, gears of war, bioshock, halo & killzone. This list is best IMO!

  6. i dont agree with the Heavenly Sword.
    God of War would be better.

    and i like where you’re headed with the marvel idea.
    i would so want to see that

  7. uncharted, gears, metal gear, and bioshock are already being made into movies, that’s why they aren’t on this ist…

  8. there’s already an uncharted movie and infamous movie being talked about

  9. ShurikenSpammer October 5, 2009 @ 16:50

    Valkyria Chronicles doesn’t need a movie made. It already has an Anime series that is SO GOD-DAMN AWESOME! if you played the game and enjoyed it I would highly recommend you to watch the Anime.

  10. I’m gonna have to Say Command and Conquer would make a great Movie, especially if set in the Tiberian Sun Time line 😀

  11. Good list, should have included InFamous

  12. VALKYRIA CHRONICLES YES! But it’s already an anime, so I’m doubting that =[. R&C seems like an obvious possibility. I suppose if R&CF:CiT does well with getting to other generations, it might be a possibility for Pixar to get on the case.

    inFamous might be interesting, but it’s practically a movie anyway … It would just be a remake of the game.

  13. hollywood cant go wrong with doing a killzone, resistance, and infamous movie, it would seem easy to do. but hollywood would definitely go wrong with a mgs movie. the storyline for mgs is too complex for hollywood and they will just end up screwing it over

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