James Bond: Blood Stone is more Split/Second than Blur

If you’ve ever seen a James Bond movie, you may have noticed that there tends to be at the very least one high-octane vehicle scene that results in a myriad of explosions and a near death experience or two. This is a typical Bond tradition as James loves fast cars, boats, planes and pretty much anything that moves at mach speeds. Considering Bizarre is developing James Bond: Blood Stone and recently released Blur, you’d assume that Bond would see more fast-paced driving elements from that highly-addictive racing title, but that’s not the case.

According to Blood Stone’s producer Nick Davies, Bond only has a minor influence from Blur, but pulls more-so from Split/Second than any other racer on the market.

“Actually, starting off on Bond we were using the Project Gotham Racing dynamics but the guys on Blur have made huge headway,” said Davies “Particularly in terms of the cameras, they’ve got a very cinematic camera on Blur so we’ve taken a lot of the cameras across.”

However, that’s pretty much where the collaboration starts and ends. Considering the intense racing found in most Bond movies, it would definitely be a lot closer to the type of racing provided within Split/Second’s explosion filled game than anything else.

“There’s been a lot of collaboration but the two things are very different,” Davies continued. “Blur’s a racing game and Bond’s very much an action game so our racing section are very much the set pieces of the game, the huge, big explosive events with lots of car crashes and Bond driving down all sorts of crazy tracks.

“That side’s a little bit different to Blur, they’ve got a bit more in the realism, we’re probably a bit closer to Split/Second in terms of carnage you see on the track.”

I’m unsure as to why more collaboration isn’t going on between the two teams as Blur was obviously a fantastic race game, but I guess that’s just how things tend to go. Activision confirmed James Bond: Blood Stone last week and you can check out the trailer here.

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  1. Sounds like the vehicle scenes will be the best part.

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