Kojima working on adventure game with Suda 51

Recent revelations by Japanese developer Chiyomaru Shikura, CEO of publisher 5pb, suggest that Hideo Kojima is working on an adventure game. Could we be seeing a new Snatcher or Policenauts in the near future?

Shikura tweeted in May that he had met with Kojima and Grasshopper Manufacturer CEO Suda 51 (Killer 7/No More Heroes). Their meeting reportedly ended with the conclusion that they’d make an adventure game together.

This decision has today been confirmed with Shikura telling 4gamer:

“With regards to the projects that I’m directly involved in, there’s the third entry in that science series, and the project with Konami’s Hideo Kojima. I think these are the two things that I should first put my full effort behind.”

When asked whether Kojima was making an adventure game, Shikura replied:

“Yes, Kojima said that he wanted to make an adventure game. We’re still at the level of ‘let’s lock ourselves away in the mountains somewhere and work on the plot,’ so the specifics haven’t been finalized.”

So it’s still some ways off, but it’s certainly an exciting prospect. Kojima – a very busy man.

Via Andriasang

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  1. Can’t wait to see what comes of this.

  2. oh wow, only 1 comment? perhaps i should come back to reclaim my throne ;p

    probably too lazy tho -_-

    but anyways, this would be AWESOME, seeing as how heavy rain did quite exceptionally…..and we’re talking about kojima here… for those of you who dont know, kojima also did quite a few radio dramas; this would not be too far off.

    I mean, it can be a remake/sequel to policenauts/snatcher or a new IP and ill still probably buy it….lest it just totally bombed

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