Killzone 3 Beta Codes Giveaway

Currently there are over 40 million PlayStation 3s scattered around the world and yet, only 20,000 or so beta codes for Killzone 3 have seen the light of day. That makes your overall odds of receiving one pretty slim, doesn’t it? Thankfully, with PlayStation University, you can vastly improve those odds today as we have a good chunk of codes to give away.

In case you’re curious as to what you’re missing right now — feel free to checkout all of these new Killzone 3 beta videos and screenshots.

In order to get you into the beta as fast as possible, we’ve decided to run this giveaway until 12 AM tonight, PST. So, this will last for roughly 14 hours and then the codes will be given out to those who entered and won. As always, entering one of our code giveaways is simple and easy to the point where any gamer can do it!

Simply fill out the comment section below while utilizing a valid email address and leave a comment letting us know why you want a Killzone 3 Beta code. At the end of the day, we’ll choose our winners and send out Beta Codes via email by 2 AM PST. That means, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll be ready to start downloading!

Good luck and enter below!

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  1. I was in the Killzone 2 Beta and i truly enjoyed my time with it! Id love to try this one aswell! please choose me =D *fingers X*

  2. Killzone Champ October 27, 2010 @ 16:41

    please please select me. i haven’t got to play a good fps since killzone 2. im sick of modern warfare and medal of honor. i need a real shooter like kz3, besides ps3 always have the better stuff

  3. Richard Rodriguez October 27, 2010 @ 16:42

    i want the kz3 beta so bad,ever since killzone came out for ps2 i became an instant fan and began to urge for kz2 to come out when i bought my now im playing killzone2 to ever since i reserved it, waiting and warming up for that its finnaly going to come out i dont think i will be able to reserve it because of the money issue so im really hoping i can get a beta just to get the enjoyment and satisfaction of playing it 1st,untill i get the money to reserve the game.

  4. I have owned the series since the 1st and each installment has improved in many ways to make me anticipated for each game in the series. Being the Killzone fan that I am and loving Killzone 2 a lot definitely in it’s multiplayer which I spent months on, I wanted to test what they are doing for Killzone 3 to see if they made any improvements and what needs changing for a better experience, I will be glad to help. I will do everything I can to make sure things go well for the game, I’m so dedicated to it after all. Killzone 4Life! Thanks.=3

  5. I love to try this game!!! is only a beta but i want it so badly >_< XD

  6. the beta looks awesome, please give me a chance to check it out 🙂

  7. killzone 2 is my favorite online fps in ps3. Now, killzone 3 is even higher, will be best game of the year of 2011.

  8. Im poor. Loved Killzone 2 even the beta. This would make me feel rich.

  9. This fps is the fps and i want to try it right now!!!! XD

    Would you kindly give a code? XD

  10. support 3d, playstation move, no more need. killzone 3 is an epic game

  11. Give me please a code XD i tried in almost everysite to obtain one 🙁 XD

  12. Please i bought, beat, and played multiple times over with the first killzone, i also have killzone 2, same story, im a brigade general (my id is Jordan_Hunt so u coud check) it is my fav game, probably the best fps series evr! iv waited and wantd the beta ever since the first rumr of KZ3 so im begging u iv tried almost evry othr way but all led to failures! please!

  13. killzone master October 27, 2010 @ 16:53

    I love killzone. I need a code beta please. make a person happy ;D

  14. Ever since I heard that the new Killzone would have vastly improved controls, I’ve been dying to try it out for myself. K2 was promising, but the labored movement and heavy sensation was very disappointing. I would be so grateful to have the chance to experience this new iteration.

  15. GIVE ME A CODE XD!!!!!!! October 27, 2010 @ 16:56

    I have to say anything else?

  16. Killzone 2 was a great experience online and single player. It was graphically superior to many games then and now and 3 looks even better! Killzone is a great series offering a great experience offline and online and I can’t wait until Killzone 3! I am really excited for the release of Killzone 3 and REALLY want to test the mp beta. I think picking me for a beta spot is a good choice because I will treat this beta as it is-a beta. I will report issues and bugs to make Killzone 3 the best online I can I will put feedback and play the beta often so it won’t be a waste. The killzone 3 beta will be treated the way it should and will be greatly appreciated! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL KZ3!!!! My email is

  17. I Loved Killzone 2… so, i´ll love killzone 3…

  18. i hope i win, if this is based on what u write….I guess i wont win -_- o_o

  19. I bought my ps3 back in January of ’09 specifically for Killzone 2 because I am a huge fan of the series, and when I heard they were only giving them away to PS+ subbers, I felt a bit…cheated I guess. See I don’t have money readily on hand for a subscription yet all of my former clanmates from Killzone 2 are subbers to PS+ and they keep messaging me to get a code so I can play with them. All I’m saying is that I would be truly honored if you send me a code for the beta and am eagerly hoping you will.

  20. I need this beta, this is my favorite game in playstation 3. This game makes halo to suffer. Please let me in!

  21. To me, Killzone 2 is still the best online FPS of the current generation. I can’t wait to try Killzone 3 multiplayer! I have the KZ2 platinum and played about 80+ hours online to get all ribbons and everything without any kind of boosting! And above everything, I got to PWN SUM NOOBS IN KZ3 RIGHT NOW!

  22. synthetic-breed October 27, 2010 @ 17:11

    I am a 31 yr old gamer from the east coast. Have been an everyday gamer since i was 3 yrs old. My favorite genre would definately be fps. Loved Killzone, havent gotten to play the 2nd one. I think I could offer some good insight to the developers and will report any bugs I may find. Plus, never really been part of a Beta in a genre i loved. So, therefore, I would greatly appreciate a beta code to get in. This gameslooks great. Plus, I need my fix 🙂 plz pick me!!

  23. K illzone is the best game I- have a EE.UU psn network id L-oving you, L-ove you, Z-one- warzone O-hhh is my favorite N-othing else E-verybody K-I-L-L-Z-O-N-E beta code. I want one

  24. I’m a killzone nut, I play KZ2 daily and I’ve been hyping KZ3 ever since it was announced, I’d really appreciate a beta key

    thanks 🙂

  25. Killzone is one of the better FPS games these days, I’d love to get into the beta I’ve been trying to get a key for a few days now, here’s hoping I get one this time

  26. victorgodamnsullivan October 27, 2010 @ 17:24

    Killzone 3 Beta FTW!!!!!!!!

  27. Hello, gentlemen. Among these fine members here, I think I am the most deserving of said beta key. I’ve loved the second game, first game was mediocre and the third one, I hyped it like crazy. I just want to get a taste of what it’s like. kaythx


    I want the Killzone 3 Beta to try to help find flaws in the game and release gameplay in HD on youtube and share my knowledge with the community. I was also a star player in Kz2 and logged around 10 days of play time in that game!!!!

  29. I bought pluz with hopes that beta promises would score a kz3 code….still waiting. If you guys hook me up, I would do some crazy stuff. I can make some art for your page.

  30. huge killzone fan since thew beggining love killzone plaz let me geta chance at it

  31. i need some epicness to satisfy my ps3!!!

  32. if i get the beta i will make the best videos 4 it ill get it more subscribers den ever checkout

  33. i need the beta code to continue living, my life is nothing without high quality games and ive always wanted to be a part of making greatness if i am chosen i will play the shit outta it and my experiences will help shape the game into the best game of the year! 🙂

  34. There´s no explanation, i just want to play until my fingers fall apart!!

  35. StraightKillin October 27, 2010 @ 17:36

    I thought I was one of the first guys to download that theme but I never got an email. It would mean so much to me to get into the beta, kz is my favorite series, I’m still playing kz2 and can’t wait for 3. Thanks for the chance to get a code though guys!

  36. Hello, My name is Raj. Beginning on October 29th, 2010 I will be kicking off a new YouTube Channel which will cover all news regarding Playstation 3. I have been an owner since the week of its release back in 2006, and also own Killzone 2 amongst many other FPSs. I would love to start off my channel by separating myself from the rest of the pack and reviewing the KZ3 online demo. A code to me would allow great mutual benefits between the Playstation University community and my new channel. Thank you for your time.

  37. check it out killzone 3 e3 video its epic

  38. Even though I just bought 4 new games, I would put them aside until this beta is over. You guys are awesome.

  39. Eu acho que mereço o kz3 porque tudo que eu faço é jogar KZ2, e sou um verdadeiro fã.

  40. I never won any code, but who knows?!

  41. please pick me really want to get the beta it’s so badass i didn’t have any luck with other sites so maybe i can win here

  42. I solemnly swear under oath that I Anarchy_Soup will take this Beta seriously by addressing any and all issue’s to this promising game. If I’m elected I will not nerf weapons that need not nerfing!!!! Create bullet sponges for the sake of a few crappy games because I can’t get my groove on!!! It will be my obligation to be a stickler on all spawn points so that needless spawn camping does not and WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! By electing me I will help mold and shape this into a truly well balanced mean lean first person shooting machine, that all other console brethren will want to go out and get. And if they don’t at least they will be jealous or mildly annoyed that they wont be able to play KILLZONE 3!!!!
    Thank you, Anarchy_Soup

  43. I have been saving money to move so no ps + for beta code, fml. and i have played kz2 competitively since day 1 over 22 days online for 1 acc. bmf358 or z_row-xpityx- wrecked anyone who played. plus ur mom told me to tell u she wanted me to have it 😉

  44. night_crawler27 October 27, 2010 @ 17:45

    I really do need this beta i wasted my entire day yesterday doing twitter came in 2nd place two times. I love killzone its really the best killzone 2 was probally my all time favorite ps3 game. Ive never been in a real beta and i would really appreciate it if you guys would send my a code im getting tired for looking please thanks!! if you dont pick me maybe this guy will change your mind <@:)

  45. beta code plzzzz

  46. I have all the killzone’s i play them with all my room mates i own all the sont system’s and killzone has been my favourite game and getting the beta would be a dream come true since this is suppose to be the best killzone yet and i have a 3D tv so i would like to try the 3D features It would make my day 🙂 also i have been in alot of beta’s so i would report any bug or error i encounter and help make the game a better game in the process
    PSN: Buzzbrad

  47. I will promise to help point out any bugs or anything out of the ordinary if i see them i really want it im not going to lie about the stuff i say just please? thanks anyway!!

  48. I want the beta now because I don’t want to wait until Feb 21 to start killing. Plus I’m dying to try out the lag less control of the game.

  49. I want a code because I simply loved the second game. I spent countless hours on the multiplayer portion. They did a fantastic job.

    I am also a member at the Killzone 3 beta site and would treat the beta as a beta. Not just a way to play the game a few months early. Reporting bugs, balancing issues, etc.

  50. im in love with killzone plz send it to me ilove killzone so much plz

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