Killzone 3 Beta Codes Giveaway

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Currently there are over 40 million PlayStation 3s scattered around the world and yet, only 20,000 or so beta codes for Killzone 3 have seen the light of day. That makes your overall odds of receiving one pretty slim, doesn’t it? Thankfully, with PlayStation University, you can vastly improve those odds today as we have a good chunk of codes to give away.

In case you’re curious as to what you’re missing right now — feel free to checkout all of these new Killzone 3 beta videos and screenshots.

In order to get you into the beta as fast as possible, we’ve decided to run this giveaway until 12 AM tonight, PST. So, this will last for roughly 14 hours and then the codes will be given out to those who entered and won. As always, entering one of our code giveaways is simple and easy to the point where any gamer can do it!

Simply fill out the comment section below while utilizing a valid email address and leave a comment letting us know why you want a Killzone 3 Beta code. At the end of the day, we’ll choose our winners and send out Beta Codes via email by 2 AM PST. That means, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll be ready to start downloading!

Good luck and enter below!

Readers Comments (50)

  1. killzone 3 is an inspiration to us all

  2. What to say. Still playing killzone 2 to date. Loved playing Killzone 1 on PS2 managed to get online for that, loved the series. Would love to continue loving it by accessing the beta by you gratefully giving me a code. =] Thanks.

  3. killzone me and i have a long history

  4. I have tried everywhere to get a code this is one of my last resorts…please send me a code.

  5. It would be great to receive a KZ3 beta code. I am stuck in the northern tier of the US and struggle to find things to do, my friends and I don’t hunt,we don’t fish,we don’t camp or do anything else to make us have to endure the frigid cold of Montana anymore than our mission or commanders makes us. We just sit around and play games! If you want people that are truely going to help with the feedback, help find glitches ,bugs, and report hacks that are witnessed…well then send a code my way and we will do that we can after all I won’t have anything better to do unless I want to go see what a bear does in the woods!

  6. ya i deserve this with my name

  7. aww hell naw i want this

  8. i need this i need this i need this

  9. i like killzone….and cunt. yeah, i deserve it

  10. killzone is for jews only

  11. I want the code because I wanna play it :p

  12. I have a huge white ass, live in a trailer park, have a beer gut the size of kansas, and havent gotten away from my bed since the stone ages (yeah im talking about weed) and thats why id be good for this, because i have all day to sit, and do nothing but killzone.

  13. ya im an asian man with no friends and if i dont get this im going to eat your cat

  14. I would love to receive a beta invite.I look at this contest as my last chance to finally break through to someone and receive one. I will not beg, I’m sure their is enough of that already going on.Now,I have been a fan of the Killlzone series for many years now.I enjoyed both games and still enjoy the 2nd in the series. I am unemployed right now and would love to have something to play.I will put countless hours into the beta if selected.I guess the rest is up to you all.

  15. PC IS FOR PUSSY- MAC RULES, oh, and i like killzone

  16. i am a child that is 10 and would really like this because my friends would all be happy for me

  17. i deserve one because till this day i still play killzone 2 and have achieved all online ranks. loyal playstation/killzone fan

  18. Hannah Feather October 27, 2010 @ 18:56

    I am writing this to try to be a good girlfriend and get my lovely, amazing, boyfriend into the beta that he deserves to be in, because he has given me so much (if u know what i mean) and i want to give back.

  19. only 4 more months till Kilzone comes out gotta toughen up

  20. Why do I want to play this Killzone 3 beta? Holy Christ, I really want to play this most-awaited game!

  21. Cookie Monster October 27, 2010 @ 18:57

    if you dont give me this beta, im going to bake ur dick like a cookie, and eat it all night

  22. ******************************Hi

    I’m really looking forward to the continuation of the story.. the improvements in gameplay and graphics..

    And onto the multiplayer…. I’d like to get into the beta so I can provide good feedback to improve the final product.. so that everyone can have the best experience possible..

    Regards.****************************************************************** PLEASE!

  23. i crazzy for killzooneee

  24. hmmm well this would be great to get thsi beta

  25. Would love to play more of one of the best fps series. A game that uses teamwork instead of just randomly running around the map killing dudes. Also pretty bored at the moment and would love to play some Killzone 3.

  26. I thought I played Killzone 1 and Killzone 2 on the PSP and PS3 I would play in this wonder that the Killzone 3 Hopefully that won a beta code.

  27. spiral91; this nickname remember nightmare for a lot of player on killzone2 want to keep going in this way in killzone 3 😉

  28. because i played the first and second and it was my favorite game. i played those games more then i ever have any game and being able to play a beta of KH3 would be like totally goregasmic!

  29. From what I’ve seen, KZ3 looks like the game to play in 2011. Would love to see how it looks on 63″ of plasma goodness.

  30. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve played the Killzone franchise since it’s start and have always loved it. I felt that it was a major milestone in the shooter genre for ps.

    Generally the way the game has presented has been Phenomenal. The graphics from KZ2 were some of the best for its time i felt that nothing could compare to its moody dark atmosphere. Planet helghan was vast and felt so desolate. The sounds of the battlefield are intense and really get you into the” zone”. As well as most of the soundtrack has a way of driving the game. The gameplay is great. Single player is quite challenging and very easy to get into. I can still remember my epic struggle against radec on elite . How many hours it took but it was worth it to knife his ass! The multiplayer was extremely deep and innovative for its time. I felt like it was something new at the time with its class warfare and warzone battles. It never got tiring either and I have played till this day.The constant objective changing of warzone just did it for me.The one problem that most people seem to address was the control but, it never really bothered. In fact i enjoyed it more so then typical MW2 fashion. It just has its own fluidity.

    With that being said I didn’t think that they could improve that much in the game but, KZ3 just blows everything out of the water of it predecessors. In every way it looks flat out amazing and I really can’t wait. I like the look of the new take on multiplayer and can’t wait to get knee deep in frags. Not to mention getting in a jet pack! The atmosphere and general visuals look so beautiful more so then ever before. it’s like they cranked that shit to 11.Not to mention the knifing animations are wicked. I’d also like to help five feedback on the game and hopefully help improve it. I think my general knowledge and experience of the game could be helpful.

    It’s frustrating that I haven’t gotten a beta yet.
    I tired to get the ps+ download but i got out of work too late.:/ I been trying at all websites possible. I took work off to try to get it at 1-up giveaway yesterday. I could have sworn i won one but it just never panned out. I just don’t know what I’d do waiting till Feb just seems like a decade away. There just seems like there isn’t gonna be anything like this game. It just has such a lasting appeal

    I can’t wait to get back in the “zone” and sabotage some people!

    Wish me luck,
    a killzone aficionado

  31. This is a once in a life time opportunity for all of us gamers, the reason I love doing beta tests is that I have the power to help make a game that I will be enjoying, helping stress the servers or find the occasional glitch. this would mean a lot to me to have the opportunity to have a chance to test out Killzone 3
    Thank You

  32. The game looks awesome. I can’t wait to get into the multiplayer.

  33. KZ3 is going to stomp the competition. Can’t wait to knife me some Helghast.

  34. I probably won’t buy Killzone, let alone play it for more than 20 minutes. I am tired of this generation’s console shooters, they are dumbed down and slower than I enjoy. The lack of depth and complexity leaves me with a hollowed experience, and the programming really limits what you can do once you get experienced enough to go want explore away from the “intended experience”.

    Why do I deserve the KZ3 beta? Well I don’t, but I know someone who does and I want to give it to a friend, simple as that. He had a chance to get a code earlier this week, but he let it go for more important things. He is a nice guy, so he deserves nice things.

    Also, get scrubbed.

  35. i would love to receive a beta code because i’ve been a fan of the franchise since the first game came out and ive bought all the games they have released.

    i still remember the time when they announced killzone 2 at e3 i was so excited , THOSE GRAPHICS !!!! just blew me away! , and now im even more excited about the third because they are fixing some of the mistakes or flaws rather that the other games had. I also want to give my feedback so that they make this game even better ! . THANKS i hope i get a code!!!
    EMAIL= or

  36. I love every aspect of games. I don’t play games just for kicks. When I play I am constantly analysing them trying to figure out new things and what makes them tick. When Killzone 2 was announced it was my most anticipated title. The engine for that game blew my mind and I play it everyday. Killzone 3 seems like such a huge leap forward. Not only have the visuals become more stunning but the sound design has also had a huge overhaul and I cannot wait to test it out on my 5.1 system.
    I have also recently got new internet in my house and the Killzone 3 beta would be sweet to test it out

  37. Betas are always a good time. It gives you a great taste of what’s to come once the full version is released.

  38. killzone game of the year

  39. I like pwning noobs in betas. There’s no greater thrill than taking advantage of newbies as they are still trying to figure out the game.

  40. i cant wait till feb gtta GET MY HANDS ON IT PLZ JUST WANNA KILL IN THE ZONE LOL

  41. Because it’s beta that’s in an alpha state. I’ve never dun one a dem. Shoot. Thats should carrazzzzzzy.

  42. Can I please have the killzone 3 beta code. I think I deserve the code because I believe i will do a very good job on reporting any bug I find or see. I want this game to be better than MW2 and show it can be really good. GG has shown me that KZ2 was a really good game and they did a really good job at it, but i want to take a crack at KZ3 to see what great things they have done again. So please let me have the code.

  43. I’m dying to play KZ3! I bought KZ2 on day one and have played over 500 hours of multiplayer since then. I had to work when the PSN+ theme download happened, so now I’m the only one in my clan who’s not in the beta. Please hook up a true KZ fan so he can roll with his crew!!!!!

  44. Well heres to a code hopefully 🙂

  45. I just bought a playstation move and a killzone gune that i can attach it to. i also want to share it with my friends. please give me a code!!!!!!

  46. im a true killzone fan, been playing kz2 forever and im looking forward to the new instullment in the franchise, so getting the kz3 beta code would be a great sucess after hours & hours of nothing but pure kz2 carnage.

  47. I’ve been wanting this beta because lately my lucky in a lot of things aren’t there… My dog passed away and parents are fighting and because of them I couldn’t get playstation plus to get the beta. I’ve been waiting over a year for this moment for a chance to play killzone 3! I would thank you greatly if I do reviece one 🙂


  49. I just got home, and i went on the internet, and i come to PSU, too get my ps3 news. I see you guys are giving away kz3 codes. Well i would like a code because, right now, im working 2 jobs, and taking care of 3 kids, with me and my wife. All that i want right now is too have some fun, and nothing more will be pefect that playing this! i will even provide accurate feedback. so please help a fellow man out,. thank you! 🙂

  50. Basically I would like to play Killzone 3 for a few good reasons. I have a YouTube channel, SwizyHD and I am trying to earn subscribers and getting my hands on the beta will really help my channel a lot. The next reason is that I have been really just been wanting to play this game, I have Killzone 2 and it was epic. I’m not sure if black ops will turn out to be so good as I expected, so I would definitely like to look towards other games as well, which is KILLZONE 3!

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