Mo-Cap expert wanted to work on Heavy Rain

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Mark Carson, head of mo-cap specialist CaptiveMotion, has gone on record to say that Heavy Rain’s visuals are a bit uneven and that the game itself could have benefited greatly from his team’s services. Of course, Mark Carson was also the Motion Capture specialist that worked on the upcoming Xbox exclusive, Alan Wake.

Whether or not his comments are being made in order to fuel the anticipation and hype surrounding his upcoming work is unknown, but it’s obvious that this isn’t just some fanboy trying to dog a PlayStation 3 exclusive (despite Carson not owning a PS3). Carson did say that he wish he could have helped Quantic Dreams improve upon their title though.

“It’s beautiful and brilliant but visually uneven at points, which unfortunately is the nature of the industry because of the scope, budgets and time-frames required,” says Carson.

“I would have loved to have worked with them on that project,” Carson said about Heavy Rain. “I think we could have help with that. In the end it’s a very different product from Alan Wake and I think everyone will agree once it comes out.”

Who knows how things could have turned out had CaptiveMotion worked alongside Quantic Dreams for Heavy Rain? Regardless, Heavy Rain stands alone on its own accord and all that’s left to see is the finished product of Alan Wake this May. Either way though, we’re sure the comparisons will soon start being made as the release date draws closer despite the two games being finitely different than one another.


Readers Comments (8)

  1. I think heavy rain has the best character models in any game but it does lack in environments in some areas. I dont see how more/better mo-cap would improve it further as it was the enviornments which needed improving. and from what i have seen alan wake looks no where as good as heavy rain.

  2. VofEscaflowne March 30, 2010 @ 11:15

    The only problem I can recall is that the movement can seem a bit stiff when exploring the environment but other than that, I can’t recall anything that should have been improved upon. Maybe cause I was too busy struggling to make sure my characters stayed alive though.

    It does sound like an easy way to get himself noticed though. Criticizing a popular exclusive game is a sure way to get attention :p

  3. Heavy Rain was a bit stiff. The funny thing is, I thought Alan Wake’s animations were even stiffer. So maybe this guy isn’t very good with mo-cap.

  4. yet he doest own a PS3……idk

    but besides the bit of stiffiness it has, its gratuitous amount of teeth they show, and the lack of need to reload, its all good lol

    seriously tho, how can carson say such things when alan wake is even worse…..meh idk

  5. Moocows111111 March 30, 2010 @ 15:46

    Seriously Heavy Rain proved to us that Gameplay is not what makes a game, Carson goes on about the Visuals while quantic dream is like ” Screw you, In depth story FTW!”

  6. visuals are by no means bad in that game. better than anything on 360

  7. He doesn’t even have a PS3 then how the heck can he comment on an exclusive games character movements without playing it, agreed he might have hands on the game some where but that doesn’t mean he should pass a judgment based on that. Heavy Rain is complete package. Infact Alan Wake should be compared to Alone in the Dark.

  8. @taus90: dood, he must be pretty damn rich…enough to buy a PS3 just for the hell of it… im pretty sure he didnt even play HR halfway through yet….

    I think this is just him taking a shot at QD while trying to make himself look like a good man…i dont buy his deceitful words!!

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