Pachter talks PS+

The Pach Attack is at it again this week on his GameTrailers show and this time he’s talking all about PlayStation Plus and what Sony needs to accomplish to turn a profit. While I don’t generally enjoy listening to Pachter talk, I must say that if he’s anywhere close to being right on this topic, he needs to contact Ninja Theory immediately. That way, he and the developer can get to backtracing in order to make profits possible on Heavenly Sword.

Moving forward…Pachter believes that Sony needs to acquire two to three million PS+ subscribers in order to start turning an actual profit with its PlayStation Network.

“Sony is already spending the money on PlayStation Network, so layering on a new group of users paying it for a service will be profitable,” said Pachter.

“PlayStation Plus will take a while to get up to the same level as Xbox Live and I think you will see around 1 million subscribers early on, which amounts to around $50 million in profit.”

Pachter continued: “What this means is the PlayStation Network as a whole will not become profitable, as I’m guessing it costs Sony about a couple-of-hundred-million a year to maintain. What Sony will be hoping is the new service drives people to download more movies and games and therefore bring in more money.

“I think for Sony to make a profit on the PlayStation Network, it will need at least 2-3 million PlayStation Plus subscribers within the next two years.”

Is Pachter correct in all of this? Doubtful, but it could be true. Considering how much money Sony milks out of users through PlayStation Home alone, it’s hard to imagine that with an extra $50 Million through subscription, the company would still be losing money through PlayStation Network. Then again, Pachter has never been wrong before!

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  1. I don’t think they’re in much chance of having losses. PS+ is a good choice for hardcore gamers, with deals and freebies, and it’s a good choice for the company, because it’s a subscription service which their rival has been reaping the benefits of since this generation began.

  2. I think Sony can make a killing if they add more features, but I don’t think they’ll be losing any money.

  3. wow i dident know sony was loosing this much on psn for making it awalible for eweryone who dosent fell like paying to play games onlyne for whatewer readons

  4. if they include cross game chat about and itv payer or somthing like that 80% of my freind list would proberly buy it and they will be rich so i dont understand whats stopping them.

  5. cross game chat alone would make millions buy ps+ people have been begging forever and now is the perfect time to get it in PSN

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