ND: We’ll implement 3D and Move if it fits

The PlayStation 3’s games will soon be singing and dancing in 3D (if you can afford the TV and glasses) with many jumping aboard the motion control band wagon with PlayStation Move. So what about our beloved Uncharted developer Naughty Dog? Will their next PS3 game support 3D and/or PlayStation Move? The Dog’s told us here at PlayStation University.

When we asked whether we could see the next Naughty Dog game in 3D, the developer’s community strategist Arne Meyer said:

“3D is an interesting technology, especially given how well it’s been recently implemented in the cinema and all the support it’s getting in the industry. We’re extremely fortunate to have the PS3 be a platform that can provide us with the power and option to implement 3D in future projects,” told PSUni.

“What we may do with this technology depends on how it fits into the story we want to do, so we haven’t made any decisions at this time. Generally speaking, it is an exciting technology to see come to fruition in the home, as it opens a variety of ways developers can innovate with their narrative and with their games.”

And what about the new PS3 motion controller, Move? Meyer responded:

“Pretty much the same thing as with 3D technology – we’re extremely fortunate to have a platform in the PS3 that can provide an option to use these new tools to allow developers and storytellers to interact with their audiences in new and compelling ways. Utilizing the Move is certainly an option we would consider – again, if it fits in with our narrative and design goals.”

Ok, neither are definitive answers, but the option’s certainly there. As for what Naughty Dog thinks about Move in comparison to the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Kinect, Meyer added:

“Overall, we’re really glad to see the industry push towards new ways to engage and broaden their audiences. We feel the Move is an extremely robust, accurate method of interacting with gamers – it will be awesome to see how many of the top development teams on the PS3 use and innovate with the Move when it is released later this year.”

Carefully chosen answer there, no dissing the competition with Naughty Dog. Classy act.

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  1. VofEscaflowne August 2, 2010 @ 17:56

    Yeah, those are pretty safe answers really. Any game that involves any kind of on-screen aiming reticule is perfectly suited to the Move. The only problem I can see is that a game may become a lot easier than originally intended with the superior control scheme. Resident Evil 4 for the Wii, while terrific and proves how great the controls are for this genre, made certain parts of the game a heck of a lot easier than they originally were on the GameCube. I can understand what they mean by it having to fit their design goals in this case.

  2. I respect ND for not slapping Move and 3D onto their games like certain other developers (GG).

  3. @2 How are they sapping it on?

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