Rec Center: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale May Not See Any Tournament Love

These days it seems that every fighting game that is released gets its shot in tournaments.  Unfortunately, unlike Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale has not seen any tournament love at either local regional fighting game tournaments or majors. As one shining example, the North-Eastern Championship (NEC XIII) was this last weekend, and featured one of the largest arrays of fighting games ever held at a gaming tournament from classic Mortal Kombat games to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but Battle Royale was nowhere to be seen.

In stark contrast however, last month Major League Gaming featured the full game in a pre-release tournament that was open to anyone that attended the event. Unfortunately, It seems that this may have been driven by Sony’s sponsorship and funding of the prize money for the tournament. Because of this, Battle Royale has seen setbacks in establishing an offline scene that is imperative to seeing any game in tournament.

Therefore, until an offline community is established and the game is really explored it is unlikely that Battle Royale will see competition. It seems neither the competitors nor the tournament organizers have been pushing for its inclusion anywhere and until people start coming out en masse this will not change regardless of the backing Sony provides.

Do you want to see All-Stars as a tournament game? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. hell yea i want a tournament for all stars

    • I thing there’s a few people that do, but are you willing to pay 15 bucks to play it in tournament? That’s also just for a local. Majors you would be dishing out $50 or so, plus travel, plus hotel, etc. I think that’s its major drawback: that there’s no established community and therefore no investment. That leads to a lack of high level competition and therefor a lack of player growth. This is what’s making it difficult for All Stars to become a tournament game.
      By the way i’m not saying i dont want it to be one, just that it probably wont.

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