Sequel to Sony Franchise to Début this Thursday

We’ve already told you here at PlayStation University that 2010 will bring a sequel to the PlayStation 3 that you might not be expecting, and now GameTrailers TV is ready to exclusively reveal the game to the world this Thursday. A new trailer will be making its way to your screens and with this footage will come the debut of a Sony first-party PS3 exclusive.

Geoff Keighley of GTTV recently teased the game, telling readers to wait and see what Sony is bringing to the table following God of War III. Whether this new game can top Sony Santa Monica’s beast will be sure to ignite forums, but we’re certain that the two can live in harmony. Watch GTTV’s announcement teaser below.

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  1. Super Rub-a-Dub 2 !!

  2. @BlinkyEC: LOL.

    Resistance 3 FTW!.

  3. LOL @ BlinkyEC.

    More realistically, though, the safe money would be on a sequel to inFamous. What I’d LOVE to see though is maybe a little Twisted Metal lovin’, see what Crazy Mr. Jaffe’s been working on?

  4. R3 would be great, i guess it will be that anyways 😛

  5. I dont think it will be a huge PS exclusive being shown on GTTV. So R3 seems more like a E3 thing.

    I have no idea what it could be but once I see it, I will be like, ‘OH!!!”

  6. I really want to see this new trailer, but I have to sit through GTTV to do so. >.<

    Anyways: Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, Killzone 3. Those are my guesses. But everyone is expecting that, so I bet Sony will surprise everyone (Magic Pengel 3 PLZZZZZZZZ; that will never happen).

  7. KZ3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Syphon filter 5!!..not:(

  9. LOD 2 !!?? the truth is we just don’t know what it could be. and i agree with the others, if anyone is going to make a big announcement its going to be Sony, not GTTV


  11. Moocows111111 March 2, 2010 @ 18:16

    I retract my statemnt about the game being the Last Guardian now, I don’t think it would be Resistance 3 because of Sony Junkie’s answer (Being annouced at E3 is more likely for the Resistance series.

    Maybe there is a chance that Jak Daxter may be the game that is being announced. A new IP doesn’t fit the criteria because like Metro 20something and that Splinter Cell clone don’t have that much of a fan base, so I’m guessing its a game that is a sequel to an older title. Can’t wait for the trailer to come up though, its coming Thursday so its not a long wait.

  12. My votes go for:

    New Jak & Daxter (Naughty Dog!)
    Killzone 3
    Resistance 3

  13. Resistance 3 has the most chances I guess. The other sony exclusives I’m looking forward are Starhawk and Twisted Metal something but my bet is that we won’t see anything from those until E3.

    And it seems we are forgeting that Resistance has a huge fan base too, and sony will most likely release this game to compete with halo reach. . . . .

  14. Let’s go Legend of Dragoon 2.

  15. LBP 2

  16. Twisted Metal and Dragoon plzzzzzz

  17. It’s going to be new a Twisted Metal,

  18. By the way, we all seem to have forgotten that GTtv usually has these lame trailers that are under 1 minute long and show nothing but the name of the game.

    So, it could very well be anything just to tease THEN show something more meaty at E3 (or even at the GDC)

  19. I think it won’t be a big title. E3 is almost here, and it makes a lot more sense to unveil huge titles there like Resistance 3 and Killzone 3.

  20. What’s with all of the LoD speculation? The game was great, but hasn’t been relevant for 10 years.

  21. Moocows111111 March 2, 2010 @ 19:13

    “By the way, we all seem to have forgotten that GTtv usually has these lame trailers that are under 1 minute long and show nothing but the name of the game.”

    At least we would know that name of the game, then we’d be all happy because the prequal was just uber fantastic. Legend of the Dragoon 2 would be infact soo nice

  22. I think it is going to be Sly Cooper 4

  23. I would like if there would be another RPG for PS3… Like the ones for PS2 :-). But I would be happy with any announcement Sony makes because as we all know, Sony makes that greatest announcements ever XD.

  24. VofEscaflowne March 2, 2010 @ 21:01

    All the titles people are mentioning are games that wouldn’t really excite or surprise me to see a sequel to. Killzone 3 is expected, same for Resistance 3 and FPSs are not really my thing. Sly Cooper… never played them. Jak & Daxter is not something I played much and Legend of Dragoon I never beat (although I do own it so maybe I should try beating it one of these days). Twisted Metal has been hinted at for how long now? The only one that would get my interest is inFamous but again, that’s expected. Probably nothing that’s meant to really surprise us, I imagine they’ll keep their big guns for E3 :p

  25. LOL@ Blinky

    but really tho, im pretty sure its R3…if not KZ3

  26. i thought the word “sequel” was a continuation of an original. If thats the case, then kz3 wouldn’t be considered a sequel nor resistance 3.

  27. @hihtek: not exactly, a sequel can also be R3/KZ3

  28. twisted metal 3, killzone 3, infamous 2, or little big planet 2

  29. Twisted Metal 5 or Legend of Dragoon 2

  30. spec ops

  31. its InFamous 2, or something ending in 2 because a sequal isnt 3. but Borderlands 2 only 4 ps3 would be tight

  32. resistance 3
    i realy hope so

  33. legend of dragoon 2!

  34. yeah who doesnt want resistance 3

  35. it could be Resistance 3, as i remember resistance 2 was launched in similar fashion on GTTV and we had a huge blow out at E3…. Remember anyone. It could be motorstorm 3, Heavenly Sword 2….. argh one more day to go………

  36. forgot one game it could be starhawk follow up of warhawk

  37. VofEscaflowne March 3, 2010 @ 10:07


    Are you making that assumption because a 3 part game is usually referred to as a trilogy? Even if it’s the third game in the series, it’s still considered a sequel… unless of course the “sequel” actually ends up being a prequel to a game in the series :p

  38. Starhawk or inFAMOUS 2, I hope

  39. Well, watching that video again the guy clearly says “surprise Sony sequel”, which implies that it’s something that hasn’t been announced yet… which I guess means it isn’t Twisted Metal. Dammit. 🙁

    I guess we’ll know for sure soon enough.


  41. I want it to be something no one could see coming so we can add it to the great amount of exclusives coming this year

  42. If its another RPG I hope its Persona 5…

  43. wkc 2??

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