Spoils of War 001: Mass Effect 3

From the innovators at PlayStation University comes a new show that FINALLY allows us to tell you everything about games, and we do mean everything! Spoils of War is the new show from PSUni that features the writers of our site spilling the beans and revealing all the details behind games from our present and past — what did we think of certain plot points, set pieces, game mechanics…all of it.

Our first entry is all about Mass Effect 3. Tyler and Joe dissect everything from their experience with this BioWare epic. What were the coolest parts, and what were the biggest emotional stomach punches? What did they think about the endings? Is this the end that ME needs, or the one it deserves?

Join us for the start of a new series here on PlayStation University!

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Running Time: 00:48:05

Hosts: Joe Garcia (@Wons23), Tyler Lee (@_SamuraiZero_)

Music: Eyes on the Prize by George & Jonathan | Buy “Beautiful Lifestyle” on Bandcamp

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  1. The characters you take with you in the final mission don’t die since for me I took Liara and Garris and they both appeared in the Normandy cutscene at the end.

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