The 2013 Sony Wishlist

2012 was an excited year for gaming all around and I’m hoping 2013 will be just as, if not more, awesome. The holiday spirit is upon us and I’ve compiled my own personal list of things I hope Sony follows through on. I’ve even thrown in a list of coals Santa would be quite proud of. Remember, this is my personal list and we’d love to hear what everyone else is looking forward to. Share your own wishlist with us in the comments below!

Should Do

*Yup, we’re tired of waiting too*


Final Fantasy VII Announced

Square Enix could use a publicity rocket right about now and FFVII would be just the ticket. After ducking and dodging for multiple years, I’m truly hoping that all the mediocrity and failure they’ve displayed is a huge front for VII’s valiant return. Fanboy’s brains would explode if, during Sony’s conference, gameplay chimed up with a highly detailed Cloud roaming the streets of Midgar.

Versus XIII and The Last Guardian Released

Both of these games have been circling the drain for quite a while and fans are beyond fed up. With such high profile titles, it’s a wonder what the hold up is. Fatal gameplay flaws? Funding? It’s anybody’s guess, but this year something has to happen or the final days of the PS3 will be riddled with negative bullet points.

The Last of Us Destroys All Competition

As I’ve made quite evident, I’m truly excited for Naughty Dog’s upcoming title. Premature, yes, but I’m hoping for a Game of the Year candidate here. Nothing less. The PS3 deserves a swan song of a title. Only right that it comes from the developers of the best series on the console.


Shouldn’t Do

*The Ultimate RPG Troll*

Release After Microsoft’s Console Follow-up

The huge gap following the 360’s release set Sony back for this entire console generation and hopefully they’ve learned their lesson. Dropping before Microsoft isn’t necessary, but a very close release would be of best interest.

Lose Exclusive Titles

The 360 losing Mass Effect as an exclusive title was a huge shot from my perspective. As mentioned in Homeroom Podcast Ep. 1, I actually gave my 360 away after the news (save data be damned). Imagine Uncharted or Infamous jumping ship. Not a pretty thought right? Right.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. I’m interested in seeing what else Sony has planned for the Vita.

  2. I feel like most of the things you think they should do are things that are out of Sony’s control, though I agree the Vita needs a little love next year.

  3. I NEED more FF for sure. I’m so desperate for more that I’m even considering playing 13 over again. I used to be so amped for FF: Versus but it seems like Square are either re-developing it or they’ll cancel it all together. A VII remake would be nice too, but I got a feeling they won’t do that for a while.

  4. Man I want more info on that FF X remake they announced, especially if it actually comes to Vita like they’ve stated. I may not ever need another RPG!

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