The Blackbuster Special: Blu-ray & DVD Differential

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This article will mark the first segment and installment into The Blackbuster Special weekly video. This week, our very own BlackbusterCritic, dives into the differences between DVD and Blu-ray and how it affects not only the industry, but the consumer, the gamer, and the individual. Hopefully you have a snack handy, because this in-depth “analysis” isn’t for people with short attention spans. Clear your calendars and prepare to be educated.

We’ve included the video below.

Readers Comments (49)

  1. Great vid….

  2. Epic video! Go Blackbuster :p Best professor 😀

  3. Yeah im defently not buying a xbox360

  4. I’m not a Sony or MS fanboy, but great vid Blackbuster. 🙂

  5. Fantastic video BBC! First time I really want to go back to school learning more!

  6. Excellent class BBC…Sorry i mean Professor BlackBuster.PS3 motto:TREY 4 LIFE Wii motto:UNITED WII STAND and 360 motto:IS IT GOING TO WORK?

  7. Great Video, keep up the good fight.

  8. F3’s second disc has 104 out of all 400 cars, 29 tracks, and the install size is 1.9GB.

  9. be prepared for 360 fanboy stampeded dude, that’s all i have to say.

  10. And btw, rock on dude. You tell those 360 fangirls!

  11. 22 minutes of blackbuster greatness. you should have mentioned how gt5 has over 950 cars on 1 disc compared to the 400 on forza’s 2 discs. awesome video like always and can’t wait for the next one.

  12. Great vid

  13. Lol sweet, Road to Viridian City.

  14. I’m digging the suit Professor BBC

  15. Will this be on the test?

  16. its funny how your just tossing 360 games around while saying how easy they scratch.

    its true what you say though, the 360 is a piece of shit. I bought a comand and conquer game and let my brother borrow it and it put the circle grooves in the disc.

    my first 360 died in 5 days would freeze on the boot screen and my 2nd 360 lasted just over a year dieing this past june of the e74 error which i returned through a warranty program and got my money back.

    im undecided about whetherr or not to buy another console even though i have 48 games plus accessories for the system now collecting dust.

    blu-ray is clearly superior that you make a lame video to battle 360 fanboys only suggest how lame you are. you could have gone into the tech behind the scratch coat which is actually kinda cool tdk, panasonic and sony have indiviudally developed there own hard coatings.

    tdk devloped blu-ray scratch coat called durabis which they are also targeting at the dvd market specificy for the reason you talk about how dvd only last on average 12 rentals. other potential uses for durabis could be applied to lcd and plasma screens.

    its also utterly ridciulous that microsoft support would suggest user error even when in some cases it is. people do move there console while games are in it because there mornic. it is also widely documented that the circlur groves was the cause of missing components typical found in other drives which was suppossed to have been fixed.

    should also have noted that the 360 disc replacement program only covers microsoft published games about 16 games total thus far, your stuck dealing with other publishers otherwise.

    this video pretty much had zero information for any common viewer to discern anything other then blah blah blah. step it up or dont bother cause your just as bad as the 360 fanboyhs who spout blah blah blah back at you.

  17. nice suit

  18. Very interesting.

  19. Negrotalkingsheeeeeeeit October 5, 2009 @ 18:15

    20 mins of anecdotal evidence.

  20. Mr. Professor.

    I am the Playstation General i like your lessons on todays digital age. Modern Technology suitable by N.A.S.As Standards.This is the reliability we want in our Mighty Playstation Nation Fleet Army Droid Brigade.

    I commend you On our Stance toward American Video game Journalistic Media who Perform the duty of cheap, smelly used vacuum cleaner sales men.


  21. @LC
    Nice piecies of information man but it’s clear to see that he didn’t get too detailed simply because it isn’t as entertaining as discussing main points and adding some stylish bashing to it (especially since fans and fanboys on both ends are more likely watching than an average consumer).

    As you know, the main thing that makes blu-ray superior is its massive memory storage in comparrison to dvd and cd formats, which he covered and is what truely matters. The rest of the show was just that, a show, something to entertain the croud while winning them over.

    Also you can say while entertaining us, he was trying to help,or educate, the consumer by showing them examples of how the Xbox 360 will throw away all of the hard earned cash they spent on it. So even though you found it very uninformative, it still taught the consumer 2 main things. That blu-ray is indeed a major upgrade from dvd and cd, and that the Xbox 360 is a waste of money in comparrison to the PS3 and WII.

  22. lmao…this video was great BBC, my fav class man.

  23. Excuse me, I meant professor BBC 😛

  24. nice vid BBC.

  25. I own all 3 systems and I agree with BBC. I have had multiple scratching on some games. I just install every game I play to prevent wear and tear on my 360.

  26. lol Excellent lesson Prof. BBC

  27. It’s reasons like this that lead me to believe that the PS3 fanboys are the worst out of all 4 systems.

    seriously, am I the only thinking that playstation fanboys are the most extreme?

    Sony Defense Force

    Playstation university

    Trey brotherhood

    every website and media on the internet is biased against the playstation

    Petition signings in order to keep games from becoming multiplats

    I know that the 360 fanboys are pretty bad themselves what with the 360 republic on youtube, but these seem to be a rarer ocurrence when compared to the playstation fanboyism

    And before someone mentions the Tales of Vesperia petition signing remember, that petition was to either add the aditional content for the 360 version, not to cancel the PS3 version

  28. MM51-TheRealDeal October 6, 2009 @ 10:43

    great vid
    blackbustercritic owns

  29. Brilliant video! Was waiting for your Playstation University debut! I hope they’re all 20+ minutes, it’s like finding a 3 Part video series on my youtube subscriptions page =]. Makes me happy! xD

    Keep up the amazing work. I’ll be here every week!

  30. we all know the blue ray is better then dvd
    like we all know it is better. it came out after dvd
    so what is the point of this video everyone already
    know s dvd are not as good as blue ray.

  31. Agree with every point he stated. You cant really argue with BBC. He knows his shit.

  32. awsome first vid good work cool pokemon music lol

  33. this video needs to have a still that say pokemon win! awesome video

  34. Good job BBC, your a fucking beast dude, keep up the good work on telling “them” how its supposed to be done 😛

  35. great video once again proving the 360s trash

  36. but professor BBC valkaria chronicles has the choice to either install it or not.

  37. Very nice. Keep this up. Owning 360 fanboys is easy.

  38. Shotgun Junior October 13, 2009 @ 11:15


  39. lol 4 discs

  40. Great video mate, you showed them xbots

  41. ownaggee nice vid black buster and xbox 360 gamers fail from buying from ebay

  42. Lol, “Scratch Me” HAHAHAHAHA

  43. lol, this lesson was just awesome. I have Resistance Fall of Man since 2007 and theres not a single sign of any scratch on it whatsoever and there were times when my brother forgot to put the game in the case when its not in use and even though it was just lying around, no scratches. Blu ray is immortal man.

  44. Awesome Vid Professor Blackbuster…

  45. Real Quick, i’ve had MGS4 since it came out and i played the hell out of it. It was a lil slower after awhile. Just to see what would happen i sent it back to Playstation and they sent me a Brand New MGS4… Thats why PS3 Owns 360!

  46. Type your message here…

  47. Great Video Blackbuster! Loved the Pokemon music.

  48. Zack_long_live_Dragoon October 21, 2009 @ 19:12

    BBC i would like to try to win the points even though i dont have a 360 i just wont it to make the 360 fan boys mad but i think that blue ray shows better quality than just a dvd it has less pixs when playing the movie. But every good video but can i ask if you can find out somethings about KH3 it would be most thankful.

  49. mr. knowledgeable October 22, 2009 @ 03:08

    Is a very entertaining vid and I didn’t know that installing the 360 onto the hard-drive prolonged the life of the system in terms of keeping it cooler and preventing it from RROD. I did know however that it cuts load times and that was through searching and really digging into Anyways, it would of have been nice to mention the pros of the blu-ray format besides storage and durability. For example the user is able to send e-mail to their buddies while watching the movie, blu-ray live which consists of mini-games and the ability to get movie extras online plus anecdotes, etc. Anyways another entertaining vid.

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