The English Cast Of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Revealed

Fans of Metal Gear Solid rest assured, the man who has been delivering the lines of the Snakes of MGS has returned for the upcoming PSP Metal Gear. Revealed by Kotaku, the english cast of the main characters has been revealed.

Master Miller – Robin Atkin Downes
Paz – Tara Strong
Amanda – Grey DeLisle
Strangelove – Vanessa Marshall
Coldman – H Richard Green
Huey – Christopher Randolph
Galvez – Steve Blum
Chico – Anthony Del Rio
Cecile – Catherine Taber
Naked Snake, Big Boss – David Hayter

And something interesting to note is that we see Master Miller from the first MGS is making a return to the franchise. Great to see that Kojima Productions are hell-bent on making this game the cream of the crop for PSP owners.

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  1. As long as David Hayter is there i’m happy.

  2. Christopher Doyle should be Big Boss

    I still remember seeing name in the credits of MGS4 and asking my self if I had missed him.

    Oh wait he’s in the next cut scene 😀

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