Top 8 Games to Buy this Holiday Season

While writing this Top 8 list, I had to think to myself, “I hope these guys have $500 or so,” because that’s how much it’ll cost to buy our Top 8 Holiday Game’s list. At $60 a pop, maybe you can find one of these bad boys at a discounted price point or even used. Surprisingly enough, this list includes quite a multiplatform personality and I think it was important to consider all console owners instead of just the PlayStation crowd. As always, I’m sure some of you will complain that a title like Forza 3 didn’t make our list and I’m sure some PlayStation owners will be upset that we didn’t include Ratchet & Clank’s upcoming title, but that’s life.

Included below is our list of the Top 8 Games to Buy this Holiday Season

1.Uncharted 2
Our #1 and #2 game could have went either way, but we had to lead with what we consider this year’s Game of the Year. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves released yesterday in North America and all of the initial user impressions have been anything but bad. Instead, gamers have done nothing but praise the title for its epic movie-esque qualities and gameplay. Every PlayStation 3 owner should have this title at the top of their list for purchase this year or it should definitely be topping their list from Santa. Think about that new car later on, play this first Christmas day if you must.

2.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will either win GOTY this year or find itself in second place to our #1 title this year. Regardless of that, Modern Warfare 2 is going to provide a holiday experience unlike any other on our list. Multiplayer fanatics will put in countless hours into this game and it looks as though they’ll be saving America’s ass one more time. I know I’ll be playing this game like crazy, but I’m not sure how well my online play will be considering I plan on receiving the next 6 games as well!

3.Assassin’s Creed II
It’s time to get your assassination on. With Assassin’s Creed II releasing in November of this year, gamers can look forward to once more stepping into the shoes of an assassin on his way to finding the truth around him. With help from his apparent friend, Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio will enjoy unique inventions to help scout his targets and bring justice to the world. Unlike the first title in the series, AC2 will include a larger variety of weapons that range swords to axes. Also – Gamers who don’t think one kill at a time is enough, will be able to go for the double-kill as often as they’d like.

4.Demon’s Souls
Looking for a game that may last you until December 25th? This might be it. From Software’s latest roleplaying game has been dubbed the hardest game released this generation. I know I’ve died countless times trying to collect souls to benefit my character to the point of frustration. So, if you’re looking for a title that may result in you dying roughly 1,000 times before you complete it, this is definitely the game for you.

5.Dragon Age: Origins
Have you seen the latest trailer for Dragon Age: Origins? If you have, then you definitely are fully aware why this game is a must buy for this Holiday season. Not only is Dragon Age a bloody mess of brutality and death, but the game stinks of awesomeness from all of its released footage. Each character in the game has its own Origin story that relates with the others, bringing together an epic tale of fantasy with mature tones for the older gamer at heart. Mark your calendars for this one.

If 4-player co-op and 500,000+ weapons isn’t something you look for in a game, then this isn’t for you. However, if you love customization, Zombies and the ability to take down bounty with up to 3 of your friends, Borderlands is going to be a title that spends a lot of its time inside your PlayStation 3. Releasing this Tuesday, October 20th, Borderlands is the next in line with its cel-shaded visual style and it doesn’t look like this will take it away or out of its element of being nothing but a brutal shooter.

7.God of War Collection
Kratos at 60FPS and high definition before the release of God of War III is something no gamer should pass up. While this is simple a remake of past titles, the collection will also include demo access to God of War III. Despite some willing to pass this up because they’ve already played it, we think you should reconsider your thought process and understand how awesome making God-like kills at 60FPS will be. It’s a no brainer, don’t worry, it’ll be money well spent.

8.Tekken 6
Fighting fans have been waiting for Tekken 6 for quite some time now. While many consider this a must-own title this year, and we agree, it’s bottom on our list due to the lack of consistent playability by players who don’t normally abandon their lives for the fighting genre. Though the same can be said for earlier genres on this list, I think those genres have a lot more fans than the fighting genre (I could be wrong). Regardless, we’re sure IWAO in our forum community is already preparing some form of sacrifice for the release of this title.

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  1. Demons Souls will be my birthday gift 🙂 Borderlands and Dragon Age I wanna try out.

  2. What a list. I want to play every game on there and hopefully will.

  3. Awesome list… Unfortunately can’t get Uncharted 2 until
    Christmas:( Keep up the good work!

  4. I just bought Uncharted 2 its a great game, But i just found out about Borderlands release next week and now i dont have money for that lol, I better try to rake up some money together, it will be a very fun game for me and my brother to play together, since there is a lack of split screen games in this generation of gaming it seems.

  5. Uncharted 2 is the greatest game I’ve played this Gen.

  6. One down (Uncharted 2), seven to go.

  7. —Already got Uncharted 2 and I’m very pleased w/ my purchase.

    —I’ve already pre ordered Modern Warfare 2 and will have it day 1.

    —Demon Souls I’m gonna borrow it from my uncle and see if I want to get my own copy or not.

    —Assassin’s Creed 2 (I didn’t like the 1st game too much so I might rent AC2.)

    —Dragon Age: Origins (I’m kinda on the fence about this game.)

    —Borderlands (Looks like a must buy to me. Though I’m not gonna buy it day 1.)

    —God of War: Collection (Must buy!)

    —Tekken 6 (I’m gonna wait till the price goes down to $30.)

    Though If you could only buy 2 games this Holiday Season everybody needs to buy Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

  8. I know you said this but Ratchet and Clank ACIN should be in there,

  9. Dragon Age looks weak. We’ll see how it scores.

  10. That list is nice. And lols at the one about Tekken 6! Thanks for mentioning me. But this sacrifice thing is maybe a little too far, if its meant the way I understood it. But thanks this is a surprise for me. I appreciate! 🙂

  11. No one ever includes Ratchet and Clank anymore 🙁

  12. Um what about Ratchet and Clank or Brutal Legend???

  13. Where does Kz2 get considered for GOTY… it was 09 also.

  14. I got odst instead of Uncharted 2, I just hate the controller soooo much, not even worth using

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