Zombie Island coming to Borderlands as first DLC

Earlier tonight, 2K Games sent out a press release detailing the first downloadable content set up for Borderlands this year. While Borderlands releases this Tuesday, there is a slim chance gamers may have a problem with fully detailed DLC prior to launch. Letting gamers know you already have this ready and that you didn’t include it in the retail version is kind of a slap in the face — I think so anyways.

Thankfully, the fact they are providing DLC is a positive as well since this will help keep Borderlands both fresh and exciting for 4-player Co-op opportunities. This new expansion includes new quests, rare loot drops, and new enemies. 2K games also sent out three screenshots. We’ve included one below and you can check out the other two, here (they’re the last three).

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  1. wow im starting to get pretty exited for this game, I hope the DLC isnt too expensive though becuase i will be sorta mad.

  2. I’m not too keen on the look of Borderlands…looks like an ol cell shaded game from 7 years ago.

  3. I’m getting this game hands down..

  4. @daevv you need to look at some HQ videos real close. It’s definitely not like some cell shaded game from 7 years ago. Check out IGN’s Vid Review as well, that’ll give you a better feel for the visuals.

    DLC details already too. good stuff!

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