Top 8 New Faces of Gaming

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This feature is somewhat related to my previous “Top 8 Next Generation Main Characters,” feature in which people felt that characters chosen were not deserving due to their aging status. While I disagree entirely, I felt the need to appease the readers in creating a Top 8 list for the newest faces of gaming. This list is comprised entirely of characters only found in this generation of gaming and is, of course, limited to the PlayStation brand as always. I’d also like to point out that everyone’s feedback, whether it was given in the comment section on my site or on a site linking in, was taken into consideration upon the creation of this list.

Without much else to add, let’s dive into what I feel seems to be the consensus of Top 8 newest faces of gaming from the PlayStation perspective.

1.Nathan Drake
Leading the way on this new list of gaming icons is without a doubt our boy Nathan Drake. Drake appeared on our earlier list and it only makes sense that he deserves to be included in a list comprised of the newest faces of gaming. Drake has proven himself to be a classic character throughout his adventure in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and will continue this positive trend when Uncharted 2: Among Thieves releases next week. Considering the hype being built around his latest title, it’s not too surprising to have him listed here or on any other list and I’m sure once you play Among Thieves, you’ll agree that Drake IS this generations face of gaming.

Also making an appearance on this list is the deadly assassin, Altair. When Ubisoft created Assassin’s Creed, it was met with critical acclaim and unsurprisingly strong sales figures propelling Altair into the homes of millions. While Altair enjoys taking down his targets one by one, he’s always sure to collect the necessary intel first. You can almost compare him to one of my favorite serious killers, Dexter Morgan. Despite Altair’s archaic methods, the similarities between Dexter and himself are quite eerie. However, at the end of the day, Altair removes the scum of the earth one bad guy at a time and he gets in a great exercise routine while doing it.

3.Matt Hazard
That’s right. This icon of gaming is going to be placed on our list right here. Why? Because it’s the exact reaction I wanted to elicit when you read the name. Matt Hazard may have debuted in what can be considered one of the poorest games this generation, but the star power his name has is unrivaled in the industry. If you heard someone talking about Matt Hazard while walking down the street, you’d immediately know who the hell they’re talking about. In my opinion, that’s enough staying power to consider him one of the faces of this generation. Especially since this dude is in line for an unwarranted sequel. Who knows how many other genres this icon is looking to ruin? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

4.Faith Connors
Faith brings an entirely new sex appeal to gaming without even trying to. Our messenger of love takes to the rooftops in Electronic Arts unique title, Mirror’s Edge. If we’re all being honest, Faith was a leap in gaming that not many of us saw coming this generation. The first-person perspective in a game based solely around running is quite genius and was implemented to near perfection. Faith also displays that you don’t need a big chest in order to draw eyes to your position – something that a lot of developers seem to not notice over the course of the years. I think Faith is as deserving as any candidate for being considered one of the new faces of gaming.

5.Chuck Greene

I have no doubt in my mind that some of you just made a “Who the f*** is that guy?” face. Believe me, I would have too if it wasn’t for the fact that I love the Dead Rising franchise. Considering this is a website built on the PlayStation brand, I have to keep it PlayStation oriented, so Frank West just won’t do. While it’s highly unlikely that Chuck will ever see a sequel to his Dead Rising 2 debut, it goes without saying that having the opportunity to kill zombies with any and everything is one helluva character to utilize. As a PlayStation owner, I know once Dead Rising 2 hits, a lot of people like me won’t be able to forget the immense fun and entertainment we had destroying zombies one by one with Chuck Greene.

We’ve decided to leave the red-haired vixen on our list because she’s the female counterpart to Kratos. It would seem like a disservice to discredit this woman from our newest faces of gaming. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Nariko will be given the same sequel treatment as Kratos, but her and her sidekick Kai have to be considered one of the best new duos of this generation. However, despite those short-comings, Nariko is an independent woman who does not hesitate to kill hundreds and hundreds of people if it’s for a cause she believes in and that’s something anyone can support!

7.Isaac Clarke
You know how they always say it’s the quiet guys you have to watch out for? They were serious. In case you missed playing one of the best games this generation, Isaac Clarke is from Electronic Arts psychological horror game, Dead Space. While our protagonist never speaks and relies on grunting to get his point across, he is the perfect embodiment of the quiet guy you shouldn’t mess with. Not only is Clarke capable of taking down the most gruesome of foes, but he does so with ease and precision. Not too shabby for an engineer nerd, eh ladies?

8.Nathan Hale
This character is being added entirely out of pity and demand from the PlayStation audience we server. In my opinion, Hale lacks any true personality (which can be said for a couple of others on the list), but he doesn’t make up for that with any true badass qualities like some of the quiet guys above. However, it is apparent that Nathan Hale is one of the premiere faces of the PlayStation brand this generation as Resistance: Fall of Man was one of the first Greatest Hits to touch the market. That is honestly something that can’t be ignored.

Readers Comments (9)

  1. Nathan is one of the best names I KNOW! CAUSE IT’s my name.

  2. Bad list, the only one I agree with is Nathan Drake.

  3. Great list, 2 great characters and both named Nathan. 🙂

  4. I really love Mirror’s Edge.. the music, atmosphere, graphics, controls, gameplay are pretty damn unique.

    Faith really tops it off. She is asian, but not in a stereotypical way, shes tough, fast, smart but to a realistic way.

    I really am looking forward to Mirror’s Edge 2 and I hope they use the same singer from Mirror’s Edge theme song to sing the theme song of ME2. (hell.. even use the same song)

    It was a blast unlocking platinum trophy in ME, frustrating at times when I screwed up like a dumb ass, but it good fun nonetheless.

  5. I definitely agree with Drake and Altair.

  6. Your list is pretty good but I got a better list though it’s in no particular order.
    I won’t give you rankings only names so here are the real top 8 characters this generation.
    —Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
    —Cole (Infamous)
    —Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)
    —Sheppard (Mass Effect)
    —Altair (Assassin’s Creed)
    —Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) = Didn’t feel he got enough credit last gen so I’m giving him credit now in this gen.
    —Sev (Killzone 2)
    —Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
    —Captain Price (Call of Duty 4 & Modern Warfare 2)
    —Nathan Hale (Resistance: Fall of Man & Resistance 2)

  7. This list was made for Nathan Drake and Altair, my favorite chars this gen

  8. Faith YES! Definitely there. Good list, even if I didn’t know two of them …


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