Yerli: Crysis 2 has the best AI in gaming

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli recently claimed that the upcoming sequel to Crysis, Crysis 2, would feature the “best AI in gaming history.” When I first heard this statement, I immediately chalked it up to PR babble that is meant to push a product. After all, isn’t that the entire point of putting your product on the pedestal to begin with?

Yerli spoke with CVG recently in regards to Crysis 2 and had the following to say:

“We have the most advanced AI system in a gam. We think that Crysis 2 has the most advanced AI for both humans and aliens you’ve ever seen.

“They will be showing tactical co-ordination, they will be more challenging but not unfair – they will be truly intelligent, thinking, fair enemies. I think from that perspective our gameplay experience will be very unique because on one hand you have a world that allows freedom, on the second hand a hero that allows freedom – but also an enemy that adapts to freedom and provides you constant challenge no matter what you do.”

Considering the one big flaw of the first Crysis was the boredom that the game brought outside of the stunning visuals, it’s hard to imagine this being true, right? Do you guys think that Crysis 2 has the potential to offer the best AI ever or is this just smoke being added to the beautiful engine?

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  1. lol not till i see some gameplay …. considering crysis’ ai was nothing short of mediocre and in some cases retarded

  2. Good strategy doesn’t stop Master Chief 2.0

  3. Doominator99 July 21, 2010 @ 04:27

    i just want them to finish the game so they can continue working on the sequel to the best franchise in history TIMESPLITTERS 4!

  4. it probably will on pc and ps3, the 360 however isnt really capable of that

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