LittleBigPlanet changes lives

The media is often too quick to highlight what they feel are the negative aspects of the video game industry ranging from violence to other suggestive themes. However, this same media seems to turn a blind eye whenever the industry provides a positive spin not only in the form of entertainment but in how it effects the lives of the people who take part.

Today, a story was released by Play-Mag, who recently had a conversation with Media Molecule’s Mark Healey. In this exchange, Healey revealed a very touching story about a child with an autistic disability that found solace in the developer’s PlayStation exclusive, LittleBigPlanet.

“More recently we had a letter from these parents who have a child who was diagnosed as autistic or having aspergers syndrome, but is quite a young little kid and they bought him LittleBigPlanet,” Healey began. “He just really got into it and started creating things and they were so amazed because they said it started to really pull him out of his shell. They sent us this letter saying he’s really into it and he’s started creating all these things and he talks to them about it a lot.

“We invited him in to the community day actually and he came with his parents. He’s only six or seven years old or something. We showed him around, got him involved in the community day and the week after his parents wrote us another letter telling us how much he had loved it and how they were totally amazed to see him talking to other people. That’s an amazing thing I think. That’s much more valuable to me than any of those awards. It makes you feel as if your job is actually worthwhile. It really touched me that story.”

This one act of kindness from a developer probably changed the way that one kid looked at the world from his position in life. It changed everything for him. And despite the lack of positive stories like this breaking into headlines, we’re sure it happens far more often than we’d imagine.

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  1. At this rate, LBP2 will cure cancer. LAWL. Nice story though.

  2. the ps3 can not only help find cures for cancer, but can also cure aspergers syndrome

  3. Video games only kill, don’t you know that?

    It’s nice to see reports of good things that video games do.

  4. @TRF
    are you being sarcastic or serious with youre comments?

  5. *wipes tear from eye* what a touching story

  6. awwwww x3, what a touching story


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