More developers praise Blu-ray; slam Microsoft’s DVD choice

At the start of this generation of gaming, many gamers questioned Sony’s decision to pioneer Blu-ray disc into gaming at the cost of a more expensive gaming console. However, four to five years into the generation, developers are now finding out that DVD as a medium for gaming is quickly becoming extinct.

While Lost Planet 2’s producer, Jun Takeuchi, was one of the first to step up and insult the medium as a means for gaming, it would appear the problem is resurfacing with yet another developer. This time around, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer, Dave Cox, explains to Xbox World 360 magazine of LoS is going to have to ship on two discs for the 360 due to size limitations.

Cox also believes that this problem is going to increase as the generation continues and games grow larger.

“Microsoft actually sent their tech guys to the studio to see the game and look at [how we’re] compressing it, but they said: ‘Okay, it’s good. You’re doing all you can.’ I think it’s something Microsoft are going to experience more and more – that they need to help developers overcome the storage problem.”

He added: “I mean, each console has it’s own issues [360’s smaller disc capacity and PS3’s slower loading times], but you have to work around them.”

It’s amusing to watch guys like Aaron Greenberg continually stand by the ideology that the 360 doesn’t need a superior storage medium for its games, but when developers that produce content for your console start feeling otherwise — it’s a problem.

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  1. I like games on multiple discs. Helps me get more exercise. Thanks Microsoft!

  2. @TRF
    lol xD
    youre totaly right, why hawe uncompresed audio/video data on a bd disc, when you can hawe somewhat the same experience on multiple discs

  3. @Reigen Exactly! There are so many hidden advantages to using multiple discs it’s ridiculous.

  4. @trf name some of these hidden advantages

  5. @frog
    we were just being sarcastic
    bluray compared to dvd can hawe up to 1tb space awalible,a dvd9 can hawe up to 9gb of space, the BDs curently used are single laired(25gb) and double laired(50gb) BD disc, why you ask? well cuz games dont get bigger than that, for example:
    killzone2 = 38 gb
    gow3 and lbp = 40 gb
    MGS4 = 50 gb
    the only disadwantage of bluray is that the more space you hawe, the more memory you hawe to hawe, and even then the memory can only help load games this much
    but recent games like gow3 show that deslpite the game being 40gb in size you can still make loading times so short that you can play the game from start to finish without a second of waiting

  6. ill put it like this:
    dvd was a great thechnology for games 10 years ago, as prof by the ps2 and the xbox,
    as for today, games continued to grow bough in size as in quality like they always hawe, unfortunetly only one of the major companies was able to understand that
    and sadly because of this some of us are stuck whit a leser quality game, and hawing to switch discs whenewer they fell like vanting to play multiplayer or at sertant parts of the game


  8. Tokyo_GorePolice August 3, 2010 @ 14:48

    They should have realized this after Final Fantasy 13 Disks.

  9. Jimmy McNulty August 4, 2010 @ 19:23

    A PlayStation 3-format Blu-ray disc will never hold one terabyte of data. Sony have made it quite clear that a maximum 50GB of data will be the standard for PS3 titles, and to expect developers to be pushing higher than 50GB for this console generation is ludicrous. Also, an Xbox 360-format dual-layer DVD can only hold around 6.7GB, due to copy-prevention data that Microsoft insists be included with every retail disc. This is actually smaller than the data PS2 dual-layer DVD’s could handle. And as for Final Fantasy 13, the website Digital Foundry ran tests on the 360 versoin and found that the compression method used for the game’s cutscenes did not handle the compression very well, and more space could have been saved were it not for Square Enix’s “one size fits all” method.

    It’s worth noting, however, that had Sony not made the decision to include an HDD with every console, all this extra Blu-ray room would have been for nowt; the HDD is the main reason why God of War III, plus any game which features streaming from disc (Uncharted series) can run as smoothly as they can, as they stream textures and environments to the HDD during game-play or cutscenes. These titles are from the developers that have put effort into using the key advantages that PS3 has over Xbox 360 as a more-powerful console, and until studios start to see the benefits of either going exclusive, or using PS3 as lead platform for dev, we are still going to be seeing those ridiculous mandatory installs for big-name releases..

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