Petition: Dedicated Servers for Modern Warfare 2

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I know what you’re thinking. “Are you serious? This is stupid to put on the front page.” However, please hear me out. When I first created this site, its sole intention and purpose was to provide gamers news, reviews, previews, editorials and content that mattered and directly effected them. I wanted to provide that content from a gamer perspective for the gamer. That’s why I brought in people like Blackbuster Critic, Truthsettingufree, etc. Those guys are just your average gamers with an opinion for other gamers. We’re all just like you, your every day player. There is no slant to my content. Everything I write, I do so with an objective viewpoint regardless of if its negative for the PlayStation brand or positive. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fansite willing to do that out there right now as most always try to put a positive spin on the product and company. I refuse to do that.

That is exactly why this entire Infinity Ward and dedicated server situation effects all of us as gamers and not just the PC crowd. Think about how often you’ve played Resistance 2, Killzone 2 or any other first-party title online and enjoyed the quality it provided for you through a dedicated server. It’s nice, isn’t it? Nobody receives an unfair advantage and everyone is on equal footing of skill and skill alone. This isn’t a bash at Microsoft, but I’m sure many of you have heard the complaints about Gears of War’s online component and how the host player receives a huge advantage over the rest of the players in a game, correct? That’s something dedicated servers prevent and it’s something all games should strive for.

Hopefully by now you’ve figured out why PC Gamers not receiving dedicated servers is nothing more than a decline in online quality from Infinity Ward as a whole. Instead of pushing the console to the limits and upgrading our services to dedicated servers, the developers and publisher have decided to shorten all three platforms by the lack of dedicated servers anywhere. Dedicated servers, regardless of the platform (even you Microsoft), should be a mandatory component to any online-focused title like Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, etc.

I understand that petitions don’t usually (if ever) work, and I’m guessing most of you are aware of this as well, but that doesn’t mean they go unnoticed either. Believe me when I say that these companies are well aware of the backlash and response these petitions have on the community of gamers that we all represent. I can verify that Activision employees do visit this website and have on several occasions due to the articles I’ve written in a negative light of their company. They will see the petition, undoubtedly.

If you want and request dedicated server support from Infinity Ward and Activision for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on consoles and in general, leave a comment below with your gamer tag, PlayStation Network ID, PC Tag most known for, etc. If Activision doesn’t see it on the site, I promise to email the petition to the higher suits at the company on the eve of Modern Warfare 2’s release. This is your chance to be heard on some level, don’t miss out on it.

Readers Comments (50)

  1. PC gamers should have dedicated servers for this game. I’m not going to play it on that platform, but the people who are should have the best option available. Come on Infinity Ward, give the PC gamers what they want.

    PSN ID: Korudo13

  2. Th3_v3n0m0u5_0n3 October 28, 2009 @ 10:49

    If the host decides to leave the game will that cause a premature end of game, or are the developers going to setup the online play so if the host leaves a secondary becomes host and so on and so forth. Also, wouldn’t the game speed be limited to the host’s connection to the network(cannot remember the game but heard of a lag in this setup type where the host unplugged the network for a few seconds, took some cheap shots, and and plugged it back in causing his actions to effect the game)? either way I agree that dedicated servers would be a much stronger choice for gaming!

    PSN: Th3_v3n0m0u5_0n3

  3. hells yeah i want good quallity service if i am paying 60$ for a videogame. I mean THAW had good servers and i payed 29$ NEW the day it came out.

    psn: GnomeWizard

  4. wait a minute Activision made THAW(tony hawks american wasteland AKA best skater game ever) too wierd how they are jewing us out.

  5. psn: SprUtch

    Everyone should strive to give people the best quality there is. Infinity Ward isn’t doing that right now.

  6. Sign me up! Game developers such as Infinity Ward should learn that the average gamer needs to be given good quality in return for what they give you. Your game is not the only one out there!
    PSN ID: SpiderJ95

  7. Consider me signed up to this as a PC player. I will spread the word.


  8. Count me in,i am also a pc player..
    Dedicated servers are the only way to play..


  9. I’m cancelling my pre-order and will consider this act by IW/Activision the start of a boycott of their products. Their actions are a disgrace to the gaming industry. I would be embarrased to work at IW these days.

  10. Agreed! Every gamer deserves the best for their $.. As a Pc gamer I am very happy to see this.

  11. PC gamer here that supports dedi’s for all platforms.

  12. Very nice! Im glad that someone other than the pc gamers have stood up for this! I would play fps on my PS3 if dedicated were part of the deal, (my preorder is in for MAG already). I play everything but fps on console, and fps on pc only! Stand up for what is right! The PC community is behind you!

  13. Oathkeeper1234 October 28, 2009 @ 18:34

    Signed, PC gamer here to support you.


  14. Dedi’s on all platforms! Not much more to say, we would love Dedi servers on everything.


  15. PS3, xbox360, and PC gamer here. I support dedis for ALL platforms

  16. Infinity Ward we are your consumer base. We are talking! Dedicated servers on all platforms!

  17. PC gamer here, united we stand, divided we fall.


  18. signed
    bring back dedis

  19. Dedi’s all around!!

    PC – Isca

  20. I,am so pleased that some console players have relized what this will mean to us pc players and to the future of console development I give my support to you guys it would be fantastic if you could benifit from dedi servers and move away from the money grabbing swines that will squeez every penny they can from us all, dont get me wrong i would be happy to pay for what should be a awsome game if played on dedi servers but not via IW net P2P system for us on PC,s this is a step back i would have loved to see IW take the lead on bringing the console forward to the PC system

  21. Right behind you pplz i will post a link on my forum

  22. Yea I Beleive all online Games Should Have dedicated servers, or at least the option to use them. Besides the fact that the host has a diabolical ping advantage, normal residential internet just don’t have the speeds necessary to host as a server with a decent amount of players. Every Gamer Has The Right To Play Without Lagg.
    Microsoft is a lost cause imo but hey i have been wrong before, not many times mind you but sometimes ;-). PC’s/Consoles unite, Together we can make a better future for us all.

  23. count me in just tell me were, dedi all across it time console gamers get treated equally also

  24. As purely a pc gamer i would like to thank you guys for showing an interest and sticking up for the gaming community in general. i have heard of quite a few 360 and ps3 users who have come out in sympathy over the no dedi shambles forced upon us and i am heartened by you dedication towards the need for dedi servers across all platforms, there can be no denying that a healthy mod/mapping community is a resource that should not only be open to pc users, but to all and without those dedi servers the creative side of the games we all love will die. even if iw go ahead with thier plans it’s great to know that so many people will not let it die without a fight!

  25. Dedicated Servers across ALL Platforms FTW!

    NO Dedis means:
    NO custom Serverrules,
    NO Competitive play,
    NO Mods/Maps
    Possibility of a sudden Server shutdown after a few yrs- no gaming anymore….


    Thx to all who support us PC/XBOX/PS Gamers in our fight for Dedis 🙂

  26. Dedis for all! Im sick of people getting the short end of the stick.

    PSN- jjallen
    PC- jj_allen

  27. dedicated servers work. dont ruin a good game by ignoring that fact

  28. Im a PC gamer, and beleive that consoles should also enjoy the benefits of dedicated servers and custom content!

  29. Thank you for supporting ALL gaming platforms on your website. Dedicated servers give the PC player a much nicer experience for many reasons. As a mom and player of the entire COD series, I love that we have control over our own servers so that we can prevent bad language and annoying behavior from ruining our fun. I hope IW has a change of heart on this, but only time will tell. Our entire clan will NOT be purchasing it until they give us back our dedicated servers! I have never played on a console, but mostly because I’m a NOOB with the game pad and would get killed a lot!

    Thanks again for supporting us PC players and I hope we can do the same for the console players if they ever have a similar issue!

    ~Sally~ 🙂

  30. PC Gamers aren’t the ones that should be taking a step backwards, it’s consoles that should be taking a leap forward.

  31. {AK47} Kyle/ {AK47} OWNER/-=Deadly=-/Deadly = PC Clan and/or Name/names
    [IM>U]Uzumakibro93 = [TAG ON COD WAW] PSN ID

    IF THERE WERE A MOD TOOL OR MAP TOOL PROGRAM FOR THE CONSOLES THEN I WOULD LITERALLY S*** MY PANTS! I love the ability to customize–that’s what makes any FPS, MMORPG, or online game stand out! If they were to offer this, even for the consoles, I might be more inclined to buy it, though I would not unless they turned around and supported the PC gamer as well with a dedi server setup!

  32. I fully support console gamers getting dedicated servers! Console gamers are being bamboozled! I am a PC and 360 gamer. There is no comparison when it comes to online FPS. Dedicated servers offer far superior latency.

    IW/Activision are attempting to ignore the PC gaming population since we are such a small segment of their overall sales. They CANNOT ignore console gamers. Let your voices be heard!
    William Wallace: I *am* William Wallace! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny. You’ve come to fight as free men… and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?
    Veteran: Fight? Against that? No! We will run. And we will live.
    William Wallace: Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!
    [Scottish army cheers]

  33. PC gamer here, also have an xbox360 I dont play really, but, I do fully support the move to make consoles have Dedi Servers as well like PC… then the console gamers can have the best experience possible and see what they have been missing out on all along!

  34. Consider me signed up, as a PC CoD player, as well as an owner of all consoles.

  35. United we are in this , as it will affect all of us eventually. As a PC gamer I appreciate everyone getting together in a united front.

  36. -MM!!- Green Eggs and Death October 28, 2009 @ 21:03

    The second I heard there was going to be no dedicated servers for CoDMW2, Activision/IW lost my fifty bucks. My fifty bucks alone doesn’t amount to much, but fifty times all the people this is tickin’ off? No soup for you, IW.

    -MM!!- GEaD

  37. notlive.iceman October 28, 2009 @ 21:05


    nick name: iceman
    clan tag: notlive
    origin: brazil

  38. sign me up as a pc gamer that tried consoles but went back to pc to play Fps games on dedicated servers

  39. I’m a PC gamer, but I feel every console should get dedicated servers. Not fair for only one to get them. PSN: MajorGriffin

  40. I’m glad to see the PS3 crowd is getting behind dedicated servers. It would make your game player experience soooo much better. I play all three PC, PS3 and 360. They all have their good points, yet I always play more on PC due to teh dedicated servers and community that comes from that. Consider this signed and Good Luck.

  41. Dedicated servers on all platforms. You can have match making even then. Dedi>p2p
    Steam – the_mirror

  42. I’m glad that you all are starting to realize that dedis are the way to play… I really hope this works for you guys…

  43. I own PC, xbox360 and wii. I have bought CoD:MW for PC and xbox360, without dedicated servers for PC I will not buy MW2 for any platform. IW is losing money on this one.

    [*USS*] Skipper

  44. Put the Dedicated Servers back into MW2. There are or (were) hundreds of thousands of people who wanted to buy this game but are not now due to this chickshit move by IW so close to release of most anticpated game of the year. now it’s not going to be bought by the hardcore gamers that like to game, mod and have matches in a server.

    as for console players remarks you too are doing nothing more than showing your inmaturaty. either post something consrtuctive or do not post anything at all. what is going to stop IW from shutting this game off when COD7 or what have you comes out next? nothing will stop them from turning the game off. dedicated servers are and have been the best way to play online games. the matchmaking “feature” is garbage, we want to play witth the same players we have in the past.

    wha the max players in a server in IW.NET? does anyone actually know. i have heard nothing of how many. if it is 8v8 or 4v4 how boring is that going to get? i would say very boring for people who like playing with say a 32 person server.

    again this is a poor move on IW’s part. this is my opinion only i hope this is not a publicity stunt by IW.

  45. If we all fight it we will win. Hardly anyone wants to play the game without dedis. IW will lose more money then they realize on this game. They will have no choice but to fix it in time. Money talks $$$$.

  46. I’m a PC gamer and have no intention of gaming on a console of any sort. That said, this is about increasing the quality of play for all gamers and in that I support ya. I’ll add my name even if this petition does just end up lining somebody’s birdcage.

  47. RidetheLightning October 28, 2009 @ 23:07

    Signed as I support both PC and PS3.

    Though game like MAG are already going to have Dedicated, maybe the success of that will force other developers to see the light?

  48. any game online should have dedicated servers, no matter the platform. It just makes for better game play.
    PC kronkite

  49. Lack of dedicated servers is why I didn’t buy COD4 on ps3; just of my PC. Now I wont be buying either MW2 version. You add the support in, I’ll get both that day.


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