Petition: Dedicated Servers for Modern Warfare 2

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I know what you’re thinking. “Are you serious? This is stupid to put on the front page.” However, please hear me out. When I first created this site, its sole intention and purpose was to provide gamers news, reviews, previews, editorials and content that mattered and directly effected them. I wanted to provide that content from a gamer perspective for the gamer. That’s why I brought in people like Blackbuster Critic, Truthsettingufree, etc. Those guys are just your average gamers with an opinion for other gamers. We’re all just like you, your every day player. There is no slant to my content. Everything I write, I do so with an objective viewpoint regardless of if its negative for the PlayStation brand or positive. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fansite willing to do that out there right now as most always try to put a positive spin on the product and company. I refuse to do that.

That is exactly why this entire Infinity Ward and dedicated server situation effects all of us as gamers and not just the PC crowd. Think about how often you’ve played Resistance 2, Killzone 2 or any other first-party title online and enjoyed the quality it provided for you through a dedicated server. It’s nice, isn’t it? Nobody receives an unfair advantage and everyone is on equal footing of skill and skill alone. This isn’t a bash at Microsoft, but I’m sure many of you have heard the complaints about Gears of War’s online component and how the host player receives a huge advantage over the rest of the players in a game, correct? That’s something dedicated servers prevent and it’s something all games should strive for.

Hopefully by now you’ve figured out why PC Gamers not receiving dedicated servers is nothing more than a decline in online quality from Infinity Ward as a whole. Instead of pushing the console to the limits and upgrading our services to dedicated servers, the developers and publisher have decided to shorten all three platforms by the lack of dedicated servers anywhere. Dedicated servers, regardless of the platform (even you Microsoft), should be a mandatory component to any online-focused title like Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, etc.

I understand that petitions don’t usually (if ever) work, and I’m guessing most of you are aware of this as well, but that doesn’t mean they go unnoticed either. Believe me when I say that these companies are well aware of the backlash and response these petitions have on the community of gamers that we all represent. I can verify that Activision employees do visit this website and have on several occasions due to the articles I’ve written in a negative light of their company. They will see the petition, undoubtedly.

If you want and request dedicated server support from Infinity Ward and Activision for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on consoles and in general, leave a comment below with your gamer tag, PlayStation Network ID, PC Tag most known for, etc. If Activision doesn’t see it on the site, I promise to email the petition to the higher suits at the company on the eve of Modern Warfare 2’s release. This is your chance to be heard on some level, don’t miss out on it.

Readers Comments (50)

  1. I support Dedicated servers for ALL platforms. Spread the love! Until they appear, it’ll be NO BUYING MW2 for me and the clan I’m in!

  2. I support this.

  3. Yami No Tenshi October 29, 2009 @ 03:29

    Why even have multiplayer when it’s currently unplayable?

  4. I see too many posts on the IW forums that are mostly xbox360 vs PC, but at the end of the day we are all gamers and share a common interest regardless of what platform we play the game on.

    Good on you for supporting this, I always think of the saying ‘give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’ – today ATVI/IW are screwing over the PC community, tomorrow it could be the console community.

    United we stand šŸ™‚

  5. Thank you for your support – Cross platform unity has proven to be a must when dealing with these giant developer/publisher corporations.

    Thank You again!

  6. Call me in for the vote

    No didi is backgrade a platform

  7. You get my vote! Great Article Dude Dean!

  8. I own both a PC and a PS3 – I use the PS3 mainly as a bluray drive, to be honest, preferring the PC.

    It’s good to see another platform join the fight – keep the faith guys, this is long overdue – all gamers should have the right to a low-lag game.

  9. Superb write up and great support. thanks, MW2 will become a casual gamers game,(nothing wrong with that, I have PS3 and 360) and wont last more than 1 year, where as dedi supported games last a lot longer due to the community around them.

  10. My vote is also here! Long live multiplayer.

  11. Finally someone who understands! All we (console AND PC gamers) want is the best online gaming experience you can get! And now IW let’s PC users pay 10 bucks more for a lesser/worse experience (besides dedi servers, mods and custom maps are very important too)…
    It is not that PC gamers are being elitist about this, they just want to point out to the console gamers what extra’s they could benefit from, if the same method (dedicated servers) was used on consoles…

    Great initiative. Gamers (Console AND PC) UNITE!

  12. As a PC gamer, with two different consoles in the house and 3 gaming PC’s (kids you know ;)) I play on all platforms. Dedicated servers are a must on PC and a much better experience on the console.
    I believe it is time to upgrade the console playing rather than downgrading the PC gaming.
    Cross platforms is the future of gaming.
    Gamers unite!

  13. great to see this spreading. dedicated servers for all!

  14. Im a PC gamer who was looking forward to this release. I wont touch it without dedicated server support. I can just see the asshattery that you would need to endure with no recourse on their new system. they not only dropped the ball, they have blown a huge hole in it. Very Sad…

  15. I thank you for your article, it means a lot to pc users like myself. I’m not even going to bother buying MW2 because of what IW have done to it . I’d rather support a company which caters for all platforms instead of just console

  16. come on IW give us the dam dedi servers,after all its the gaming community that pays ya mortgages and feeds ya kids, if we dont buy the games you produce you dont have a buisiness,and i for one wont be if we dont get the dedi server support,i have supported all the cod versions,and it would be a pity to ruin what is a great game
    cheers 2F

  17. I had preordered 3 copies of MW2, 2 for pc, 1 for PS3. The PC orders have been cancelled. I will likely cancel the PS3 as well. Depends on your decision to add dedi support. If not, cut the price in half since its just a single player game with a lousy 2 man co-op. Bad Company 2 looks better than MW2 anyway. And they vowed to always support dedi servers and the PC community

  18. I signed this petition,, but its also fair to note that I have suspended console game purchases as well pending a favorable resolution to this issue and wanted to thank you for recognizing that we’re ALL gamers and what affects one affects all.

  19. Thanks for this article, Dean. I have stood in line at the game stores to purchase every call of duty title as an over 40 year old gamer on the release date. Yes, it’s a bit awkward surrounded by kids at 9am during a work week to pick up a game. As a member of an adult Call of Duty gaming clan, it is critical to have dedicated servers. I will not not purchase MW2 on the release date. Nor 2 months later when this title hits the bargin bin.

  20. Totally support, upgrade consoles instead of downgrading PCs

  21. No Dedicated servers NO BUYING MW2 for me and the clan Iā€™m in!

  22. Dedicated Server FTW!!!!

  23. Solidarity. Thanks!
    No MW2 till I get dedicated servers.


  24. Great post well argued. As a PC gamer I am glad to see that console gamers are now seeing the value of Dedi servers to level the playing field for all competitors.

    Good luck with your petittion and here is one more gamer saying no to MW2 on any platform without dedi servers.

  25. Feeling the love guys… Cross Platform Unity is the best way to be heard.

  26. We support this effort…no dedicated servers…no buy of MW2

  27. leave my vote here also

  28. Modern Warfare 2 without dedicated servers = Suck
    Please reconsider for the sake of the future of your pathetic company. Gamers will unite to oppose you. What you don’t realize is that we’ll just keep playing COD4 and World at War… and this new fancy game will tank… don’t be the greedy fools that we assumed you were. And listen to the community of gamers that keep your previous game alive for years & years after their release.
    Than You
    [**USS**] Southpaw

  29. Thank You!

    I will not be purchasing MW2 until it has Dedi-Server support, Dedi-Server improve games and it would be a great addition for condsole players too.

  30. Why take awat dedi’s from the PC when it should have been added to all platforms…
    Cross Platform Unity is the best way to be heard.

    BTW my preorder of MW2 has been cancelled

  31. Signed: I am glad to see that the PS3 community expects a little more from a gameplay experience.

  32. Signed

  33. PSN: Gryphus–1

    COD4 PC: Gryphus_1

  34. /Sign

    Agree 100% that any and all online FPS games should be run on dedicated servers, regardless of the platform.

  35. I want DS dammit.

  36. I support it wholeheartedly! Only way I will be getting the game!

  37. I agree and support this.

  38. /signed

  39. Got my vote. Dedicated servers for all platforms!

  40. Dedi’s for all platforms would be excellent! =D

  41. PSN; llbrigasmll

  42. gamers on every online service disurve dedicated servers
    not just on the psn

  43. Support. screename is in name

  44. I support this. LONG LIVE COD4 MULTIPLAYER! šŸ˜€

  45. Got my vote.

  46. My clan and I will be boycotting this game entirely. It’s not just a matter of dedicated servers. I don’t want to run steam on my computer, and I definitely want to have punkbuster included in any game I play as an anti-cheat solution. VAC is horrible, at best, with few or no updates. It won’t be long before the cheat-coders completely ruin the online experience for honest players in this game. What I do intend to do is alter the names of my existing COD4 servers on release-day, and fill them to the brim with other players who support the boycott.


  47. PSN pdv96
    Please give us dedicated servers. Give the PC community their dedicated servers back!

  48. Signed on behalf of me šŸ˜€

  49. xX_Renegade_Xx October 29, 2009 @ 17:09

    Signed, dedicated servers and also mod tools, let’s not forget the modders who’ve done a lot for the PC community and given us many extra hours entertainment šŸ˜€

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