Petition: Dedicated Servers for Modern Warfare 2

I know what you’re thinking. “Are you serious? This is stupid to put on the front page.” However, please hear me out. When I first created this site, its sole intention and purpose was to provide gamers news, reviews, previews, editorials and content that mattered and directly effected them. I wanted to provide that content from a gamer perspective for the gamer. That’s why I brought in people like Blackbuster Critic, Truthsettingufree, etc. Those guys are just your average gamers with an opinion for other gamers. We’re all just like you, your every day player. There is no slant to my content. Everything I write, I do so with an objective viewpoint regardless of if its negative for the PlayStation brand or positive. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fansite willing to do that out there right now as most always try to put a positive spin on the product and company. I refuse to do that.

That is exactly why this entire Infinity Ward and dedicated server situation effects all of us as gamers and not just the PC crowd. Think about how often you’ve played Resistance 2, Killzone 2 or any other first-party title online and enjoyed the quality it provided for you through a dedicated server. It’s nice, isn’t it? Nobody receives an unfair advantage and everyone is on equal footing of skill and skill alone. This isn’t a bash at Microsoft, but I’m sure many of you have heard the complaints about Gears of War’s online component and how the host player receives a huge advantage over the rest of the players in a game, correct? That’s something dedicated servers prevent and it’s something all games should strive for.

Hopefully by now you’ve figured out why PC Gamers not receiving dedicated servers is nothing more than a decline in online quality from Infinity Ward as a whole. Instead of pushing the console to the limits and upgrading our services to dedicated servers, the developers and publisher have decided to shorten all three platforms by the lack of dedicated servers anywhere. Dedicated servers, regardless of the platform (even you Microsoft), should be a mandatory component to any online-focused title like Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, etc.

I understand that petitions don’t usually (if ever) work, and I’m guessing most of you are aware of this as well, but that doesn’t mean they go unnoticed either. Believe me when I say that these companies are well aware of the backlash and response these petitions have on the community of gamers that we all represent. I can verify that Activision employees do visit this website and have on several occasions due to the articles I’ve written in a negative light of their company. They will see the petition, undoubtedly.

If you want and request dedicated server support from Infinity Ward and Activision for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on consoles and in general, leave a comment below with your gamer tag, PlayStation Network ID, PC Tag most known for, etc. If Activision doesn’t see it on the site, I promise to email the petition to the higher suits at the company on the eve of Modern Warfare 2’s release. This is your chance to be heard on some level, don’t miss out on it.

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  1. all society does is bitch anymore. boo hoo no dedicated server, you will still get to shoot people in the face with some kick ass graphics. just enjoy a good game without nitpicking the f*** out of it. and yes resistance and killzone did have dedicated servers, how many people still play those games? COD 4 is years old and still has twice as many players as both those. bottom line it’s not perfect but it’s still a damn good product

  2. CoD4 is TWO years old not four and the game started in 2003. It started as a PC exclusive WITH dedicated servers and has had them ever since – till now. You don’t get it do you? They DUMBED the PC version DOWN instead of UPGRADING the console!! Console users have been shafted just as much as the PC user if you stop to think about it. Had the PC always used matchmaking, we wouldn’t know what we are losing – BUT we DO KNOW, hence the complaints.

    Just think about what your losing (or not gaining from a console point of view.)

    Lower pings and smoother gameplay
    No host advantage
    Access to new community made gametypes
    Access to free maps made by the PC community
    Access to free downloadable content like new weapons made by the PC community
    The ability to always be able to join your favourite server – 24/7
    The ability to play where your friends play, without having to get them all added to a friends list first
    Participation in forums where your friends meet – those you get to play with, regularly

    Without the PC modders, you wouldn’t have Domination, Twar or Hardcore, they all started as mods and NO, I will not “still get to shoot people in the face with kick ass graphics,” because I ain’t buying a dumbed down version of the game. We the PC community, will make our own version of MW2. Hell, Joker and others introduced the AC130, throwing knife, Tactical Nuke and much more with CoD4, indeed, there’s even a Star Wars version about to be released.

  3. dedicated servers or no purchase, you want my money then give us what we want or we buy from someone who will simple as that.

  4. I won’t be buying this title until Dedicated servers are up.

  5. BritishBulldog1! well said!

    if you want laggy games, pay and play MW2.
    if you dont like playing ingame with your mates, pay and play MW2
    if you dont want FREE mods and maps ect, pay and play MW2

    in whole the pc community have been shafted, and it will get passed on to the console community if it hasnt been already.
    the most of the console players out there think you are getting a sweet deal
    keep dreaming peeps.

    as my fellow PC’er, BritishBulldog1, “Just think about what your losing (or not gaining from a console point of view.)”

    dedicated servers are really the only way to go…..

    In no way am i saying MW2 is a crap game,,, cause i have not bought it.. (and wont be untill dedis are back)
    from what i have heard its very good
    but whats letting it down is what has been stated above.

    love u all


  6. what the hell is going on with the servers for modern warfaire 2 as they will not even conacte as i cant play online. you have had my cash now sort it out so i can go online and play the game like i want.

  7. They add dedicated servers (and support for 32-64 players) and mod community on PC, I’ll buy the game tomorrow. All consoles should have dedicated servers, who ever decided against it wasn’t thinking about the community (whole gaming community) only their console and control or it.

  8. Looks like dedicated servers may well be coming back!!! BUT, and I do mean BUT – YOU, yes YOU may well have to pay a monthly fee to access them.

    Check it out here;

    Keep posting this link, let everyone see whats going down.

    Make sure the console users know too!!


  9. The greedy makers of COD MW2 have ruined the best game ever created. I hope you guys got a lot of money from Steam cause you will never sell another game so screwed up as this one. How sad 🙁

  10. All I want is to play the game.

    I don’t want to:

    A) Connect to a game
    B) Join a server, wait 25 seconds for it to start
    C) Server closed
    D) Join another search and destroy game
    E) Load into game, find score is 3-3
    F) Wait 2 minutes for the round to end
    G) Wait 40 seconds for another round to start
    H) Could not migrate server host
    I) Join a ground war game
    J) Have 3 minutes of laggy gameplay and ‘bullet lag’
    K) Server is changing host
    L) Wait 30 seconds
    M) Finally connects to another host
    N) 15 seconds later, player leaves, starts connecting to another host
    O) Game loads, 30 seconds later get knifed by a lightweight/commando flying around a corner
    P) Finally playing the game, 10 kills, one to go for killstreak reward
    Q) Empty an entire clip in to someone with painkiller, who then knifes you. I don’t receive my killstreak reward because apparently it’s my fault they previously died 3 times in a row.
    R) Start again, build up another roll of kills. Have someone spawn behind me in the area i previously cleared, by someone who i killed 4 seconds ago – shooting me in the back
    S) Server to connection has been lost
    T) Join another game
    U) Half way through, i take the place of someone on the losing team (who left) in wasteland.
    V) Be killed 6 times consecutively by a chopper gunner
    W) Be killed by 3 predator missiles, apparently i’m always the one to aim at
    X) Respawn, within 0.6 seconds receive a random noob tube
    Y) Game freeze
    Z) Shoot self in face / repeat

  11. JakeIsTheDude June 9, 2010 @ 11:54

    It would be nice to have dedicated servers for the C.O.D series so i can play the games without it glitching every round.

  12. activision/infinity ward will never opt. for dedicated servers for MW2. at least not on the console versions. How about creating a petition for dedicated servers on all versions of MW3. we’d have a better shot on bringing the servers to a new game as oppose to an older one.

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